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Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth : $ 3 Million

Let’s check out Carol Lynn Benson Kendall’s Updated 2021 Salary Report Net Worth given below:

Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Salary/Income:

Per year: $4,00,000. Per month: $32,000. Per week: $8,000

Per day:

Per hour:

Per minute:

Per second:





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Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth, Income, Salary …

Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How. Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth : $ 3 Million.

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Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth 2022

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In Florida, Murder Most Malevolent – The Washington Post

Carol Lynn Benson Kendall is 42 years old. That she was once a beauty contest winner is easy to see. That she is now horribly scarred is …

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Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth, Income, Salary, Earnings, Biography, How much money make

Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth: $ 3 Million

Let’s take a look at the updated 2021 Carol Lynn Benson Kendall Net Worth Income Salary report provided below:

In Florida, Murder Most Malevolent

Carol Lynn Benson Kendall is 42 years old. That she once won the beauty contest is easy to see. That he was now horribly scarred was obvious; large reddish subdermal slashes hit his face. If he hadn’t left the back door of an air-conditioned Chevy Suburban wagon open on the scorching morning of July 13 months ago in Naples, Fla., He, like his mother and his 21-year-old adopted “brother “that Scott, will be dead.

They disappeared when a football -sized pipe bomb planted between two front seats exploded. Carol Lynn was in the back seat, and, as she testified 2 1/2 weeks ago in a chief court here, “I was suddenly surrounded by this orange thing. I felt like I was being pressed back into the seat. I thought I was electrified. .This orange thing is all around me. It seems… Malevolent. ” Desperate to scramble, the injured Kendall got up from the open door of the dilapidated van and onto the circular driveway in front of her mother’s home. Moments later, a second bomb exploded, it was planted in the back of the vehicle. A golfer who ran to help him lost part of his nose as parts of that second bomb and the Chevy Suburban exploded in the air.

As he was assisted by the golfer, Carol Lynn Benson Kendall’s brother Steven stood and watched the massacre. “I can’t understand why he doesn’t come to help me,” he testified in a tree but dead quiet courtroom. “Suddenly his eyes opened and his mouth dropped and he kinda ran towards the house.”

Prosecutors for the state call 35-year-old Steven Benson “malevolent.” On August 22, 1985, the State of Florida charged him with first-degree murder of his 63-year-old mother, Margaret, and his adopted brother Scott. He was also charged with attempted murder of his sister Carol Lynn. Yesterday, a jury began deliberations on those charges after weeks of enticing testimony involving massive amounts of money and a tangled family web.

The prosecution’s evidence is entirely circumstantial. And if Steven Benson came out of the courtroom as an independent man, he would still be in line for a third or even half of his mother’s $ 10 million estate.

For Carol Lynn Benson Kendall, this question is, in a sense, peripheral. Disturbed by the bombing and what he says is his brother’s complete lack of interest in his physical and emotional condition since then (he testified that he hadn’t been in contact with it all that time, not even just ask about his health), he was busy testing. to hold oneself together emotionally.

Although his grandfather and his aunt were opposed to Steven’s release on bail, he still seems to be fighting the conclusion that Steven did it. And trying to accept the loss of his mother, who had been close to him, at least once, became difficult. But what seems more difficult is that he has to deal with the death of Scott Benson, who died at the age of 21 without knowing that the woman he thought was his older sister, by adoption, was in fact his own mother. The Family The story goes back half a century to 1927, when Harry Hitchcock, Margaret Benson’s father, founded Universal Leaf Tobacco Co., which imported tobacco and resold it to manufacturers. His company flourished, and he became one of the most popular civic and charitable figures in Lancaster, Pa., A beautiful area surrounded by Amish farms.

He and his wife had two children, Margaret and Janet, and when Margaret married he chose a quiet accountant from Baltimore named Edward Benson, with whom he had two children, Carol Lynn and Steven. . After Harry Hitchcock had health problems in the late 1950s, Edward ran the company for him. It continued to thrive, and eventually the same family had what some people called “real money,” and what others despised as “nouveau.”

