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Affair Who Is Christina Bradley From Michigan Mark Schlissel Girlfriend Update As Rumors Make Headlines? All Answers

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According to reports, Christina Bradley of Michigan is Mark Schlissel’s girlfriend, with whom he was allegedly having an affair. The University of Michigan fires its present.

Mark Schlissel is the 14th Present of the University of Michigan. Recently there was news that he was fired for an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate and the internet is eager to learn about his alleged affair.

Although his subordinate’s name is yet to be confirmed, rumors have been strong that she is Christina Bradley of Michigan herself. The following article is for your curiosity about the entity and affair of Schlissel’s girlfriend.

Affair: Who Is Christina Bradley From Michigan? Mark Schlissel Girlfriend

Christina Bradley was named as one of the subordinates with whom Mark Schlissel may have had an affair. She has already been referred to as his girlfriend on social media platforms.

Bradley is reported to be one of Mark’s students at the University of Michigan. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in management and organization since 2019. The bright student d her bachelor’s degree at Yale University.

Similarly, she worked as a research intern and research consultant at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. She has also served as Chief Research Officer and Research and Development Operations Manager.

However, the rumors have still not been confirmed, so they remain gossip until an authentic source unearths the truth.

Who is Mark Schlissel Wife Monica Schlissel?

Mark Schlissel’s wife, Monica Schlissel or Monica Schwebs, is a Senior Consultant at Morgan Lewis. It deals with renewable and non-renewable energies at federal and state level. She specializes in everything from climate change to petroleum refining to regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Mark and Monica have been together for decades and have 4 children. They lived in a happy family until this news hit her like a rock.

Further information on the name and entity of her child has not been released consering the ongoing sensitive case.

Mark Schlissel Rumors And Case

An unknown complaint against the professor, alleging sexual activity with one of his juniors, caught the department’s attention.

This resulted in him immediately terminating all of his contracts and firing him. He was on a contract until 2023 with a salary of $927,000 which was terminated and his place is now being taken by Mary Sue Coleman. He is also a past present.

Is Dr Mark Schlissel married?

In 2011, he became provost at Brown University. Schlissel is married to Monica Schwebs, an environmental and energy lawyer, and they have four children.

How old is Mark Schlissel?

Schlissel, who is 64 years old, signed a contractin September that entitled him to receive his presidential salary of $927,000 for two and a half years after his planned resignation, in 2023.

What does Mark Schlissel do?

Schlissel holds tenured professor roles in the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology department and the Microbiology and Immunology department. Right now, the departments are determining what his initial duties will be as he returns.

How long has Mark Schlissel been married?

Monica Schwebs Husband, Boyfriend Name & Relationships

Monica is married to her college sweetheart Mark Steven Schlissel for the last 31 years. Monica has given birth to four children since she married Mark Steven. Her one child is a junior at Brown.

Who are Mark Schlissel children?

Where did Mark Schlissel go to college?

Mark Schlissel/Education

How long has schlissel been president?

List of Presidents of the University of Michigan
Number Name Years in office
interim B. Joseph White 2002
13 Mary Sue Coleman 2002–2014
14 Mark S. Schlissel 2014–2022
interim Mary Sue Coleman 2022–present

How much is University of Michigan tuition?

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Married Michigan Uni president, 64, is fired from $927,000-a-year job for affair with subordinate

The University of Michigan fired its $ 927,000-a-year president for having an affair with a subordinate, a year after enforcing broad sexual misconduct guidelines to prevent people in power from sleeping with their staff .

Mark Schlissel, 64, was informed in a letter on Saturday that he had been removed from his role since July 2014. The university also released 118 pages of emails between him and the woman he was in a relationship with.

He was not named in the exchanges. The school found out about their relationship via anonymous tip on December 8, 2021.

The emails begin in 2019, when he sent the woman an article ‘he couldn’t download’ about the sexual practices of New Yorkers. Their letter ends on Dec. 3 last year, five days before he was reported.

Among his pick-up lines were: ‘Can I persuade you to visit with the promise of a knish?’ and screenshots of take-out pizza receipts he said were ‘to whet your appetite. And also tell you what’s for dinner. ‘

He encouraged the woman to take business trips with him on school dollars, charging a $ 2,000 first class Delta flight to the university and booking luxury hotels across the country.

