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Bill Burr – Finance Question financial bill

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Bill Burr - Finance Question

Bill Burr – Finance Question

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Bill Burr – Finance Question
financial bill
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19 thoughts on “Bill Burr – Finance Question financial bill”

  1. My ex-gf was a total train wreck with her personal finances. When i was helping to repair her credit and rebuild her nest egg, i said something she should "setup bank account". She thought i meant "joint bank account" together, and her eyes lit up like Xmas lights. Then i instinctively corrected myself. Deep down inside i knew sharing anything with her that involved $$$ is a VERY bad idea.

  2. Hahahah the two conspiracy theorist made me fking laugh I wish you would have expanded on that. I am that person who can just light up a crazy conspiracy and people will keep building it to a monster. You know the moon landing looks kinda fake. And they will be like the earth is flat. Life is just a game being controlled and Jews are at fault for literally everything every single Jew even that friend of mine…

  3. I have numerous friends who are married, one week they'll give me shit cause I'm not married, the next they'll tell me to never get married… don't fucking listen to them, they have no idea what they want in life, most got married young and are just stuck.  There's too much loss of freedom and high risk involved with marriage, like Bill said look at the divorce rates. 

    Look what these people got their selves into!  some expensive fucking ring and wedding? For what?! So you can bang once a week and have your laundry done for you… Oooo FUCK OFF!  

    Sharing accounts, fucking bad idea…. yeah when shit turns south in the marriage and you find out your lady has been forking over your cash for an Ashley Madison account…the joke will then be on you. Love the podcast Bill.

  4. My parents have separate accounts and they are in their 70's. They have separate investments, combined investments and a bills budget they fund together.
    My Mum took over my sister's mortgage when her relationship ended and rented it out. Paid money on top of that. Paid it off in 7 years. Dad started playing poker machines and as a result didn't save any money for a number of years.

    There's usually 1 person in a couple who is shit with managing money and another who manages it well. If you have a joint account for everything – especially while both are working and one person may be saving for a car over months/years, only to find the account gets raided for spontaneous shopping sprees and outstripping their contribution to the fund.

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