Edward Benson died in 1980 at the age of 60, and his widow moved to Naples, Fla., a Gulf Coast enclave where the Chamber of Commerce boasts more millionaires per capita than any other U.S. city. Shortly after his mother moved to Naples, so did Steven Benson, a self-described “executive” inside and outside the family business with embarrassing pace and a noticeable lack of success. (He even set up a tobacco company in direct competition with his family’s concern, but it quickly disappeared.)

Once in Florida, Steven founded a series of unrelated businesses (most of which had the word Meridian in the title), the most successful being a theft alarm security company. Prosecutors argued that her mother’s funds were used as seed money-or to bail out one or more of the companies in emergencies, of which there are many. Prosecutors set out the theory that Margaret Benson liked. being the financial power behind Steven’s business throne – even in the beginning. But in late 1984 and early 1985, they argue, he would come to the conclusion that banking on Steven was a bad thing.

It was then that he ran his personal secretary to tab what his children owed him. Prosecutors said it showed that while Carol Lynn owed her mother $ 118,560.33, Steven’s IOU was $ 268,163.89.

But there are other debits. While the trial testimony was released, Steven started another company, Meridian Marketing, located about 30 miles away in Fort Myers, where Steven had just bought a new (and massive) home. He warned his new employees, according to testimony, not to let anyone in the offices of the Naples -based companies know the name of the company or what they did.

Prosecutors argued that Margaret Benson seemed to be beginning to face growing evidence that Steven was spending beyond the limit of his frequent loans and the $ 3,000 a month he paid her as a “consultant” to businesses. Meridian. In the spring and summer of 1985, he asked Wayne Kerr, a young lawyer from Philadelphia, to come down to Naples. He wanted accounting and, if necessary, a confrontation with Steven.

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According to prosecution evidence, there was even talk that Steven could be cut off at his mother’s will. In fact, Margaret Benson changed her will, but in a massive irony, the only change was to cut Wayne Kerr as executor. The three children will divide the property equally.

On July 8, a day before the bombing, Margaret found out Steven’s new home in Fort Myers, according to testimony. But he didn’t know the size of it, and he didn’t know that Steven had paid the down payment using a blank check he had signed and left for household expenses while he was on the cruise.

That day, he and Wayne Kerr were driving to Fort Myers, and when he saw Steven’s new home, and the new Datsun sports car parked in front, he was, as Kerr testified, “angry . ”

When they got back to Naples, Margaret told Steven she wanted to meet with him and Kerr that night and “talk business.” Steven said he was sorry but he already had a business meeting. At trial, the man he was with that night testified that Steven had not set up the meeting until 6:30 that same night. The Daughter and Her Son

If Steven Benson caused problems, Scott caused traumas. Born on Christmas Day 1963 in a Baltimore hospital to Carol Lynn Benson, then a young man, she was adopted by Margaret and Edward Benson. An eyebrow was raised in Benson’s affluent neighborhood, but Margaret prevailed and she raised the child as her child. Carol Lynn later had a brief marriage-to a water-skier from Cypress Gardens-where she had two sons.

Scott ran with a lot of people, and he was known to be rough with Margaret and Carol Lynn. In 1983, a fight with Margaret over the behavior of her bouvier des Flanders guard dog – she let it into the house and wet it on the expensive white carpet – turned violent.He grabbed her and shook her, and told her that it might be her house but it was her dog, and if she but gave the command Buck would “rip you to pieces.” The police were called and he was detained for five days. However, he continued to pamper her. One housemate testified that he was “the apple of his mother’s eye.” Of course, he was referring to Margaret.

Scott is an aspiring tennis professional, but it seems the aspirations are with Margaret rather than him. For years, he paid for the lessons and the coaches and the trips, not to mention his 16 tennis rackets. After the quake incident, Margaret instructed her secretary to make a list of everything she had bought for Scott over the past two years. It comes with an average monthly payment of more than $ 10,000, or a large sum of “approximately a quarter of a million dollars.”

Joyce Quinn, Margaret Benson’s quiet and respectful young secretary who lasted but three months at work before realizing the need to have a cleaner job, testified that Margaret “paid everything for Scott” – her cars (among them two Lotuses, a sports car worth $ 45,000 to $ 50,000) his van, his Cigarette speedboat, his apartment and furniture, repairs, his tennis lessons, his clothes and his gas credit cards.

