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Benjamin Tod is an American country music singer and songwriter. He is the lead singer and guitarist for the folk-country band Lost Dog Street Band. The band was formed by him and his wife in 2010. Benjamin d most of the vocals and his wife Ashley Mae played the violin. However, she has proved vocals in her recent albums.


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Born and raised in Tennessee, Benjamin was expelled from school at age 14. He has also recorded some solo songs. His album I Will Rise was released in 2017 and later in 2019 he released another solo album, A Heart of Gold is Hard to Find. He has also recorded many songs and albums for the band. Benjamin met his wife Ashley in 2008 and they hit it off immediately. They were both teenagers at the time, but eventually married and formed a band together.

10 Facts on Benjamin Tod

Benjamin Tod is an American singer who is the lead singer and guitarist for the country band Lost Dog Street. .

Unfortunately, the singer hasn’t revealed any details about his age and birthday yet. He’s probably in his late 20s.

The singer is known for his eye-catching tattoo on his neck. .

Also, Benjamin is a married man. He tied the knots with longtime girlfriend Ashley Mae.


Benjamin and Ashley first met when they were teenagers. They got married and even formed a band together. .

The singer is famous on social media as he has over 30,000 followers on Instagram. .

Also, he has earned a lot of fame and money. However, his fortune is under review. .

He and his wife formed the band in 2010. It is still active. .

He has also recorded two solo albums which are huge hits. .

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Benjamin Tod has dedicated a Wikipedia biography to his soulful music.


Benjamin Tod from Lost Dog Street Band, \”Using Again,\” // GemsOnVHS™

Benjamin Tod from Lost Dog Street Band, \”Using Again,\” // GemsOnVHS™
Benjamin Tod from Lost Dog Street Band, \”Using Again,\” // GemsOnVHS™

Images related to the topicBenjamin Tod from Lost Dog Street Band, \”Using Again,\” // GemsOnVHS™

Benjamin Tod From Lost Dog Street Band, \
Benjamin Tod From Lost Dog Street Band, \”Using Again,\” // Gemsonvhs™

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Benjamin Tod – Wikipedia

Benjamin Tod Flippo (born November 11, 1990), is an American singer-songwriter. He is lead singer and guitarist for the Lost Dog Street Band with his wife …

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Benjamin Tod of Lost Dog Street Band

Fronted by songwriter Benjamin Tod and his wife, fdler Ashley Mae, the DIY band began out of desperation on the sewalks of Nashville roughly a decade …

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Benjamin Tod – Facebook

Benjamin Tod. 25.265 lượt thích · 3.873 người đang nói về điều này. Benjamin Tod is a Songwriter from Sumner County, TN. He currently tours with Lost Dog…

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Benjamin Tod (@benjamintodmusic) • Instagram photos and …

47.5k Followers, 317 Following, 217 Posts – See Instagram photos and veos from Benjamin Tod (@benjamintodmusic)

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Benjamin Tod of Lost Dog Street Band

Returning to the stripped-down string band sound of their busking years, Lost Dog Street Band’s new album Glory is a searing testimony of recovery, redemption and determination. The DIY band, which includes songwriter Benjamin Tod and his wife, violinist Ashley Mae, started on the Nashville sidewalks out of desperation about a decade ago, but now have a significant national audience who are drawn to their authentic songwriting, heritage instrumentation and instruments hard-won independence is attracted.

“I wanted to make an album with the specific intention of being raw but full at the same time and going back to our roots,” says Benjamin Tod. “Everyone on this album was a street musician. Douglas Francisco, who plays slide guitar – I met him on the street busking. Jeff Loops, our bass player, was also in a busking band. This taste was important to me, just to go back to the origin of things.”

By centering Glory’s songs around acoustic arrangements, without the drums or steel guitar of previous albums, these harrowing personal stories become even more vivid. It’s a sentiment that Benjamin Tod himself describes as “a logical view of ascension from Hell.” He notes, “Something that shocked me was the realization that once I got sober, that was really the beginning of the journey. Deciding to get sober was hardly a milestone.”