Schlissel – a married father of four – and his girlfriend exchanged emails with their work email addresses that were ‘inconsistent with promoting the dignity and reputation of the university’, university regents wrote.

Schlissel himself had, in July 2021, introduced its own rules prohibiting sexual relations between supervisors and subordinates, which he broke.

The prestigious university is where Barack and Michelle Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha, 20, is currently enrolled. Other prominent alumni include playwright Arthur Miller, NFL players Tom Brady and Madonna.

Mark Schlissel, who was elected president of the University of Michigan in July 2014, was fired Saturday after evidence emerged of his relationship with a female subordinate.

Schlissel is in the photo with his wife Monica, a San Francisco -based attorney. The couple has four children

Schlissel works from the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan

In emails, sent between September 2, 2019 to December 3, 2021, the couple discusses reading, recipes, traveling and ordering takeout together.

The university said he caused ‘damage to the dignity and reputation of the University of Michigan’

Filled with double lust and longing, emails lamenting Schlissel that he is ‘sad’-his wife, Monica Schwebs, a 65-year-old environmental and energy law attorney, lives near San Francisco.

In September 2019, he sent her a link to a spoof New Yorker article titled: ‘Every New Yorker’s sexual fantasies’.

The article features ‘fantasy’ jokes, such as: ‘I found lunch in Midtown that cost less than ten dollars. ‘Yes!’ I shouted. ‘Oh, God, yes!’ The cashier handed me a surprisingly large sandwich .’— Liz, who works in Midtown.

At one point, in November 2019, Schlissel and his girlfriend discussed trying to contact travel together-but Schlissel warned him that ‘M will probably accompany me on the return from FLA to DTW (Detroit ), but that’s that ‘.

In another, in September 2019, Schlissel sent him the schedule for his flight to India, and said: ‘What if we miss our connection and get stuck in Paris …’

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He replied: ‘I know a bistro …’

He replied: ‘There I am.’

They discuss recipes for spinach and chermola pie, and knives, and calzones.

In December 2020, he sent her a receipt for the takeout pizza he would pick up in Ann Arbor – home of the university – and wrote: ‘To whet your appetite. And also tell you what’s for dinner. ‘

The couple exchanged Shakespeare’s sonnets and an article in the New York Times about relaxation.

In June 2021, Schlissel wrote: ‘Love can come at any time in life, and it’s beautiful and happy when it happens.’In an email exchange on July 1, 2021, cited by the board, the employee said ‘his heart hurts,’ and Schlissel replied: ‘I know. to me too. ‘

The email ended with him saying: ‘I still wish I could be old enough to find a way.’

The board wrote that Schlissel knew his relationship with an employee was prohibited.

‘Your behavior as summarized above is particularly enormous considering your knowledge and involvement in responding to incidents of harassment by University of Michigan staff, and your expressed commitment to work to‘ liberate ’ the University community of sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior.

‘There is no doubt that you are fully aware that any inappropriate conduct or communication between you and a constituent will cause substantial damage to the dignity and reputation of the University of Michigan.’

Last year, Schlissel spearheaded a university effort to eradicate sexual misconduct. At a meeting in July, he said there would be a zero tolerance policy for anyone who tried to ‘solicit a personal or romantic relationship with a person with managerial authority or career influence ’.

Mark Schlissel

American academic

Mark Steven Schlissel (born November 24, 1957) is an American academic administrator and medical scientist who was the most recent president of the University of Michigan. [1] He was named the university’s 14th president on July 1, 2014, following the retirement of Mary Sue Coleman. [2] [3] His first contract with the University of Michigan lasted five years, [4] and he received a second five-year contract, which should expire in 2024. [5] He planned to step down as president in 2023, but was removed by the University of Michigan Board of Regents on Jan. 15, 2022 for interacting with a co-worker in a manner “inconsistent with promoting the dignity and reputation of the University of Michigan.” [6] The Regents further stated that Schlissel was involved “in an inappropriate relationship with a University employee,” although they did not specify the nature of the relationship or disclose details of any investigation that led to them to that conclusion. [7] [8] ] A few months after his expulsion, Schlissel wrote a letter to the board of regents in which he explained that the relationship mentioned by the Regents in his expulsion was “fully consensual and never physical,” and apologized to Regents for his poor decision in maintaining such a close relationship with a co -worker. [9]

He holds both a professor of microbiology and immunology and a professor of internal medicine within the University of Michigan Health System as well as a professorship of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology at the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Biography [edit]

Schlissel was born in Brooklyn, New York into a traditional Jewish household. [4] [10] He was raised in Old Bridge, NJ, graduating from Madison Township High School, Old Bridge, NJ in 1975. He was inducted into its Wall of Fame in 2017. Schlissel was named the 14th president of the University of Michigan in 2014, serving in that role until January 2022.