Other testimony revealed another regular expenditure. Scott had canisters of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, to which he was addicted, delivered home on a monthly basis, defense witnesses said. The bills were sent and paid by Margaret.Despite the defense’s claims that Scott was heavily involved in drug use and possibly even in the sale of drugs (and that the bombing was therefore drug-related) there was little testimony that Scott was more of a regular nitrous oxide user and an occasional marijuana and cocaine user. But there is no doubt that he has many friends-the defense called some Naples prison inmates to testify about Scott and his various practices, in the hope that this possible alternative theory would raise a reasonable doubt. if Steven is guilty.

Also on public record is a 3-year-old paternity suit filed by Scott’s former live-in woman. Her deposition in that case is like pulp fiction of yesteryear: “My mother (i.e., Margaret Benson) who was 38 years married to my father, a highly respected man of the highest character both in business and in his personal life, was a religious man of high integrity and moral values.He, who was not blinded by the forces of sexuality, very quickly understood the true nature of Tracy Mullins and was very opposed to my seeing her. My relationship with Tracy has always been very chaotic.I have never met anyone like this before.I think I have a passion for sex, and the attractive figure of Tracy, along with her vast knowledge of sexuality , I think I was shocked from the beginning. ”

If the court decides that the 3-year-old in question is indeed the son of the late Scott Benson, the child may inherit either (depending on what happens to the man who may be his Uncle Steven) one-third or half of Margaret Benson’s $ 10 million estate, and establish her as a legitimate claimant on the estate of 89-year-old Harry Hitchcock, which is said to be worth up to $ 400 million. The fall

At Margaret and Scott Benson’s funeral, Steven sat between his wife Debra and his grandfather, Harry Hitchcock. Before the day was over, according to newspaper accounts, Steven begged for and received a $ 20,000 loan from his grandfather. A month later, Naples police arrested Steven Benson and charged him with two counts of homicide and one count of attempted murder. Soon after, Harry Hitchcock wrote to the judge, opposing his nephew’s release: “Anyone capable of killing his mother for money is capable of killing his grandfather for the same reason.”Carol Lynn told investigators, in a statement taken after she was released from the hospital where she was treated for severe burns and began the long process of reconstructive surgery, that while her mother was afraid of Scott, Margaret felt Benson that Steven is the only one who will really hurt him for his money: “He’s not going to force Steven to kill him. I know he’s scared of Scott, but that’s a different situation. I mean, I’m scared of Scott… My mom and I were very, very close and we had no one but each other because Scott went his own way, and Steven … had nothing to do with my mom. ”

* The prosecution’s primary evidence, along with Steven’s brother’s testimony, were palm prints on sales receipts for the pipe that were the same as those used on the bombs, as well as on the end caps. But a witness for the defense, Steven’s secretary, testified that Steven did not leave the office during the times the pipe and end caps were purchased.

Another part of the prosecutor’s argument was Steven’s certainty about where each of the family members would sit in the wagon – and then, before the first explosion, he said he forgot a tape measure and went back to the house.

Prosecutors argued Steven made the whole idea of ​​traveling at dawn to view the large-17,000-square-foot-residence his mother was building near the same exclusive subdivision. Carol Lynn testified that she arrived unusually early and insisted on picking up the Chevy Suburban, instead of her own car, and having coffee and donuts alone first. That trip, which was supposed to take about 10 minutes, took more than an hour, according to Carol Lynn’s testimony, and 20 to 30 minutes according to Steven’s statements to investigators.

When police asked him about the trip, he said he was delayed when he met some people he knew; but Steven did not give the police their names.

Police officers also testified in their investigation indicating that Steven acted without character in many aspects that morning, first by insisting that Scott be woken up and included in the group, and then by driving. to Scott.

