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Carter Gentry Car Accident Texas Boxer Cause Of Death Revealed – Obituary? The 47 Top Answers

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What was the cause of Carter Gentry’s death? This article covers everything we know about the Texas boxer.

Carter Gentry is a professional boxer from Palestine, Texas who recently passed away.

The Troup Boxing, where he trained, broke the news on December 4, 2021. Following the report, there were condolences from many people, including those close to him.

Obituary: Carter Gentry Cause Of Death – Car Accent 

Carter Gentry was a boxer who died on December 4, 2021.

Troup Boxing was the one who broke the news in the form of a tribute on social media platforms. The boxing gym’s trainer wrote that the fighter had unduly influenced his life. He even nicknamed him C-Money when they first met.

He met him when Carter was about 9 or 10 years old. He added that he loved the fighter who was like his son. He also spoke of Carter’s courage and reliability. In the end, the coach offered his condolences to the grieving family.

Although the messages contained brief information about the fighter, there was nothing on the fighter’s cause of death. Rumors of a car accent are circulating on the internet.

Regarding the funeral, Gentry’s father, Tammy Jaree Gentry, wrote that there will be no funeral because the boxer hated events like this and always wanted to see people smile. Still, he mentioned that he wanted to give everyone a chance to say goodbye.

Hope his soul rests in peace and God gives the family enough strength to get through these sad times.

Carter Gentry Age And Wife 

Carter Gentry’s age was probably 20 to 30 years old.

Neither Troup Boxing nor other media sources have disclosed anything on the matter. The numbers are pure speculation based on his recent photos.

Like most of Carter’s private affairs, his marital status remains a mystery. Judging by his social media, he probably dn’t have a wife at the time of his death. Since he has never disclosed it and none of his family members or gym members have mentioned anything, it seems likely that is the case.

Carter Gentry Instagram

Carter Gentry was an active user of the popular social media service Instagram.

On the platform, he calls himself @carteryan31 and has over a thousand followers. His last post came on September 4, 2021 and showcased his sports car.

Death Car crash: In Car Footage Released

Death Car crash: In Car Footage Released
Death Car crash: In Car Footage Released

Images related to the topicDeath Car crash: In Car Footage Released

Death Car Crash: In Car Footage Released
Death Car Crash: In Car Footage Released

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Obituary Carter Gentry Car Accident Cause Of Death

What Was Carter Gentry’s Cause Of Death And How Did It Happen? This article contains all the information we have about the Texas boxer.

Carter Gentry was a professional boxer from Palestine, Texas who tragically passed away recently.

The Troup Boxing, where he received his training, announced the news on December 4, 2021. After the report was released, many people, including those close to the victim, expressed their condolences.

Carter Gentry’s obituary: Car accident was the cause of death

Carter Gentry was a boxer who died on December 4, 2021 at the age of 37.

A memorial on social media platforms was posted by Troup Boxing, which was the first to break the news of the boxer’s death. The boxing gym’s head coach said in a written statement the boxer had had an unreasonably large impact on his life. He even nicknamed him C-Money when they first met him, meaning “cash money.”

Carter was probably 9 or 10 years old when he first met him. He went on to say that he admires the boxer because he resembles his child. He likewise praised Carter’s bravery and reliability on the battlefield. At the end of the game, the coach expressed his condolences to the sad family.

Although the report contained few details about the fighter, there was no information on the fighter’s cause of death. Allegations of a car accident have been circulating on the internet lately.

Regarding the funeral, Gentry’s father, Tammy Jaree Gentry, has stated that there would be no service because the boxer detested such occasions and preferred to see people laugh. Despite this, he explained that he wanted to give everyone the opportunity to say goodbye.

Hopefully his spirit has found rest and God has given his family the strength they need to get through these difficult moments of grief.

Carter Gentry’s age and wife information

Carter Gentry was most likely in his 20s or 30s when he died.

Neither Troup Boxing nor any other media have commented on the matter. All stats are pure conjecture based on his most recent photos.

Carter’s marital status, like so many other aspects of his private life, remains a mystery. According to his social media accounts, he did not appear to have a wife at the time of his death. It’s likely that’s the case because he never reported it and because none of his relatives or gym members mentioned anything.

Carter Gentry’s Instagram account

Carter Gentry was a frequent user of the famous social networking tool Instagram, which he used extensively.

On social media, he calls himself @carteryan31 and has over a thousand followers. His most recent post, published on September 4, 2021, was a photo of his sports car.

Carter Gentry Death Boxing community mourns the loss of Carter Gentry – TOP INFO GUIDE

Carter Gentry Death – Cause of Death: The boxing community is mourning the loss of Carter Gentry.

As the boxing community mourns the loss of a beloved boxer, Carter is remembered as “the only fighter I’ve ever had who would fight anyone, no matter what. He was never afraid and he never doubted the skills we knew he had in the ring. There is no one like him, I will miss him dearly,” read a post shared on Troup Boxing’s social media page.

The announcement of Carter’s death was flooded with heartfelt tributes and condolences. He will be missed.

There are no details about his cause of death.

“Carter, you were so loved by many, you were not my child, but you were my child. I’ll miss your smiling face and the silly snaps you guys send,” Missy Ann Moseley shared.