He graduated with a BA in Biochemical Sciences from Princeton University in 1979. He earned his MD degree and PhD in Physiological Chemistry from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1986 through the Medical Scientist Training Program. His residency in Internal Medicine was conducted at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 1986 to 1988. His postdoctoral research fellowship was under David Baltimore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Whitehead Institute. [1]

Previously, Schlissel became a faculty member at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1991. He moved to the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at UC Berkeley in 1999 as an associate professor, becoming full professor in 2002. [1] At UC Berkeley, he served as Dean of Biological Sciences at the College of Letters & Science from 2008 to 2011. In 2011, he became provost at Brown University. [3]

Schlissel is married to Monica Schwebs, an environmental and energy lawyer, and they have four children. [3]

University presidency [edit]

Hiring and recruitment [edit]

Schlissel’s appointment was unanimously approved by the Board of Regents at a special meeting on January 24, 2014. [11] At the special meeting, Regent Denise Ilitch praised Schlissel’s integrity: “Dr. Schlissel’s qualifications are unquestionable, so in situations like this, the choice falls on character, value and appropriateness. What sets it apart. to Dr. (for me) is his heart … I am confident that Dr. Schlissel will lead our students as his top priority. ”[11]

Schlissel was recruited from Brown University, where he served as provost from 2011-2014 under Ruth Simmons and Christina Paxson. [12] He was offered a $ 750,000 base salary on a five -year contract, making him the fourth highest paid public university president. [12] [13] According to Schlissel, when the Regents presented Schlissel with an offer of compensation, Schlissel accepted the offer without amendment: “I did not negotiate, I said thank you very much” [12]

After accepting the job as President of the University of Michigan, Schlissel and his wife spent two weeks touring the state of Michigan. [14] On tour, Schlissel visited Detroit, Lansing, Midland, Glen Arbor and the Upper Peninsula.Following Mary Sue Coleman, who was criticized for prioritizing out-of-state students paying higher tuition rates, [15] Schlissel made it a primary mission of her presidency to understand and serve the needs of students from across Michigan. [14]

Contract extension [edit]

In 2018, with one year left on Schlissel’s first five -year contract, University Regents extended Schlissel’s contract to five years. [16] The decision to extend Schlissel’s contract followed an external performance review that credited Schlissel’s leadership to Michigan’s excellent performance in academic and medical center rankings, in addition to being affordable in college, recruitment of funding and funding for research. [16] [17] Announcing the extension, regent Andrew Richner said: “From the outside, I don’t think we appreciate at all how hard and complicated the work of the president of the University of Michigan is … I know the president it spends 24/7 on its responsibilities and, as a result, we have all benefited the community from its hard work. ”[16] Schlissel’s contract extension included a 3.5% increase, which brought his base compensation at $ 852,346. [16]

Administrative Initiatives [edit]

Go Blue Guarantee [edit]

In 2017, Schlissel announced an updated financial aid policy, under which any Michigan student from a family earning less than $ 65,000 can attend the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor for four years for free. [18] The income cutoff is designed to include all families in Michigan who are below the state median income, to expand access to education for students traditionally not represented on the Ann Arbor campus. [18] [19] The expanded financial assistance program was supported by a $ 5.2 billion Victors For Michigan fundraising drive that began shortly before Schlissel’s inauguration. [20] [21] While the Victors for Michigan Campaign is expected to raise $ 4 billion, the campaign has successfully raised more than $ 5 billion, including $ 1.22 billion to expand access and enrich the educational experience for all students. [ 20]

