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Christian Nicolas Braun is a college basketball player from the United States. He is a very young and talented man who has won the hearts of many people with his basketball talent.

The public is curious about Hooper’s personal life and relationship status. Lots of young women want to date him, but he’s so busy with his job that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

Does Kansas Jayhawks Player Christian Braun Have A Girlfriend?

Christian Braun is not dating anyone. According to his social media, the young man is too busy to pursue a love life.

The basketball player spends his days honing his skills on the basketball court. His passion for the game and focus is what got him into it now.

Christian is a young Hooper who is both attractive and hardworking. He has a large fan base, with many young and attractive women vying for his attention.

The basketball player explained that he hasn’t found the love of his life yet and that if he does, he will tell his fans first. We wish him luck in his search for love.

Everything To Know About Christian Braun’s Dating History

When it comes to the basketball player’s dating history, he hasn’t revealed anything about his past relationships. He was born on April 17, 2001 at the age of almost 20 years.

Christian is a member of the University of Kansas football team, and most of the university’s students are already supporters. He may have had a romance in the past, but he doesn’t want to talk about it publicly.

In terms of family, he is the son of Lias and Donny Braun. Parker and Landon are his two younger brothers, and it seems that sports run in the Barun family.

His brother, mother, and many other family members were all University of Missouri basketball players. He always aspired to follow in his family’s footsteps as an athlete because he was born into such an athletic family.

Explore More Information About Christian’s Relationship Timeline

Due to his enormous success in his work, Christian has received a lot of media attention. We don’t have information about his relationship timeline but we will update it soon.

Unwilling to discuss his relationship status with his fans, the Kansas Jayhawks shooting guard keeps his relationship status a secret. He is 6ft 7in tall and has a charismatic demeanor that will charm anyone.

20-year-old Hooper is still quite young and has already achieved a lot in his life. If he keeps moving forward at the same pace, he will be one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

The Hooper is also very active on his social media profile. You can follow him @christianxbraun to find out more about his personal and professional life.

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Facts About Hitler’s Relationship With His Wife Eva Braun

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Facts About Hitler’S Relationship With His Wife Eva Braun

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Eva Braun

Eve Brown

Eva Braun was born on February 6, 1912 in Simbach, Germany, the middle of three daughters of Friedrich Braun (1879-1964) and Franziska Kronberger (1885-1976). Her father was a master craftsman. Her sisters were Gretl Braun and Ilse Braun.

Eva worked as an assistant in Heinrich Hoffmann’s studio. In 1932 she met Adolf Hitler. Eva later told her sister: “I stayed after work to file some papers and climbed up a ladder to get the files that were kept in the top drawers of the closet. At that moment the boss came, accompanied by a man of undetermined age with a funny moustache, a light-colored English coat and a large felt hat in hand, they both sat down on the other side of the room, opposite me, I tried to get out in blinking her direction seemed to reverse and felt that figure looking down at my legs… I had shortened my skirt that day and felt a bit embarrassed because I wasn’t sure I’d gotten the hem even.” Hoffmann sent rid them to buy beer and sausages, and then invited Eva to join them: “The older gentleman (Hitler) was complimenting his eyes all the time. Then, when it got late, I started running. I turned down an offer to take him in his Mercedes. Just imagine what dad would have reacted to!”

Henriette Hoffmann knew Eva Braun, who worked in her father’s studio. She recalled: “Eva had light blonde hair, a cropped crop, blue eyes, and although she had been brought up in a Catholic convent, she had learned feminine tricks – a determined look and swaying hips when walking, which made men turn around Heads…. She got theater tickets like me and she thanked him with a curtsy. Baldur von Schirach later commented: “Eva was a cosmopolitan type of girl – chestnut-brown bobbed hair, unconventional make-up for the time, fashionable pullover and short, narrow skirts, silk stockings and high-heeled shoes. I took her for a French woman. She usually walked a boxer dog. For me she was the most beautiful girl in Munich.”

Eva’s sister Ilse Braun claims that she didn’t talk much about her relationship with Hitler: “We Braun girls weren’t very communicative when it came to the details of our private lives and rarely talked about our relationships with men. There was a very strong barrier to Puritanism, perhaps because of our converted upbringing, perhaps because of our parents’ Victorian ideas. I knew that Eva sometimes dated Hitler, but I didn’t know anything about the state of her feelings.”