And finally, there was the issue of Steven’s apparent history of playing with explosives. The Miami Herald gave the following account about a groundskeeper who worked on Margaret Benson’s estate in Pennsylvania: He recalled that one day in 1982 looked he was downstairs from his stairs to see Steven carrying three copper pipes with wires protruding from them. Moments later there was a loud explosion. He descended from his stairs, and walked towards the tennis courts, where he saw Steven holding what looked like a remote control device. Laughing Steven said.

The Herald also reported that it was common knowledge among some of Steven’s friends as a child that he loved to make bombs. One teen recalled finding dry-cell batteries, wires and alligator clips in a closet and said to himself, “Oh, this is Steve Benson’s stuff … I guess you’ll call them bombs.” The money

On July 11, two days after Margaret and Scott Benson were killed, Wayne Kerr, the lawyer from Philadelphia, filed a 1983 will naming him executor of the estate. But that same day, local attorney Guion DeLoach showed up with a second and more recent will, one issued to him by Margaret Benson and he signed Jan. 29, 1985. There was no mention of that will about Wayne Kerr. ; it named three children as coadministrators, and it left its money to their three equally.

The second will was later ruled valid, but before that could happen, Steve Benson was arrested. Hed said he had no money to pay his lawyers, so he claimed vulnerability – and Judge Hayes approved the claim. He retained Naples attorney Michael McDonnell. There was local uproar over the assumption that the public would pay his bills, and in mid-January the judge reversed himself. He later approved a partial distribution from Margaret Benson’s estate.Steven was paid $ 244,974.39 to pay his legal fees.

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Saying he could not give money to one of the children and not to the other, Judge Hayes gave $ 244,000 to Carol Lynn Kendall, who also has legal fees. He retained Boston attorney E. Richard Cirace to advise him and represent his interests.

As the trial date approached (there were some postponements before it finally started on July 14) it became clear that the large amount of money involved meant that there would be many lawyers on both sides of the trial in the courtroom. Carl Westman, a Naples lawyer named to represent Margaret Benson’s estate, was often with Cirace. Another daily attendee was an attorney representing the trust funds left by Harry Hitchcock’s late wife. The persecution

When the trial began, Steven Benson had been in jail for nearly 11 months. When he entered, he was dull, even 6 feet and 2 inches tall, but last month, the facts of the prison fare dramatically diminished him. It was not the pallor of the prison that surprised those who knew him; it is the fierce and almost ineffective stance. He looked, said one of the many reporters covering the trial every day, “brain-dead.” His second wife Debra is not in the courtroom, or even in Florida. He is said to have taken their three children and returned to his small town in Wisconsin. And so he looks lonely. He smiled with his lawyers sometimes without the jury, but the men he seemed most comfortable with, the men with him sometimes even when young, were the deputy sheriffs with big guns, his prisoners.

In the second week of the trial, Judge Hayes, 38, tried to speed things up. He said he had a judicial conference he wanted to attend, so he was determined to end the trial within three weeks. To that end, he held court one day from 8:30 a.m., his usual opening time, until 10 that night. He praised the jury for “maintaining its power,” but that didn’t stop him from holding court all day Saturday, too.

The judge did another phenomenon. He told the lawyers he didn’t want them to stand up and shout, “I’m against it.” If they have objections, they will say quietly, “Can we come to the bank?” Apparently, the idea was to reduce jury speeches, and to speed things up.

Florida law allows courtroom cameras, and most of this trial is broadcast live on television. The star of the show today is Carol Lynn Benson Kendall.

Nervous at first, but then more calmly, he testified in response to the prosecutor’s questions. He barely looked at his brother, but when he testified about Scott Benson, he called him “my son.”

She said Steven called her the night before the bombing to make sure she and Scott would be together in the morning when she planned to record the dimensions of her mother’s new lot. Carol Lynn testified that she thought Scott’s being there was a “silly request. It seemed like a dumb thing. She also said Steven had long gone for coffee so she joked” could go to Fort Myers. ”

As for the positioning of the car’s occupants, “I thought it was weird that Scott was driving. Even though he had a fancy car”-the Lotus-“he didn’t like to drive. And Steven was usually the one driving when we were . We’re together.”