Two years after starting the Go Blue Guarantee, the University of Michigan has seen a 10% increase in applications from Michigan students whose families earn less than $ 75,000, despite a decrease in the number of high school graduates in Michigan since the Go Blue Guarantee took effect. [22] In 2019, two years after the Go Blue Guarantee took effect, approximately 20% of in-state students paid no tuition under the Go Blue Guarantee. [22] Accelerated by the Go Blue Guarantee, the share of the student body representing the first in their family to go to college rose from 8.7% in Schlissel’s first year to 15.3% after the Go Blue Guarantee. [22] In 2021, Schlissel extended the Go Blue Guarantee to students attending UM Flint and UM Dearborn. [23]

The Go Blue Guarantee is viewed as one of the most successful attempts to increase college access in the country, primarily by advertising the affordability of college to low- or middle-income families. [24] [25 ] Since Schlissel began the Go Blue Guarantee at the University of Michigan, the success of the program has been replicated at many public premier universities including the University of Virginia and the University of Texas. [25] [26] [27]

Schlissel was recognized by Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project with the Let Freedom Ring award, in recognition of his contributions to diversity at the University of Michigan through the Go Blue Guarantee. [28] In addition, he was named Michigiganian of the Year by the Detroit News in recognition of his efforts to promote access to education for Michigan students from diverse backgrounds. [29]

Wolverine Pathways [edit]

To promote student body diversity by expanding the college preparation pipeline, Schlissel developed the Wolverine Pathways extracurricular program for students from traditional school districts. less represented on the Ann Arbor campus.[30] The Wolverine Pathways program enrolls students in grades seven through 12 from Detroit, Ypsilanti or Southfield school districts, although admission to public schools is not required for participation. [ 30] [31] Although the Wolverine Pathways program does not guarantee admission to the University of Michigan, any student from the program accepted at the University of Michigan can attend with a full-tuition four-year scholarship. [30]

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Since the Wolverine Pathways program began, more than 900 students have attended free weekend and summer supplemental coursework in math, English and science, in addition to SAT or ACT test preparation courses. [31] Students in the Wolverine pathways program are accepted at top universities, including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Morehouse College. [31]

The Wolverine Pathways program is designed to alleviate a variety of bottlenecks in the college admissions pipeline. [30] Research on diversity in higher education has suggested that major bottlenecks in diversity occur before the college entry process, and by reaching students as young as 12 years old. , the Wolverine Pathways program is designed to inform students of higher education opportunities before students take up alternative opportunities after high school. [32] Wolverine Pathways does not enroll students based on their race, but works in school districts where race includes more black or Latino students than the statewide average. [ 30] [33]

Academic Innovation [edit]

In 1965, students at the University of Michigan hosted the first-ever “Teach-In,” in which 3,000 students, faculty and community members spent 24 hours teaching each other about in the ongoing Vietnam War. [34] In 2018, Schlissel inaugurated the Michigan Center for Academic Innovation to modernize and expand access to the University of Michigan’s educational resources, including the updated “Teach-In” format as “Teach-Out’s” delivered to the web. [34] Through the Center for Academic Innovation, educators share best practices for virtual or hybrid teaching, including developing novel “extended reality” teaching using virtual reality tools for online learning. [35] Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation hosts regular virtual Teach-Out that is free and open to the public to educate the community about issues of public importance, including police brutality, refugee rights, COVID vaccines and many other topics. [36] In addition to the public-facing Teach-Out’s, Michigan courses delivered through Coursera enroll more than 6 million students spanning 190 countries, and Michigan Undergraduates have access to a full library of Coursera course for free. [37]

Athletics [edit]

When Schlissel started in Michigan, Dave Brandon was director of athletics. Brandon faced rising criticism for changing the Michigan Big House culture, by raising ticket prices and introducing marketing elements considered overly commercial. [38] Under Brandon, the Michigan football team saw a drop in season ticket interest and a drop in student ticket interest. [38] Brandon resigned from his role as athletic director during the 2014 Wolverines football season, and Schlissel hired former Steelcase CEO and Michigan Football alumnus Jim Hackett to replace him on a temporary basis. [39] [40] After the 2014 season, Hackett fired Brady Hoke as head coach of the Michigan Football Team, and hired Jim Harbaugh to replace him. [40]

Early in Schlissel’s career as president, the University of Michigan was embroiled in controversy surrounding the athlete’s department [41] and a federal investigation into the sexual assault case of Brendan Gibbons. [42]

Academic Initiatives [edit]