“We won’t have a funeral because Carter hated it. But we want to give everyone a chance to say goodbye,” Carter’s father, Tammy Jaree, shared with Gentry. “He never wanted to see anyone sad or hurt. So when you think of him, smile. He would have wanted that.”

Timeline of Events

Carter’s interactions with the ex and her family, local law enforcement, school officials, and the juvenile court system.

January 2018

Our families vacationed in Colorado.

June 2018

Carter Gentry and her daughter started dating.

January 2019

Our families vacationed in Colorado

January 10, 2019

Carter’s girlfriend’s parents get them to break up, but tell Carter to tell everyone else and her friends that it was because of a fight. Neither child wants to separate. Her argument to Chad and Tammy Gentry (Carter’s parent) was that they were caught making out at their house. (we didn’t find out until much later – they had sex and a friend told them).

January 14, 2019

His ex-girlfriend’s mom tells Carter they only have to take a two-week break for now. Then they can speak again. During that two-week hiatus, the ex-girlfriend’s mom allowed him to call and text Carter from her cell phone so the dad wouldn’t find out. (cell phone recordings coming soon)

January 2019

Carter is at a basketball game at Cayuga High School and the father told Carter to stay the fuck away from his daughter or he’s going to kill him. (several children witnessed)

Rest of January

They can talk, then they can’t. Several weeks back and forth. Both children are visibly devastated. Carter texted the ex-girlfriend’s mom and said he knew her husband smoked and drank weed but doesn’t want anyone to know, but they want to judge him for being a normal teenager. The retaliation for this began shortly thereafter.

February 5, 2019

Chad Gentry received a call from ACSO regarding a wellness check on Carter. He had received a copy of a text message Carter had said he wanted to kill himself. The ex-girlfriend’s mother had brought this text and several others to ACSO because she wanted a protective order because Carter was “violent.” We met with Captain Lively and she assured us that her only concern was Carter’s welfare as nothing in a text message met any standard of violence. There was zero evidence of anything. They were more concerned that the texts were over a week old and no one had contacted them or us before. (This SAME evidence is now used for “stalking”) (recording will be added after court)

February 2019

A few days after meeting ACSO, we met with Principal Holden at Cayuga High School. He informed us that he received a call from Cathey Stoner in the DA’s office. He was told he had to document whether Carter even looked at or spoke to this girl at school. And if Carter did, he had to send the prosecutor a form and a copy of the video. We went back to ACSO and spoke to Captain Lively. While in her office, she called Alyson Mitchell, the Anderson County Attorney’s Office, and asked if anyone from her office had contacted Cayuga High School and was told they had not. Again we were assured that there was NO CASE against Carter. I called the DA’s office several times before finally getting a call back from Alyson Mitchell. She told me she would contact Principal Holden and clarify the situation since they didn’t have an open case against Carter. (Please note the stalking charge is dated 01/16/19.) (Records will be added after the court)

For most of February and part of March

His friends (since 1st grade) would make plans with him, then line him up and go to the ex-girlfriend’s house. The family told numerous friends of his that if they spoke to Carter they could not come to their house. The top two were M and G. Carter even received a quick chat from a boy in the house with his arm around his ex-girlfriend saying, “I’m going to fuck your girl tonight.” The kids would bother him at school because they knew he couldn’t fight, or his boxing trainers would make him quit the gym. One parent even called the coach and told them Carter hit their son, but it never actually happened. We also recently found out that the mother paid several of the boys to keep messing with Carter. She told M and G that if they didn’t send the messages she would sit next to them and tell them to send Carter, she would tell people they were smoking weed. She would have them at her house and tell them what to send to Carter, hoping he would react badly. One of the boys also overheard the ex’s father conversing with one of his employees, and the employee asked if the father wanted him to “shoot or burn down the house of the nobility.” (Affidavits were made/documented and are available in included the Private Investigator’s Report, which will be added after our next court date.) (Texts HERE.) (There are numerous other texts to be added.)

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February 18, 2019

We discovered a fake Snap Chat account posing as “Carter Gentry”. But it wasn’t his account that was on his phone. We were sent some of the messages purporting to be from Carter that were actually from this account. Each of the messages from this account were in correct English – no teen slang, and correct spelling and punctuation were used. Carter is dyslexic – nothing is EVER spelled correctly and definitely not punctuated correctly. (screenshots here)

February 20, 2019

Chad and Tammy Gentry received a text message from the mother asking if Carter and his ex could meet up to talk. The mother said she would let the DA know they were meeting and that she and the father were okay with it. The mother and my son Tyler Gentry were present at the meeting which was held at the Cayuga Country Store. The mother texted afterwards and said she thought it was a good move for the children and was delighted to see them both smiling. In a police report, the mother explains that this meeting was held to ask Carter to stop harassing and stalking her daughter. That’s not the case. Copies of these texts have been given to Mark Cargill. And again to the new lawyer. And by email to the investigator, Bobby Bishop, and to Sheriff Taylor. (See lyrics here)

February 23, 2019

The mother called my son Tyler because she had read a text message from Carter to his ex and she was afraid he was going to hurt himself. I didn’t tell any parents about this. (See lyrics here)

March 7, 2019

Carter was checked out of Cayuga High School.