When everything was ready, he testified, Steven gave Scott the keys, and then he said he had forgotten something and went home. Scott tried to operate the vehicle, he testified, “and immediately after that I was surrounded by this orange thing.”

After her testimony, Carol Lynn Benson Kendall was nowhere to be seen. He was not allowed to leave the town, as there was a possibility that the state would put him back on the stand. But everyone agrees that he has done so well, it may not be wise to risk a second look.

On Monday, the state released a witness whose testimony left a strong impression on viewers who saw the trial at the beginning. The retired U.S. agent.Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Frank Kendall-unrelated to Carol Lynn-testified that Steven Benson’s palm print was voluntarily given to police in the summer of 1985 and the palm print on the pipe invoice was “made by the same man.” McDonnell argued that the identity of the palm print was unreliable.

The next day, Wayne Kerr stood up, where Steven Benson’s wedding was the best man.

Kerr, a large and troubled man, testified that when he heard the explosion from inside Benson’s house (where he was staying overnight) he thought at first that it was “one of the Lotuses exploding again. ”

The stout and glass -eyed witness testified that Steven’s company books were messy, with missing checkbook entries and no balance carried. He said that “in the beginning” he thought bookkeeping was just sloppy. He also testified that Steven regularly goes to the bank where Meridian Marketing has an account and uses counter checks to withdraw large amounts of the company’s cash. (A witness later, who worked for Meridian Marketing, said Steven never bothered to tell employees when he did it, “and we always bounce checks when we pay bills. bill with the money we thought we had in the bank. “)

Near the end of his testimony, he said he finally told Margaret Benson, “You need to stop being a bank for your kids.” The Defense

Steven’s defense case, which lasted from Saturday, July 26, until last Monday, was marred by fights over the late identification of witnesses (at one point Judge Hayes told the defense that such work was ” just damn ”) and frequent bank conferences that resulted in the jury being excused for the day.

McDonnell managed to prevent the jury from hearing the groundskeeper’s testimony who said he saw Steven playing with a remote-control bomb device in Pennsylvania, but he did not prevent a former employee from telling the jury that at the time. , Steven mentioned to a small group that he “made bombs as a child.”

The defense’s best witness was Brenda Turnbull, Steven’s former secretary, who had no word in his office at the time both the pipes and the end caps were purchased. And he also contradicted wake testimony about the bombs. The chief prosecutor, Jerry Brock, argued that he made conflicting statements on previous deposits.

McDonnell closed with a series of witnesses, most of them prisoners, who testified about Scott Benson’s less than great character, arguing that this indicated that Scott was the target, and that Margaret and Carol were Lynn was not fortunate enough to be with him on the trip. (One witness, Scott’s psychiatrist, testified that the young man had a severe nitrous oxide habit, which began when he went to the supermarket and sniffed cans of Reddi-Whip. The witness then surprised the judge by asking if he could make a “statement.” He turned to the television cameras and gave a stern warning to the “youth of Southwest florida” about the dangers of laughing gas.)

After a brief denial of the prosecution, Judge Hayes dismissed the jury. The final arguments took place yesterday and the jury began its deliberations, 13 months after the murders of Margaret and Scott Benson. The jury was left with a noticeable absence on the list of witnesses. McDonnell did not call Steven Benson in his own defense. Under the law, jurors should not consider this. However, according to a veteran Florida criminal lawyer, “any time in a murder case when a defendant with no prior record fails to plead, it looks bad. That’s negative if the jury is concerned.” four hours of final argument, and another hour of his careful reading of instructions, Judge Hayes handed the case to the jury at 2:06 yesterday afternoon. There was a momentary commotion when the foreman knocked just two hours later. But the jury just wanted to re -read parts of Carol Lynn Benson Kendall’s testimony.It also wants to hear again some of what the government fingerprint expert said about palm prints. Then the jurors came out and closed the door behind them again. The Waiting

As for Carol Lynn, she also waited in Florida for a verdict. Not at his mother’s house in Naples, because that was sold, but behind some closed doors in the state attorney’s offices. His grandfather, Harry Hitchcock, lent his emotional support to make a dramatic appearance in the courtroom at 8:25 a.m. and stayed all day. He rarely looked at Steven. Defendant watched his grandfather enter the courtroom, but after that he did not look back.