The University of Michigan is the largest public research university in the United States according to the research budget.[43] During Schlissel’s tenure, research at the University of Michigan increased ~ 25% from ~ $ 1.3 billion to ~ 1.6 billion including nearly $ 900 million in federally sponsored research. [44] Under Schlissel, research funded by internal or private research support grew faster than federally funded research, and private research support was directed at various research initiatives, including Michigan Poverty Solutions center, the Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention, the Michigan MCity autonomous car test facility, the Michigan Biosciences Initiative and the Planet Blue sustainability lab in addition to a range of ongoing research projects. [44]

Michigan Poverty Solutions Center [edit]

In 2016, Schlissel announced the development of an interdisciplinary research initiative to study and treat poverty, and named Social Work and Public Policy professor Luke Shaefer as its founding director. [45] [46] The Poverty Solutions Center was established to support faculty and students from any department of the University with research ideas designed to address local or global poverty, and to provide an infrastructure to support long-term interdisciplinary collaboration and community relations. [45] Prior to starting the Poverty Solutions Center, the University offered more than 100 poverty courses through several departments, including business, public policy, dentistry, education, nursing, public health and social work. [46] The goal of the Poverty Solutions center is to promote interactions with scholars with unique approaches to poverty studies, and to enable interdisciplinary field experiments for interventions to prevent poverty locally and globally. . [46]

The Michigan Poverty Solutions Center has contributed significantly to ongoing local and national policy questions. Notably, research from the Poverty Solutions Center influenced the drafting of a spending proposal for a bipartisan approach for COVID, to address unequal access to distance learning opportunities. [47] [ 48] Locally, the Poverty Solutions Center helped design an eviction prevention program in partnership with Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, and contributed to the study and re-drafting of Michigan auto insurance statutes. [47] Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention [edit]

In 2019, Schlissel announced the Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention to fund interdisciplinary research capable of limiting the damage caused by firearms. [49] [50] The institute includes a $ 10 million commitment to fund research at the University of Michigan, in addition to teaching and training faculty and postdoctoral scholars to study the effects of gun violence in Michigan. [49] Because the federal government places severe restrictions on the ways federal grants can be used to study gun violence, research has been underfunded at publicly funded universities for decades, compared to other public health risks. [51] In the early years after its launch, the Michigan Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention quickly became a national leader in strategies to understand and prevent firearm injuries, and its faculty contributed extensively to the discussions. on the policy regarding gun injuries. [52]

Biosciences Initiative [edit]

Schlissel, who is trained as a medical doctor and as a molecular biologist, launched the Biosciences Initiative in 2017 to expand the profile of the University’s biology research in areas of public importance. [1] [53] In its initial period, the Biosciences Initiative provided $ 150 million to take up to 30 track faculty members into office and to support their research.[53] The initiative sought proposals for areas of public importance within and outside health, and in its first cohort the Biosciences Initiative established research programs in: concussion biology, transformation biology climate, natural product-based pharmaceutical discovery, cryo-electron microscopy and RNA-based therapeutics, in addition to some exploratory grants for earlier stages of research. [53]. In 2021, four years after the launch of the Biosciences initiative, $ 133 million of the $ 150 million program has been allocated, in addition to all 30 faculty appointments on the tenure-track. [54] Consistent with the Biosciences Initiative, Schlissel entered into an agreement with Deerfield Management to commercialize biomedical inventions developed at the University, for which Deerfield Management has provided $ 130 million over 10 years to preserve the University’s technology. and spin-out. [55] The partnership, structured as an LLC called Great Lakes Discovery, is accepting proposals from University of Michigan faculty to expedite drug candidates from laboratory investigations through their assignment to Investigational New Drug. [ 55]

Michigan Arts Initiative [edit]

In 2019, Schlissel announced the development of the Michigan Arts initiative, to improve student engagement with the arts during their time at the University. [56] [57] In announcing the initiative, Schlissel described his commitment to art on campus: “A key idea behind our initiative is the idea that art is as important to a university as it is to life itself. . [They are essential to] making us efficient, complete and comprehensive; teaching us new ways to visualize, think and understand; and bringing us beyond the value of the instrument to a place where we can, as always. aspiration of this university, answer the deepest questions applied. ”[58] [59]

International relations [edit]

Despite the dominant “America First” sentiment during his tenure, Schlissel maintained strong relationships with international partner universities during his time as president, including supporting overseas, international study programs. data consortia and research collaborations. [60] [61] [62] [63] Schlissel has undertaken several major international tours to visit Michigan partner institutions and alumni living abroad, including a travel to mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea and India. [64] [61] [65] [66]