Franziska and Friedrich Braun


David Pryce-Jones, points out that Eva Braun was not the only one who found Hitler physically attractive: “Thousands of women humiliated themselves at Hitler’s feet, they tried to kiss his boots, and some of them even managed to kiss them swallowing gravel he’d stepped on, according to Reck-Malleczewen, whose fastidious hatred of the vulgar Hitler was genuinely conservative. As a figurehead, a man in absolute power, Hitler’s aphrodisiac effect was hardly sublimated in the more impressionable women who defined his beloved mass audience They moaned, they were hysterical, they fainted, for an introspective bachelor lacking in sexuality… In one sense, Hitler was a final object in an intimate treasure hunt, the object that could never be brought home, and in other respects he was a historic Big Daddy, patting blond children on the head, unable to contain himself in frustration, apparently approaching the unapproachable was, so to speak, a Mas turbulence of the spirit. She had to put herself on display.”

At the time, Hitler was romantically involved with Geli Raubal, the daughter of his half-sister Angela Raubal. Hitler, who was now forty, fell in love with Geli and soon rumors spread that he was having an affair with his young niece. Hitler became extremely possessive and Emil Maurice, his chauffeur, who also showed interest in Geli, was fired. Although she was 20 years old, she looked very young for her age. Patrick Hitler, Adolf Hitler’s nephew, met Geli Raubal during this time: “Geli looks more like a child than a girl. You couldn’t exactly call her pretty, but she had a great deal of natural charm. She usually went hatless and wore very civilian clothes, pleated skirts and white blouses. No jewelry except a gold swastika given by her Uncle Adolf, whom she called Uncle Alf.”

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Wilhelm Stocker, an SA officer, was often on guard duty in front of Hitler’s Munich apartment, later telling the author of Eva and Adolf (1974): “Often, when Hitler was in Berlin or elsewhere for several days at a political rally or in charge of party affairs , Geli socialized with other men. I liked the girl myself, so I didn’t tell anyone what she did or where she went on those free nights. Hitler would have been furious if he had known that she was with such men – violinist from Augsburg or ski instructor from Innsbruck. Once satisfied that I wouldn’t tell her uncle—and I had a personal reason for not telling him—she often confided in me. She admitted to me that Hitler did at times do things in the privacy of her room that made her sick, but when I asked her why she didn’t refuse to do them she just shrugged and said that she didn’t want to lose him to a woman who would do what he wanted. She was a girl who needed attention and she often wanted to remain Hitler’s favorite friend. She was willing to do anything to keep that status. I think by early 1931 she was concerned that there might be another woman in Hitler’s life because she mentioned to me several times that her uncle didn’t seem as interested as he used to.”

Adolf Hitler welcomes Eva Braun at Obersalzberg


Geli also complained about how Hitler controlled her life. On September 8, 1931, Hitler left for Hamburg after a heated argument with Geli over her desire to spend some time in Vienna. Hitler was heard shouting to Geli just as he was about to get into his car: “For the last time, no!” After he left, Geli shot himself through the heart with a revolver. Hitler’s housekeeper Anni Winter reported that a torn letter from Eva Braun was found in Geli’s room on the night of her suicide, which read: “Dear Herr Hitler, Thank you again for the wonderful invitation to the theater. It was an unforgettable evening. I am very grateful to you for your kindness. I count the hours until I can enjoy another encounter. Your Eve.”

Upon hearing the news, Hitler threatened to take his own life, but was dissuaded by senior members of the Nazi Party. A consequence of Geli’s suicide was that Hitler became a vegetarian. He claimed that meat now reminded him of Geli’s corpse. He also started spending more time with Eva Braun. Alan Bullock, the author of Hitler: A Study in Tyranny (1962), has pointed out: “She was a pretty, hollow-headed, round-faced, blue-eyed blonde who worked as a saleswoman in Hoffmann’s photographer’s shop. Hitler met her there, gave her a few casual compliments, gave her flowers, occasionally took her on an outing, the initiative was entirely Eva’s, she told her friends that Hitler was in love with her and that she would make him to marry her.”

Hitler’s secretary Christa Schroeder claims that the only woman Hitler ever loved was Geli Raubal. “After the death of his niece Geli, Christmas was really torture for him, and not pleasant for us either. He allowed a Christmas tree to be placed in the corner of the hall, but no carols were sung.” Geli’s room was left as it was at the time of her death, and Anni Winter, the housekeeper, was the only one allowed into the room . Schröder considered Eva Braun to be a schemer: “When he didn’t have much time for her because of the election campaign, she cunningly pursued him with suicide attempts by someone close to him. I’ll say it again: the only woman he loved and would certainly have married later was his step-niece, Geli Raubal.”