Twelve and a half hours later, almost a minute later, Harry Hitchcock’s grandson made an equally dramatic, if brief, appearance in the courtroom. Carol Lynn Benson Kendall came in to see her brother’s jury being allowed for the night. He sat in the front row, not directly behind Steven, but on the other side – in one of the seats reserved for prosecution.

Two hours later, the 11 o’clock local news had pictures of him leaving the courtroom, his lawyer Cirace intervening. How beautiful she is, her most striking feature is the scarring she has on her face.

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Aside from that last-minute surprise show, Carol Lynn Benson Kendall spent the day out of sight, with her attorney and the attorney for her mother’s estate. But honestly, he was alone in his thoughts-the memory of the “disgraceful orange thing,” and his recollection of the day he stood up and referred, for the first time in public, and in front of all strangers, to the late Scott Benson as “my son.”

20 years later, friends and family still try to make sense of Benson murders ‘It still seems unreal’

The Lancaster Township woman was playing golf one July day at Lancaster Country Club when she was asked to go off the course.

Alas, he thought. Daddy. There is something wrong with Daddy.

Murphy’s daughter, Brenda, was there that day. She is crying. “They’re all dead.”

Murphy’s father, Harry Hitchcock, is fine.

It was his sister, Margaret, 63, and his niece, Scott, 21, who died in a horrific car explosion in Florida.

At first, Murphy thought his niece Carol Lynn Kendall, 40, had also died, but he learned she was severely burned but survived.

Murphy’s nephew, Steven Benson, was the only one to escape the fiery explosion that day.

Amos Sands of West Donegal Township also remembers the day 20 years ago today.

He called Hitchcock, his friend and boss, to express his condolences on the death of Hitchcock’s son and grandson.

“The first thing he said was,‘ Well, Steve done it, you know that. ’He immediately thought of that,” Sands, now 81, remembered today.

Sadly, Hitchcock was right about his grandson.

Benson, now 53, is serving two life sentences in a Florida jail for killing his mother and brother, and attempting to kill his sister. He will be eligible for parole when he is 85.

“It’s almost incredible,” Murphy said today. “I just can’t imagine. I remember when my sister gave birth to him – here was this baby and then she was killing him.

“It doesn’t seem true.”

The Lancaster tobacco heir was convicted after a month-long trial conducted on television in Florida, drew national headlines and sparked books and intense media coverage here and in Florida.

The killings, prosecutors say, came from a motive.


“Money is everything,” said Sands, who visited Benson in prison until about 10 years ago.

“I see what money can do when people are tied to themselves,” he said. “That’s the whole thing: self, self, self and me, me, me and me. When I see that, I feel sorry for such people.

“They haven’t learned to live yet, really.”


The explosion damaged the Benson family’s Chevrolet Suburban between 9:17 and 9:20 a.m. on July 9, 1985, in the driveway of Margaret Benson’s home, just near a golf course in an exclusive Naples, Fla., community.

The explosion was so powerful that golfers ran to the course to see what had happened.

One pulled Kendall, shouting, “I’m hot! I’m hot! ” from the burning vehicle.

Margaret Benson and her son Scott (who was actually Kendall’s son, who was later adopted by his mother) are dead.

One investigator said they “probably didn’t have a chance to move.”

Although police initially called the explosion, caused by two pipe bombs, a “big mystery,” it didn’t take long to zero in on one suspect: Steven Benson.

Benson, they found out, was forcing his mother for money. He thought it had squandered the family’s funds and he called his lawyer to check it out.

Benson wanted to kill his mother and siblings so he could be the sole heir to the family’s $ 10 million estate, police believe.

On the morning of the explosion, prosecutors said, Benson operated the vehicle shortly before the explosion, allegedly taking donuts to a nearby convenience store. When he returned, he said he was preparing to go with his family to see a piece of land bought by his mother.

Benson told his family members where to sit in Suburban. And then, at the last minute, he returned home, allegedly because he had forgotten a tape measure.

A few minutes later, the Suburban caught fire.