Known controversies [edit]

Free speech and BDS [edit]

In 2018, John Cheney-Lippold, an associate professor of American culture, initially agreed to write a letter of recommendation for a student, then reversed his decision when he learned the student was hoping to study in Israel, citing human rights concerns and his support for the BDS movement. In response, Cheney-Lippold was denied a planned sabbatical and denied the annual salary increase for one year. The university and Mark Schlissel were criticized for disciplining him, citing a violation of free speech, the right to boycott, and the freedom of the professor. [67] [68] In response to the episode, Schlissel said he believes a professor should not change their personal political beliefs for their students: “Refraining from recommendations that an instructor would otherwise be willing to give based on the personal or political views of the instructor fails to meet expectations for supporting our students.Such denial, in essence, has the potential to deny the students opportunities they have acquired and put decision making about to the aspirations of a student in the hands of someone other than the student. ”[69]

Campus climate policy [edit]

Mark Schlissel clashed with climate activists over his support for the University’s continued investment in the oil and gas industry.[70] In 2018, in response to continued refusal to meet with climate activists, students organized a sit-in at Mark Schlissel’s office in the Fleming administration building the night following the Global Climate Strike to request of a one -hour meeting with Schlissel. [71] Schlissel was away from Campus during the sit-in, and University of Michigan Police were called by an unknown administrative source to disperse the protesters. A few hours later, the University Police announced that the Fleming Administration building was closed, and any students left in the building would be cited for violation. [71] Hundreds of students voluntarily left the Fleming building, and following repeated warnings, several remaining students were arrested and subsequently charged with violating university property. [71] There have been ongoing calls for the reduction of charges against the protesters, citing the nonviolent nature of the protest and the fact that the University of Michigan has never pursued cases of student violations. [71] [72] [73] After their arrest, the protesters were released on their own terms without paying bail, and eventually all cases were dropped, and the students did not face criminal punishment. [72]

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In conjunction with student activism (starting 8 months before the climate strike, in February 2019), the Schlissel administration is studying the possibility of running the University using carbon-neutral power through the President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality, which became the successor to the effort in 2015. called the President’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Committee. [74] Based on the work of the two committees, Schlissel and the University Regents adopted a formal goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040. [75] [76]. In Schlissel’s last two years as President, carbon emissions dropped by approximately 20% as the University implemented the carbon neutrality commission’s recommendations. [77] When Schlissel was removed, there were ongoing efforts to shift power generation capacity to renewable sources, and to modernize heat and electricity transmission on campus, in addition to switching University vehicles to electric power. . [78]

Undergraduate Tuition [edit]

Under Schlissel, University of Michigan tuition rose to the highest of any public university in America. [79] [80] [81] Although the University was criticized for the high cost of tuition and for its annual increase, the University’s stable financial position under Schlissel’s leadership enabled the expansion of the University’s financial aid, so that the amount of attendance for low-income students in the state remained flat during Schlissel’s tenure. [82] Additionally, the University of Michigan has been able to eliminate loans from financial aid packages for students whose families earn up to $ 40,000, allowing low-income students to graduate without debt. [82] During Schlissel’s tenure, due to heavy investment in financial aid, most undergraduate students in the state saw no net change in tuition, despite rising higher education costs nationwide. [83 ]

Response to COVID-19 [edit]

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Schlissel and other administrators were criticized for their plans and policies to reopen the University of Michigan for the Fall 2020 semester. Criticisms from faculty, staff, and students include the administration’s lack of transparency about its plans to safely reopen the campus. Beginning in July 2020, a leaked memo to Schlissel from the university’s Ethics and Privacy Committee spread across campus, stating that the administration’s reopening plans did not meet safety guidelines. Additionally, rumors and speculation spread throughout the university, including an anonymous author op-ed to The Michigan Daily who claimed that a member of the board of regents influenced the decision to reopen the university because he stood to profit from returning to the in- classes of people. [84] The claim could not be substantiated, and the regent in question denied the allegations. [85]On September 8, 2020, the university’s graduate student union authorized the layoff due to concerns over the reopening of Schlissel’s plans and policies. [86] This was the union’s first strike since 1975, and it violated the “no strike” provision in their member -approved contract. [87] On September 9, more than 100 resident counselors went on strike at the university. [88] Among their demands, the Graduate Employees Union requested that funding for campus police be reduced by 50%, and that the University stop all collaboration with the Ann Arbor local police. [89] On Sept. 14, Schlissel announced that the university was taking legal action to force striking university workers to return to work, arguing that the strike violated the “no strike” clause of their contract, and that their requests do not fall within the scope of negotiable topics as defined by the National Labor Relations Board. [90] On Sept. 16, in the face of pressure from union leaders across the state to reconsider the legal basis of their cessation, graduate student union membership voted to accept a narrow agreement from the university, which ended the strike and returned to work the next day. [91]