March 2019

Carter began homeschooling and working. Being able to get off work and travel helped him get out of the situation.

Contact continued throughout the remainder of the summer, but it became less and less. Carter was still receiving texts and Snapchats from family, ex-girlfriend, and other family members. Everyone was warm and friendly. (Texts between the mother and Carter HERE. Texts between the father and Carter HERE. Texts between the ex and Carter HERE. Texts between the ex and Chad HERE.)

June 2019

Chad’s truck was stolen from the Walmart warehouse. ACSO handled the case. We personally located the truck and gave them the names of those who stole it and who they sold it to. ACSO received all this information at every turn and they didn’t want to salvage the truck. So PPD did. There was a Facebook post from PPD saying they had restored it. And there was also a newspaper article written about it. Neither made ACSO look very good. After that, our trust in ACSO was gone. And we worried that if the opportunity arose, they would retaliate. (Records will be added after court) SEE article here https://www.palestineherald.com/news/ppd-helps-frustrated-couple-in-county-case/article_0b4a8bc0-9155-11e9-9d3d-6b7bdea6a764.html?fbclid =IwAR1ZievUlBhEUR23zAXschqENUDMTJC-SG1lc2VrpAh8ItLTj4iGSLPJjSA

July 2019

The mother sends Carter pictures of his ex in new cars and asks him what car to buy her for her first car when she turns 16. Warm and friendly news again. (These will be added once the final deleted phone recovery comes back)

Aug 2019

Carter went to Cayuga’s “Meet the Wildcats” with some friends and the first football scrimmage. Carter’s best friend and brother both go to school and he had brought his little brother to the event. The police report states that he followed his ex around the school at the event to harass her and had no other reason to be at the school. And he “made his presence known.” The school is just ONE corridor. Of course they crossed paths. And if he really was stalking and harassing her – where’s the CCTV because the school has cameras? And that family would definitely get the footage.


First day of school. I asked Carter to take his younger brother lunch and drop it off at school. He was with a friend who had graduated from Cayuga ISD the previous year. The report said his ex almost had a “panic attack” after seeing Carter in the parking lot and he “followed her.” Here too – if he followed her – the school has cameras. Where’s the proof? YOUR FEAR IS NOT CARTER’S FAULT.


The new principal, Mr. Satterwhite, calls and asks to meet Chad and Tammy. Please note that we have NOT enrolled any student in the high school. We are informed that Carter cannot be on campus even though his younger brother is in junior high. Also note that the director is related to the new boyfriend and friends to the ex’s family. (Record will be added after the dish)

August 22, 2019

Carter decided he would like to go back to school there, so I enrolled him on the 3rd day of school. As we sat in the counselor’s office to discuss his schedule, the ex’s mother walked through the school clearly upset and was in the principal’s office when I left. I was told he couldn’t be in athletics until I pointed out the school’s own policies and procedures and they had to allow it. He hasn’t had any problems at school since day one.

Both sets of parents molested him at every turn. As well as the ex’s new boyfriend. He has threatened Carter several times. All of the parents followed our cars, sat and watched Carter as he hung around the plaza, and still sent him messages via snap chat (to keep track).

August 30, 2019

We received a letter from Child Services dated the day after we mailed it in Cayuga from Emily Lane. We called them 5 times in 2 weeks and never got a call back from anyone. We later learned that the letter referred to an alleged fight that had taken place in March. (letter HERE)

September 1, 2019

Carter posts a screenshot on his Snapchat. This screenshot is a text conversation between the father and Tyler Gentry (Carter’s older brother). In it, ex Tyler’s father writes that he should buy him weed. (See lyrics HERE.) Retribution for this can be seen on 9/4/19.

September 3, 2019

The father stops several of the football players as they enter the field house for practice and tells them not to hang out with Carter because bad things have happened. (This is included in the private detective report)