Anni Winter, Hitler’s housekeeper, remembers that Eva was often in Hitler’s apartment: “Eva Braun was often there when Hitler was in Munich. She always ran after him and insisted on being alone with him. She was a very demanding woman.” Cate Haste, the author of Nazi Women (2001), has argued: “From the beginning their relationship was secret, not least because Hitler did not want to be associated with any woman in public . Eva lived at home and her parents were strict, Hitler, almost exclusively engaged in politics, was rarely in Munich, Eva was kept firmly in the background of his life, the pattern of secrecy that began their relationship and continued to the end, and the pattern too. In November 1932, Eva Braun attempted suicide by shooting herself with her father’s pistol, but then she called Hitler’s doctor, who arrived in time to save her, and the whole matter was hushed up. Hitler brought her flowers to visit the clinic where she was recovering. Eva, the shadowy, stalwart figure on the fringes of Hitler’s life, continued to be frustrated at his neglect. Hitler showed up at unpredictable times, and his moods vacillated between exuberant charm and indifference.”

However, he still had relationships with other women. Hitler was particularly fond of movie stars and a friend, the actress Renate Müller, committed suicide by throwing herself out of a hotel window in Berlin. Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s official photographer, argued in his book Hitler was My Friend (1955) that he wasn’t even sure whether Hitler had a sexual relationship with Braun: “Eva moved into his house, became his constant companion Free time and, to the best of my knowledge, that was all that went with it… At no time was there any discernible change in his attitude toward her that might indicate the assumption of closer ties between them.

The historian Alan Bullock, in his book Hitler: A Study in Tyranny (1962), points out that Hitler was incapable of normal sexual intercourse. He quotes Ernst Hanfstaengel, a close confidante of Hitler. In his book Hitler: The Missing Years (1957), Hanfstaengel argues: “The exuberant nervous energy, which found no normal release, sought its balance first in the submission of his entourage, then in his country, then in Europe… In the sexual In the man’s country in which he lived he only once almost found the woman, and not even the man, who could have brought him relief.”

Extremely jealous of Hitler’s other girlfriends, Eva also attempted suicide in 1932 by shooting herself in the neck. The doctors managed to save her life, and after this incident Hitler seemed to become more attached to Eva. The problem returned and Hitler began seeing a lot with Renate Müller, Unity Mitford and Stephanie von Hohenlohe. On her twenty-third birthday, Eva Braun attempted suicide again. Ilse Braun assumed that her sister staged this suicide to a certain extent. Eva had only taken twenty Vanodorm tablets, an amount that had little chance of killing her.

Shocked, Hitler showed up at her home and begged for forgiveness. On February 18, 1935, she noted in her diary that he promised to buy her a house: “Dear God, please make it come true and make it happen in the near future… I am infinitely happy that he loves me so much and I pray it will always be like this. I never want it to be my fault if one day he stops loving me.” But in her May 28 diary, she laments: “Is that the mad love he promised me if he would give me three months haven’t sent a single word of comfort for a long time?”

Eve Brown


Cate Haste, the author of Nazi Women (2001), has argued: “Hitler could not afford another scandal over a woman’s suicide. In addition, Eva Braun had perversely shown him her steadfast loyalty, which was what Hitler demanded most of women. She was rewarded by being allowed to play a small role in his private life, but never in his public life.” Hitler refused to marry Braun. Hitler says: “The bad thing about marriage is that it creates rights. Then it is much better to have a mistress.

Eventually, Eva Braun received an apartment in the Reich Chancellery. However, she had to enter through the servants’ quarters. Her close friend Henriette Hoffmann, the daughter of Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s official photographer, later commented: “It was furnished like a guest house, deep armchairs upholstered in rustic fabrics, flower pots, cupboards painted with gentians, whole annual issues of film magazines. She had movie stars’ clothes copied, knew what zodiac sign they were born under, and was interested in their lives.” Henriette added that she often has her two dogs by her side and “smokes quickly and nervously, like them always did when she knew Hitler wasn’t around”.

However, he continued to see other women, including Unity Mitford. Princess Carmencita Wrede was a member of the inner circle and does not believe that Unity had a physical relationship with Hitler and was very jealous of Eva Braun. As Princess Carmencita points out, “Hitler calculated just the right distance between him and Unity. Class distinctions were fundamental. Unity, Diana, Sigi von Laffert, Hella Khevenhuller were too fine, really too aristocratic for him. Eva Braun was at his company level. My sister and I knew Eva and her sister Gretl well. In 1937 I was at the convention with Nevile Henderson – that idiot Henderson that Unity called. Hitler was there and Eva was standing alone, wearing a little raincoat…Hitler looked around and his gaze fell on her without a change. No other woman could have endured that. Unity couldn’t take it. She kept yelling at me: “How is this Eva Braun? What does she have that I wear?” How does she do it?” She said to me: “He never asks me to go to the Obersalzberg because Eva is always there.” She’s not in the Reich Chancellery, I replied, so you’re not at the Obersalzberg, fair a real rivalry between them. Unity was jealous through and through.”