On September 16, 2020, the University of Michigan Faculty Senate met to consider a motion of no confidence in the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to Schlissel’s leadership. While the motion regarding the pandemic response failed to pass with 915 in favor, 991 against, and 198 recorded abstention, [92] the motion of no confidence in Schlissel’s leadership passed by a margin of four votes, which there were 957 in favor, 953 against, and 184 recorded abstention. This is the first time in the history of the University of Michigan that a motion of no confidence has been passed against a president. However, the motion was more symbolic because Schlissel was accountable to the board of regents, not to the senate of faculty. [93] The next day, the board of regents unanimously expressed support for Schlissel and the administration’s handling of the pandemic and the reopening of the university. [94]

Firing [edit]

On December 8, 2021, through an anonymous complaint, the University of Michigan Board of Regents was notified that Schlissel may have been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a University employee. On December 23, 2021, the University signed a contract with law firm Jenner & Block to assist with the investigation. [95] The University published the contract with the law firm describing the scope of work. [95] After investigation, they found that for several years, Schlissel used his email account at the University to communicate with constituents in a manner deemed “inconsistent with the dignity and reputation of the University.” [96] The University provided the. 118-page document with examples of email communications discovered as part of the investigation. [96] [97] Many University students reacted on social media and posted memes based on e-mails published from the investigation. [98] [99]

On January 15, 2022, Schlissel was fired as President of the University of Michigan by the University Board of Regents. [100] He had previously negotiated early retirement with a final annual salary of $ 927,000; but “the” golden parachute “contract is now void because Schlissel was fired for the cause.” [101] The University has never released a report about the episode, or provided details about their efforts to investigate Schlissel’s conduct. [citation needed] Interestingly, between the time between the time Schlissel’s contract was renewed in 2018 and the time he was dismissed, three new regents were elected, and the relations between Schlissel and the board deteriorated sharply. [102] According to press reports, two regents recently elected in the controversial 2018 midterm elections are among Schlissel’s harshest critics on the board, while some longer -serving regents are more supportive.[102] Although University of Michigan regents were expected to publicly review Schlissel’s performance in September, the Regents never publicly reviewed Schlissel’s performance in the year leading up to his public dismissal, and the underlying reasons for the tension between Schlissel and the Board have not been fully reported. . [102]

On April 6, 2022, Schlissel wrote a letter of apology as part of the settlement with the University of Michigan. [103] The agreement requires that Schlissel take one year of leave of absence with an annual salary of $ 463,000. [104] He can return to his tenured faculty position with an annual salary of $ 185,000. [104] The University will deposit $ 300,000 into Schlissel’s retirement account, as well as an additional $ 162,000 into another retirement account. [104]

Former University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel returns to faculty role after firing

Mark Schlissel, who was removed from his role as president of the University of Michigan earlier this month, will return to his role as teacher today.

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The university said Schlissel has always held a position on the faculty. His firing doesn’t change that.

“Ethics or not, seems like something in the contract, and he has a right as a faculty member not to be fired at will,” said Mark Navin, the Chair of Philosophy at Oakland University. “Tenure is always under threat because what tenure is, is a kind of freedom from inference from corporate and political power.”

He said because Schlissel is tenured, he’s entitled to due process.

“It is perfectly appropriate to criticize Mr. Schlissel and hope that due process will see him removed from his position on the faculty, but we want to separate that from the real interest of the public it serves by having free inquiry and research. of faculty members, ”Navin said. .

Schlissel holds incumbent professors in the department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and in the department of Microbiology and Immunology.

For now, departments are determining what his first duties will be upon his return.

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