September 4, 2019

Carter went to Athens to pick up his brother from work. On the way back, they were stopped just outside Crossroads by Henderson County Constable Precinct 5 (also a friend of theirs). They weren’t going too fast and there was no other reason for the first stop. Within 5 minutes, 8 units were on site, only two of which were marked as Henderson County Units. There were only two uniformed officers present, the rest were plainclothes. Carter was immediately dragged out of the car and searched/patted down (without permission). My older son Tyler, the passenger, was never searched, never asked for ID, or even asked his name until an hour and 20 minutes later, they uncuffed him and let him out of a squad car. About 10 minutes after the stop, he was handcuffed and placed in a Henderson County SUV unit. (This was clearly to separate him so they could harass Carter). When he’s tied up, they still don’t pat him or even ask his name. You can hear Carter tell an officer to get away from the car, they don’t have permission to search, and you can see the officer get into the vehicle anyway. Carter was beaten and handcuffed by a 300lb cop over a bridge with a 100ft fall. His feet were completely off the ground and my older son was afraid they would push him all the way over the bridge. We have pictures of the scratches on his chest and the horrible marks the handcuffs left on both boys. Tammy Gentry arrived at the scene about 50 minutes after the stop, before the drug dog arrived. We have Life360 on both boys and noticed that they were stopped in an unusual place for a long time and feared they were having an accident. Upon their arrival, the behavior of all the offices there changes visibly. Drug dog comes and finds nothing. In the dashcam recording we received, Carter was asked several times if he had upset anyone. And Carter can be heard repeatedly asking to call his mother. The police officer shakes his personal phone and says, “No, damn it, you can’t call your mommy.” They were never given a reason for the interruption until they released it an hour and twenty minutes later. The dashcam video shows a plainclothes officer ALWAYS with his hands in his pockets. When the drug dog arrives, he crosses the freeway to the opposite side of the bridge and doesn’t go back until the drug dog has gone. At the end of the dashcam, Tyler finally learns that an anonymous tip was made that a blue Mustang was driving through Crossroads with drugs and guns. You can hear the constable on the dash cam video that he HAS a dash cam and is RECORDING it. I have requested copies of ALL dash cams and the “anonymous tip call”. There is “no dash cam” from the cop’s car. Henderson County Attorney Clint Davis told me the officers’ vehicles were not equipped. However, we have seen other constable vehicles from across the county that are the same make/model and have the rearview mirror dashcams. I only received a dashcam of the third deputy’s car. The anonymous tip call was not anonymous. Halbert, Henderson County Deputy Superintendent called directly, and you can hear someone in the background giving him information directly. I have a copy of this “call” and it says a “blue OR yellow mustang” and a 16 year old, Carter Gentry. Direct Targeting and Harassment. As the boys were both tied up at the edge of HWY 59, other family members of the ex drove by. This family member used to work for the HCSO. (Listen to the call HERE. View images of injuries HERE. Dash cam footage coming soon.)

September 5, 2019

Our youngest son Christopher came home from school incredibly upset because some of his friends (since Prek) don’t want to talk to him anymore because the ex’s younger sister told them so too. She’s in his class.

September 5, 2019

Carter and 4 friends go to Whataburger before a JV soccer game in Grapeland. The new friend’s mother followed them from Cayuga to Palestine, right next to his bumper. Carter pulled into Reagan Park in Palestine so she could pass him and they could go to Whataburger. As he pulled away a few minutes later, the new friend’s father and two other men who were his passengers pulled up alongside Carter and his friends and tried to force them off the road by yelling at them to stop. All three men exited the truck screaming until they saw some of the kids start recording and turned around. An ACSO’s car pulls up and tells Carter to “get the hell out,” “or else,” even though this incident took place within the city limits of Palestine. This happened in Palestine so we went and filed an incident report with PPD as that is their responsibility. The passengers have all made statements and will be included in the Private Investigator’s Report)

September 5, 2019

After the JV game, Carter and his friends went to Whataburger and queued behind the ex’s family. After exiting the drive-through, Carter was followed and observed. Then he went to Denny’s car wash and the ex’s mom walked past him and she shook her phone by the car and dialed 911 for them to see. He then sent a Snapchat to one of the passengers to be careful with Carter.

September 6, 2019

Another family member sent Carter Snapchats to school to tell him he needs to leave the ex and her new boyfriend alone, that they know he’s just jealous for not being over his ex. He’s so upset that I had to pick him up from school. Once again Chad texted her and told her to stop contacting Carter as we had asked him on numerous occasions before. This family member had also asked Carter more than once to bring her prescription medication. (the snapshot and the lyrics will be added after the dish).

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September 6, 2019

We all went to Cayuga’s home varsity football game. After the game about 10-12 kids came by and none of my kids or their cars left my yard until the next day. My daughter Kylee received a call from her colleague William Anderson that he was pulled over by ACSO on his way home from work at HWY 84 at around 11:30pm. They asked him if he had seen a blue or yellow mustang. He lives on the same street as the new friend’s family. The aunt’s son texted Carter and said Carter went to the friend’s house and threatened him. But he had never left my house. (Lyrics here, Life 360 ​​here)

September 10, 2019

We put dash cams in the cars as suggested by PPD.

September 11, 2019

I received a call and text from a real estate agent with a “cash offer” on our home. Even if it’s not for sale. The agent was Christie of Landmark Realty. (See lyrics HERE.)

September 11, 2019

Another student at Cayuga ISD posted a Snap chat story threatening the principal, another student and friend’s father. This snapchat was blasted where the sender’s name was no longer displayed and sent to prosecutors by??? and said it was Carter’s. It is not. The student made a statement that it was his. He was suspended because of the threats. (We were later informed that this SnapChat story is the main evidence being used to obtain a warrant for Carter’s arrest, and it IS NOT HER.) (See screenshots HERE.)

September 13, 2019

Chad and I met with the counselor and several teachers at Cayuga High School to discuss Carter’s 504 plan. Everyone says he’s really fine and nobody has any problems. Chad stopped and spoke to athletic director Cody Mohan and he boasted that Carter was EXCELLENT at athletics, worked very hard and had no problems with him.

September 13, 2019

Carter is arrested at school for “stalking.” He is led out in front of most of the students in handcuffs AND shackles. While the ex’s family members watch outside. ACSO’s Sergeant Frawner picked up his phone while he was at school and it was never seen again. She did not immediately enter the juvenile facility with him. She walked over to another Anderson County car parked in the youth parking lot. Conveniently, no judge is available, so he’s being held until Monday. No application is made to the court. See Texas Family Law for juvenile detention HERE and for petitions HERE).