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‘Until I Recoup (Glory I)’, the album’s title, vindictively demands justice and describes the struggle for glory after it has been wrongly taken away. The lyrics read like a mission statement of salvation.

Much like Steve Earle’s influential 1999 Train a Comin’ album, Glory conveys the hard work of getting clean, particularly in tracks like “Fighting Like Hell to Be Free,” “Beautiful Curse,” and “Jalisco Bloom.” . Reminiscent of the skillful writing of Guy Clark or Townes Van Zandt, “What Keeps Me Up Now” looks at that phrase from a variety of angles, from sleepless nights to a suicide attempt where “the belt was a noose when I hit the ground.” It’s an example of the “dark country” descriptor the band occasionally uses to describe their sound. In contrast, in “End With You,” Benjamin Tod is damn glad he found a relationship that’s carried him through a decade, both through the accomplishments and the obstacles.

Raised in Sumner County, just outside of Nashville, Benjamin Tod was raised primarily by his grandmother and grandfather. But at the age of 7 his mother surprised him with a cheap electric guitar – then his rival father bought him a classical guitar from the pawn shop. Since no one could teach him how to play, they were little more than toys. However, at age 14, he and a friend each received a Fullerton saloon guitar from his friend’s father. The boys became interested in folk music and protest songs, which led Benjamin to busking on the streets of Nashville.

Meanwhile, Ashley Mae was spending more and more time in Nashville, where her mother worked the night shift at rock network WKDF. She was already in touch with the small punk scene in Rapid City, South Dakota, where she grew up, but found an even deeper community in Music City. At 20, she taught herself to play the violin and shed as much of her classical violin training as possible. When she met Benjamin Tod at a punk show introduced to her by a mutual friend, they bonded immediately.

At 17, they left Nashville together for a lifetime of street gigs, hopping trains, and living on less than $300 a month. After four years of terrible gigs and almost no traction, Benjamin Tod decided to leave the band in 2016. “I was a barely functioning drug addict and alcoholic for over a decade. I was fed up with the lifestyle and it seemed like it was going nowhere,” he admits.

An invitation from the band Devil Makes Three came out of the blue in 2016. Benjamin Tod found out about this at a railroad yard as he was about to board a train from Asheville, North Carolina to Knoxville, Tennessee. “Without that, Lost Dog would never have progressed from this point,” he says.

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The Lost Dog Street Band gained ground through this tour, but the momentum evaporated when Benjamin Tod and Ashley Mae split for a year and a half. Instead of touring again, they filmed performance videos of songs from Benjamin Tod’s solo album I Will Rise and, without much expectation, posted them on YouTube except for promotional purposes. However, this decision turned out to be a turning point as curious listeners discovered the band and their ticket sales skyrocketed.

Those early fans in particular will love Glory’s spare but spirited sound applied to tracks like “Cost of the High,” which deals directly with the aftermath of addiction, as well as “Hayden’s Lament,” where the choice is between “dead Coming up or getting tough.” Directly following the plaintive country ballad “Losing Again,” Benjamin Tod breaks out the banjo for “I Believe (Glory II),” which basks in the emotion of finally finding that glory.

Without touring in 2020, Benjamin Tod and Ashley Mae settled on a piece of land in rural Kentucky that they had bulldozed themselves and built a cabin using well water and solar panels. Even today, Benjamin Tod says he considers his situation as a recovering addict each week.

“There is a real lack of examples of actual recovery in society as a whole,” he says. “There is no brutally honest idea of ​​how painful the process is, yet how rewarding it is at the same time. Every step you take helps you reach the next milestone. It’s like a slap in the face and a kiss on the cheek every day. It’s very personal to me, the concept of digging out of hell because I had to do it to regain my own dignity. Everything follows afterwards. You have to earn your own respect before you earn it from someone else.”

Ben & Tod

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