Prosecutors linked Benson to the bomb blast by producing a receipt, along with Benson’s palm print, for the purchase of pipe pieces and end caps.

Investigators also found in Benson’s pants a grain of zinc, which they said fell from the galvanized pipe as he made the bombs that would eventually kill his mother and sister.

The jury deliberated only 12 hours before Benson was found guilty.

Some who knew him were not really surprised.


Steven Benson is a dreamer, some say.A dreamer and an oddball.

“He was a strange man,” said Sands, who worked as a landscaper for Benson’s late grandfather, Hitchcock. Hitchcock died in 1990, five years after the Florida killings.

“Well, he thought he knew everything and he was brilliant in a lot of ways,” Sands said, “but a lot of nonsense.”

Benson’s aunt, Murphy, remembers him as someone else as well.

“He’s always weird,” she said. “He’s not just your typical teenager. It’s kind of weird, very different. ”

By the time Sands meets Benson, the young man has graduated from college and is trying to find his way in the world, without much success.

Benson tried and failed in successive businesses. Landscaping.Electronics. Real estate.

“He’s always doing things but not getting anything,” Sands recalled.

Once, Benson wanted his mother to lend him a down payment for a factory building in Lancaster. He will make it an apartment house.

“They had a heckuva fight here,” he said. “I’ve heard a lot of swearing and swearing.”

Margaret Benson later lent her son money but he did nothing with the building, Sands said.

“He spent a lot of money and did nothing. … He went through money like crazy, ”Sands said.

When Sands heard that Benson was forcing his mother for money before she died, he was no longer surprised. He was also not surprised when prosecutors said Benson killed his mother and sister to get the family’s fortune.

“He wants his own way and he’ll get it one way or another,” he said. “That’s how Steve is.”

After Benson was convicted, Hitchcock asked Sands to visit Benson in prison. Sands, who spent the winter in Florida, visited Benson half a dozen times in the mid -’90s.

“He was very congenial, very eager to talk,” Sands recalled.

But the topic is always the same: prison problems. How it is not run correctly. How twisted people are.

A story in the Naples Daily News today reports that Benson has filed several grievances about prison life.

Benson has his share of problems behind bars. He was stabbed in the neck in 1991 by an inmate who was later sent to a mental hospital.

Problems, Sands said, are the only things Benson wants to talk about on visits.

“I told my husband after we left, I said,‘ It’s funny that he sees problems everywhere but in his own life, ’” Sands said.

At Hitchcock’s urging, Sands tried to talk to Benson about religion, about accepting Jesus as his savior, but Benson didn’t want to talk about that.

“He just didn’t respond to it,” Sands said. “She was just looking at me. You know, he won’t answer yes or no or no. I can’t reach him spiritually. ”

“I’m not a psychologist,” Sands added, “but he lives in denial. He won’t admit any mistakes he’s made, including murder.”

It was like Benson, he said, “like a man was there, but he didn’t know why he was there. I don’t think he believes he belongs there. ”

Benson’s aunt, for example, is glad that her niece has been behind bars her whole life. He hopes he will receive the death penalty.

He did not try to contact Benson, who never spoke publicly about the killings.

His father, he says, was ruined by the whole affair. His grandson never recognized him again, even when he came to Florida for trial.

“He didn’t look at anyone,” said Murphy, who sat behind Benson during the trial. “His face remained straight.”

Many family members have disappeared from public view over the past 20 years. Benson’s wife never attended the trial. Murphy does not know if the couple, who have three children, eventually separated.

Her nephew, Kendall, also stayed out of the limelight. Murphy declined to say where he lives now and said he doesn’t see her regularly.

But Murphy will never forget how the death affected his father.

When the Challenger space shuttle exploded a year after the Florida killings, Hitchcock was damaged, Murphy recalled.“She cried so much,” she said. “He said,‘ That’s how Margaret died. That’s how Margaret died. ’I didn’t see her cry as much as she did with Challenger. It’s all back to him. ”

He couldn’t believe that two decades had passed since the day two family members died and his family’s life had changed forever.

“I know it happened to me and my family,” he said, “but it seemed surreal.”

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