September 13, 2019

Carter was transported to Longview as that is the facility that uses Palestine. As he was leaving, Chad asked teenage clerk Julie Sharp for his phone and keys, according to Carter’s attorney, Mark Cargill. The phone is not listed on his property and Julie Sharp said it was not there and must have gone with him to Longview. Although she’s the person who filled out his title slip to send it to Longview and obviously didn’t send it with him. We have Life 360 ​​on his phone, and it’s been showing up all weekend in Palestine with varying battery percentages and in one place of residence. (Chad later told Julie Sharp the trace of the phone and she said that her boss had Emily Lane Carter’s phone when he left for Longview and she didn’t know that at the time. But they didn’t follow procedures for property AT ALL). There was no warrant to keep the phone. It should have gone with him as his personal property. But instead was placed in a residence? (See Life 360 ​​screenshots HERE.) (Recording will be added after court)

September 16, 2019

Received a second letter from Emily Lane when she was a teenager. It is a 2nd message from the original August letter. Please note that we have tried to call them FIVE times and have never received a call back. (letter HERE)

September 16, 2019

court hearing to set him free. He is being held pending a psychiatric evaluation scheduled for September 27. Our attorney found someone else and he had him on September 18th. He was due to be released Thursday, September 19. He will not live in Anderson County until the case is closed along with MANY other conditions. Please remember that our Anderson County home and property is fully paid for. The prosecution tells our attorney that they are currently working on a “much larger case” against him. When he first arrived at Juvenile Court that morning, Investigator Bishop walked through the back door of the juvenile bureau with Carter’s phone ALREADY IN HIS HAND and handed him a warrant for his arrest. No application is made to the court.

September 16, 2019

A security company that set up cameras at the family home was posted on Facebook. In that post, he says, “a punk kid threatened to kill the daughter and her families.” If that were true – where is the proof? Why wasn’t he arrested for making death threats? This is just another way they defame Carter’s character to make sure their daughter doesn’t get a bad name. (See post HERE.) The family also hired ACSO to provide 24/7 security at their home, telling everyone they were afraid of Carter. Note: He was on a GPS ankle monitor after his release – but were they scared? Just another thing ‘for the show’.

September 17, 2019

Took Christopher from the Cayuga Schools

September 17, 2019

Carter had the psych exam

September 18, 2019

Mark Cargill calls and explains that the search warrant is misspelled and anything found on the phone is illegal. We were VERY concerned that wherever his phone was over the weekend of his arrest, it had been tampered with. So that gave us a certain sense of relief that even if evidence were placed, it wouldn’t be admissible.

September 18, 2019

We have been advised by juvenile parole that the ankle monitoring company is now unavailable until Monday 23rd September 2019 at 3am. Until then, his release will be postponed.

September 20, 2019

Mark Cargill called and said he would not be released on Monday but most likely would be released on Wednesday. When he asked why, he called Julie Sharp at home because she was free that day. Julie called and rescheduled the appointment for Monday.

September 23, 2019

Carter is fired. He can’t be in Anderson County and has an ankle monitor. He can’t have a phone, social media, or a TV. He must be no more than 10 feet from a parent in public. He must have permission to leave the county. He must not have contact with any family members of the ex. No application has been submitted yet.

September 26, 2019

Carter, Chad, Tammy and Tyler are traveling to Dallas for the next 26 days to start work on our booths at the State Fair of Texas.

October 5, 2019

Tammy gets another text message from the agent saying she has another cash buyer and asking if we have a price or if we keep it. Tammy again tells her it’s not for sale. Our eldest daughter and her boyfriend will be staying in it. (See lyrics HERE.)

October 18, 2019

Carter gets a call from his attorney and he tells him he’s got the evidence and there’s nothing of value and he can dismiss anything, but that it might take a while because they’ve pulled so many strings.

October 19, 2019

We get a call that our house is on fire. (It is later ruled 100% arson). Who doesn’t want us to return to our homes? (See pictures HERE.)

October 22, 2019

The State Fire Marshal came to get the story and permission to investigate the house fire. After a brief chat about that schedule, he advised the Gentrys to STOP talking to ALL law enforcement and get a lawyer.

November 7, 2019

Carter has a youth gathering in Palestine. Carter and Tammy were once in Palestine followed by an Anderson County sheriff’s car until they left the county lines. No petition submitted yet.

November 13, 2019

Carter has a youth gathering in Palestine. Carter and Tammy were followed by a red car from Palestine to Martins Mill. They didn’t go to our house with him because we didn’t feel safe. We fear for his life, as children have told us, they joked that he was killed. (this is included in the private detective report)

November 14, 2019

Carter begins counseling.

November 21, 2019

Carter had a second counseling session. The counselor said he didn’t meet any of the criteria for an addict. And that he’s definitely not angry, although given the situation, he should be. He is friendly, polite and a very even-tempered teenager. She saw no triggers for anger, even when Carter is alive again and recounting moments that should trigger anger. That she will counsel him regarding anger management and drug addiction as the court has ordered, but in her professional opinion he needs grief and trauma counseling.

November 21, 2019

We still haven’t got Carter’s phone back from Bobby Bishop. And still no petition submitted.

December 5, 2019

At a meeting with youth officer Julie Sharp; Tammy and Carter learn that Bobby Bishop can’t locate Carter’s phone. That it is “lost”. Practically? No application has yet been filed and no new evidence has been presented.

December 10, 2019

Received Carter’s phone from Mark Cargill when it miraculously reappeared. The phone has been wiped from almost all usable data. His contacts are gone, including his parents. There are no more messages between Carter and any of the ex’s family members. Even though they were there. And both wrote to him until the end of August. Please note that there were also no texts between Carter and his own parents and they were no longer programmed contacts in his phone.

December 10, 2019

Gave Mark Cargill copies of NUMEROUS texts between Carter and all of the ex’s family members that ran through May 2019. We were finally able to get an old iCloud backup from Apple that ran to May 2019. They are EXTREMELY friendly between all parties and the ex tells Carter several times she loves him and misses him. (See texts here, here, here and here.)

December 11, 2019

Court to change Carter’s release terms. They refused to remove the ankle monitor because it posed a danger, and the judge said, “He caused problems for too many people and he saw no evidence that he worked with a counselor on his anger.” (Note Note that he was in counseling as ordered.) The only thing that has changed is that he is allowed to go to work with his uncle Michael Giles and can now report to Van Zandt County as a courtesy. Kopien des Protokolls vom Gericht wurden angefordert, aber noch nicht erhalten. Der Richter hat sich klar entschieden, dass Carter schuldig ist, angesichts seiner Aussage, dass „er das Problem für all diese Leute geschaffen hat“. (Siehe Transkript HIER). Er hat die Beweise von Carters Anwalt nicht gesehen oder eine andere Seite der Geschichte gehört. Er soll fair und unparteiisch sein, siehe das texanische Gesetz zu gerichtlichem Fehlverhalten HIER. Es ist noch KEINE PETITION EINGEREICHT. Dieses Transkript wurde erstmals am 12.12.19 und danach viermal angefordert und schließlich am 20.06.20 erhalten.

13. Dezember 2019

Alle Informationen per E-Mail an den Texas Ranger in Tyler geschickt

30. Dezember 2019

Neuen Anwalt eingestellt.

6. Januar 2020

Mehrere Zeugen treffen sich mit dem Anwalt und dem Privatdetektiv, um eidesstattliche Erklärungen abzugeben. Uns wurde mitgeteilt, dass der andere Schüler zunächst in der Schule für die hier gezeigten SnapChat-Drohungen bestraft wurde. Für diesen Snap-Chat wurde er für drei Tage gesperrt. Sowohl die Schule als auch der Direktor hatten Anwälte, die daran beteiligt waren, Anklage gegen ihn zu erheben. Und er hatte 60 Tage DAEP. Die Mutter des Ex sah ihn einen Tag nach der Schule und fragte ihn, warum er bei DAEP sei, und er sagte ihr, es käme von den Snapchat-Drohungen. Am nächsten Tag sagte ihm der Schulleiter, dass er mit DAEP fertig sei, obwohl es nur etwa zwei Wochen gewesen seien, nicht die vollen 60 Tage. Und er wurde nie wegen offizieller Anklagen von der Jugend- oder irgendeiner Polizeidienststelle kontaktiert. Der Direktor ist in Cayuga aufgewachsen und mit dem neuen Freund verwandt. Die Schule wusste also definitiv, wer den Snapchat gesendet hatte, und ging zunächst dazu über, Anklage gegen den anderen Schüler zu erheben, aber dann wurde alles auf magische Weise fallen gelassen. Es ist unklar, wer dieses Snapchat der Staatsanwaltschaft gegeben und gesagt hat, es sei Carters Eigentum, aber es ist das erste „Beweisstück“ in seiner Akte. Und wir haben seinem Jugendbeamten mehrmals gesagt, dass es nicht Carters war.

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13. Januar 2020

Der neue Anwalt reicht einen Antrag auf ein schnelles Verfahren ein.

February 24, 2020

Christopher ist in Martin’s Mill in der Schule und mehrere seiner Freunde sagen ihm, dass das Mädchenteam von Little Dribbler gegen Cayuga antreten wird (die kleine Schwester des Ex spielt in diesem Team). Die Mutter des Ex sagt dem Trainer des Little Dribbler, dass sie nicht in Martin’s Mill trainieren werden, weil “die Gentrys verrückt sind und es nicht sicher ist”. Beim Scrimmage erzählt die Mutter des Ex dem Trainer und jeder anderen Person, die zuhören wird, dass wir den Leuten sagen, dass sie unser Haus niedergebrannt haben und dass sie das niemals tun würden und wir einfach verrückt sind. (Wir haben Zeugenaussagen). Anmerkung: Es war allgemein bekannt, dass unsere Familie in der Woche, in der dieses Scrimmage stattfand, im Urlaub in Colorado sein würde. Dies war nur ein weiterer Versuch, Carters Charakter anzugreifen.

2. März 2020

Unser Anwalt teilt uns mit, dass das Büro der Staatsanwaltschaft ihm nicht antworten oder einen Verhandlungstermin festlegen wird. Er riet uns, bei den Bundesgerichten eine Zivilklage wegen widerrechtlicher Festnahme einzureichen. Es wurde noch kein Antrag gestellt.

6. März 2020

Wir müssen uns mit einem Vertreter der Knöchelüberwachungsfirma treffen, um „sein Band überprüfen zu lassen“. Sein Band wurde nicht überprüft, es wurde einfach sofort ersetzt. Es ging ein „Gerücht“ in der Cayuga High School herum, dass Carter den Monitor ein- und ausschalten könnte, damit er „ausgetauscht“ wurde.

23. März 2020

Kontaktierte die ACLU in Bezug auf den Fall.

7. April 2020

Der Anwalt hat die Niederschrift von Carters letzter Anhörung beantragt und hat sie noch immer nicht oder eine tatsächliche Antwort des Gerichts erhalten. Dies soll eine öffentliche Aufzeichnung sein und auf Anfrage erhältlich sein. Dies wurde ursprünglich auch am Tag nach der Anhörung von Tammy Gentry beantragt.

6. Mai 2020

Unser ältester Sohn Tyler fuhr den gelben Mustang, um einen Freund in Cayuga abzuholen, und fuhr dann nach Palästina. Ihm folgte ein Familienmitglied des Ex von Cayuga nach Palästina und dann saßen sie auf dem Plaza-Parkplatz und beobachteten ihn fast eine Stunde lang, bevor sie gingen. Aber wer stalkt wen? (Foto HIER.)

8. Mai 2020

Der Anwalt reicht erneut einen Antrag auf ein schnelles Verfahren ein. Das Büro der Staatsanwaltschaft hat nie auf den im Januar eingereichten Originalantrag geantwortet und wird der Staatsanwaltschaft überhaupt nicht antworten.

12. Mai 2020

Carters Website gestartet.

13. Mai 2020

Erhaltene Benachrichtigung über die Gerichtsverhandlung über das ZOOM-Meeting, das am 29.5.2020 stattfinden soll.

29. Mai 2020

Gerichtsverhandlung via ZOOM. Transcript is ordered and will be posted when received. At the hearing the DA states she hasn’t received a complete file from the sheriffs office and that’s her reason for the delay on filing the ‘actual’ charges. A delay since September? Shouldn’t the Sheriff’s office already have enough evidence to file the petition since they ARRESTED HIM? She doesn’t set a trial date because ‘she is unsure she can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt’. But they have held Carter on STRICT conditions? The judge orders the Sheriff’s office (Bishop and Lively are on the call) to turn over the file by the following Tuesday. He also tells our attorney to contact Carter’s juvenile officer Julie Sharp to discuss modifying his conditions. He also tells the court reporter to get our attorney a transcript from the December hearing that has been requested three times since that hearing and never received.

June 5, 2020

Attorney contacts us and states Julie Sharp will not agree to modify ANY conditions because Carter hasn’t charged his ankle monitor the full two hours per day as the monitor company has asked. He was charging ‘too often’ and ‘for not long enough’. The juvenile officer in Van Zandt County had no complaints and said he’s been perfect. But because he didn’t charge his ankle monitor absolutely perfectly – she won’t release ANY conditions? He has followed every other rule (all THIRTY-FOUR of them) since September.

June 5, 2020

Carter had to go to Dallas to have the ankle monitor replaced as it was no longer charging correctly – so were their charging records even correct?

June 5, 2020

Attorney contacts and states DA Allyson Mitchell has emailed and stated she would make a decision on Carter’s case on/before 6/12/2020.

June 10, 2020

Dylan has his weekly call with Emily Lane. Dylan’s mom tells her it’s time to press charges or drop the matter. She said she will get with the DA and get to the bottom of it.

June 11, 2020

Emily Lane leaves Dylan’s mom a message and offers ‘Deferred Prosecution’ and they just need them to sign some paperwork and he will have less conditions/restrictions and it will be pretty much done.

June 12, 2020

Attorney contacts and states DA Allyson Mitchell has again emailed and stated she would make a decision on Carter’s case on/before 6/19/2020.

June 15, 2020

Dylan’s mom declines the ‘deferred prosecution’.

June 22, 2020

Still no decision made. He was arrested in September 2019 and been on an ankle monitor since then as well. There isn’t ‘new’ evidence. Why are they STILL delaying at every given chance?

June 24, 2020

Attorney files ‘Motion to Dismiss’.

June 30, 2020

Filed official complaints with the Attorney General, Texas Juvenile Justice Department, State Commission on Judicial Misconduct, and Department of Public Safety. Sent more requested information to ACLU and NAACP.

July 17, 2020

Asked Julie Sharp if Carter could attend a funeral of a friend that overdosed in Grapeland. That would require us driving THROUGH Anderson County; not stopping, just driving through. She stated we would have to ‘drive around Anderson County’. That would have added an additional 4 hours of driving and didn’t give us enough time to get back for him to go to work so he couldn’t attend. You’d think letting a teenager attend a funeral for someone that overdosed would be allowed so he could SEE the effects drugs have. But no. Yet again one more thing that’s been done that goes AGAINST the idea of juvenile to rehabilitate and HELP these kids.

July 29, 2020 Dylan’s case was dropped today!!! The reason given is the DA didn’t want to pursue prosecution. Please keep in mind that only 6 weeks ago, Dylan was offered ‘ deferred prosecution ’ and if agreed to, would have been given probation. Deferred prosecution is not supposed to be offered if the case can’t be proven in court. But now the DA’s office is declining prosecution? So if they can’t prosecute him, why was he ever given conditions? Why was he held to conditions for TEN MONTHS? Why did they offer deferred prosecution 6 weeks ago instead of dropping it then? If he and Carter are co-defendants in this case with the SAME charges, why is Dylan’s case dropped and Carter’s isn’t?

Bottom line is the juvenile department BULLIED Dylan and violated his civil rights in an effort to get him to give them information on Carter. They didn’t succeed, because both of these boys are INNOCENT. And this CHILD has lost TEN MONTHS of his life being used as a pawn by law enforcement, juvenile, and vindictive people.

Aug 2020

Cayuga High School denied Dylan’s transfer to Martins Mill, even though we are his legal guardians and we live in Martins Mill School District. They said he moved ‘for sports’. This caused him to have to play JV, not Varsity for one year.

August 6, 2020

Cell phone taken to forensic specialist, per Scott Ellis

August 21, 2021

Cell phone and data received back from specialist. With proof the phone moved the weekend he was arrested and was USED. When it should have been in his PERSONAL PROPERTY. And that data was WIPED from the phone.

September 4, 2020

Scott Ellis met with DA Mitchell to discuss the issues with the case. And all the reasons there is NO case. DA Mitchell offered a full dismissal of charges if we agreed to a Civil Restraining Order. I informed Mr. Ellis we wanted to see the paperwork before agreeing.

September 14, 2020

The paperwork is now an actual restraining order, not civil as agreed. And until the ex girlfriend is 18, not Carter turning 18 as stated. So we decline their ‘deal’.

September 14, 2020

Scott mailed a letter to the DA outlining all the problems with the case and asking for a full dismissal unless the evidence can be brought forward that the DA’s office SAYS they have in the petition filed. The evidence is NOT in the discovery. (It was never sent because it NEVER existed). No response received from DA Mitchell or anyone else in her office. (Letter HERE.)

September 21, 2020

Zoom Hearing.

September 24, 2020

Ankle Monitor removed. But the conditions of him being near a parent/guardian when in public and having to be with us in a vehicle were NOT. All were previously agreed to in a court zoom hearing.

January 1, 2021

We were told by Scott Ellis that he had cleared with Juvenile, Julie Stephens, that it would be ok for us to move back to our property in Anderson County on February 1st, as our lease was up in Martins Mill.

February 1, 2021

I asked Scott and Julie for updated conditions showing it was ok to be in Anderson County, even though I had emails stating such. Julie said she was waiting on a response from DA Mitchell and had not received one. (FYI – we NEVER received this).

February 9, 2021

Scott Ellis notified the DA that civil proceedings were beginning.

February 22, 2021

Motion to modify conditions filed. No response to these.

March 22, 2021

The LAST communication we had with the juvenile department. They no longer emailed OR called to have Carter report/check-in.

March 2021

Letter from September sent AGAIN, with zero response from DA’s office. Letter HERE

April 27, 2021

Zoom Court hearing. DA asked the judge for a gag order, he declined it. Said until she filed an actual motion for it, he wouldn’t hear it. It was never filed. Motion to suppress anything from the cell phone heard and accepted.

June 21, 2021

Motion to dismiss filed AGAIN. Motion HERE

June 23, 2021

Zoom hearing. Pretrial hearing set for August. Judge ordered DA to give rest of evidence to attorney that he’s been asking about for over A YEAR.

July 2, 2021


July 16, 2021

Met with civil attorneys

August 2, 2021

Met with civil attorneys again now that Carter is 18 to resign for himself on all documentation.

September 1, 2021

First round of civil lawsuits filed against the family and Henderson County. More to come.

30. September 2021

Ex’s family filed lawsuits in Van Zandt county. Retaliatory? Who is harassing who?

October 7, 2021

Hearing in Van Zandt County that NONE OF THE GENTRYS WERE AWARE OF. Coincidence they filed these during the State Fair when they knew no one would be home or able to come to any hearings? Sort of like the coincidence of the HOUSE BURNING by ARSON during the State Fair two years ago? Civil Restraining order was granted in absence before any of the Gentrys were even SERVED. And this is legal HOW?

October 7, 2021

Chad served at the State Fair of Texas. The PI also left Carter’s paperwork with Tyler Gentry, NOT WITH CARTER.

October 9, 2021

Carter served at the State Fair of Texas.

October 11, 2021

Had to take Carter to the ER for severe pain and vomiting blood. He was diagnosed with bleeding ulcers.

October 15, 2021

Tammy’s paperwork shown left at gate, even though we didn’t arrive home from Dallas until

October 20, 2021.

November 5,2021

Court hearing in Van Zandt County. Restraining order was NOT granted as they did not meet the burden of proof for one.


No one from any Sheriff’s office has contacted any member of the Gentry family for anything. The alleged stalking is to have taken place in January 2019. Yet there are very friendly texts to and from every family member through August. Would you let your daughter talk/text someone who is ‘stalking’ her?

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