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Eve Brown


Eva Braun was also very jealous of Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe. In her unpublished memoirs, she admitted that her relationship with Hitler angered those around him: “Each of my visits to the Reich Chancellery seemed to them an outrageous encroachment on their sacred privileges, and every hour Adolf wasted on me was an hour that he perhaps much greater advantage could have been spent in her devoted company… His demeanor is extraordinarily polite, especially to women. At least that’s how he always was with me. When I came or went he would always kiss my hand, often he would take my hand in one of his and shake it for a while to emphasize the sincerity of the pleasure it gave him to see one while he was walking looked deep into my eyes at the same time. Princess Stephanie admitted they were physically intimate, but they were never lovers. She claimed this was because Hitler was homosexual.

Albert Speer recalled that Hitler once said to Eva Braun: “A highly intelligent man should marry a primitive and stupid woman. On top of everything else, imagine if I had a woman interfering with my work! In my spare time I want to be left alone.” Ian Kershaw has argued in Hitler 1889-1936 (1998): “Like his father, he preferred women much younger than himself – girls he could dominate, who were obedient playthings , but didn’t get in the way. The two women he would do it with, closely associated, Geli Raubal (nineteen years his junior) and Eva Braun (twenty-three years his junior) were the same model.”

Reinhard Spitzy, Joachim von Ribbentrop’s adjutant, met Eva Braun several times: “Hitler wanted to be absolutely free, and she should give him a middle-class home with cake and tea. Hitler did not want to have a social superior. He could have had her, but he didn’t want a woman to discuss political issues with him or try to use her influence, and Eva Braun never did that. Eva Braun did not get involved in politics.”

Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler

Albert Speer considered Eva Braun to be Hitler’s ideal partner: “Eva was very feminine … a man’s woman, unbelievably undemanding of herself, helpful to many people behind the scenes – nobody ever knew that – and thought infinitely for Hitler. She was a quiet kind of girl. And her love for Hitler was unquestionable.” Eva was never seen with him in public. Any photo that showed her face was stamped “publication prohibited.”

The NSDAP always tried to keep Hitler’s love life secret. In his speeches, Hitler claimed that he never married because he was “married to the German people.” The heavy losses in World War I meant that there were a large number of widows and spinsters in Germany. Women in Germany found Hitler’s bachelor image attractive and helped him win votes in elections.

Reinhard Spitzy claims that Eva Braun had some privileges that enabled her to do what others were forbidden to do: “She was allowed to sing, dance, paint her nails red, and she was allowed to smoke a cigarette outside. we had to go to the toilet to smoke… Hitler had a very good nose and smoking was forbidden. but Eva Braun was allowed to do everything.”

Hitler also tried to persuade Eva’s sisters Gretl Braun and Ilse Braun to quit smoking. Nerin E. Gun, the author of Eva Braun: Hitler’s Mistress (1969), has argued: “He (Hitler) had promised a Swiss gold watch and some jewelery as a gift to the ladies who did not smoke for a month. Eva received her reward and about twenty other women too, but Eva’s sisters Ilse and Gretl and their intimate friend Herta forfeited theirs.” Hitler said to Gretl: “Give up the cigarettes and I’ll offer you a villa.” Gretl replied: ” My guide, a villa would give me great pleasure, but only one, while smoking gives me twenty little satisfactions a day, satisfactions that last and multiply.”

Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler in 1938


William L. Shirer, author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1960), points out: “Although Hitler undoubtedly liked her very much and found relaxation in her unassuming company, he had always neglected her and refused letting her come to the various headquarters where he spent most of his time during the war years, and rarely allowing her even to come to Berlin, she remained walled up at the Berghof on the Obersalzberg and passed her time swimming and skiing, reading cheap novels and watching trash movies, dancing (which Hitler disapproved of) and endlessly nursing, longing for her absent lover.

Herbert Döhring, Hitler’s servant at the Berghof, later recalled: “She (Eva) was friendly, elegant, but she was moody and grumpy at times. Anyone who knew how the relationship between them was, could not blame her for a love affair – never. My wife knew that before and after we married. She was convinced that it was a friendship – a forced, necessary one.” Albert Speer recalls that Eva Braun came to him in 1943 in tears, sobbing that “the Führer just told me to find someone else.. .he (Hitler) said he can’t fulfill me anymore”. Speer told Gitta Sereny: “There are no two ways of interpreting this… She made it clear: Hitler had told her he was too busy, too engrossed, too tired – he could no longer satisfy her as a man.” Dr. Theodor Morell claims that Braun asked him to give Hitler drugs that would increase his sexual appetite.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

Hitler tried to find a wife for Gretl Braun. His first choice was Heinz Hoffmann, the son of his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. Gretl did not find Heinz attractive and instead began a relationship with an American diplomat. When this was over, she turned to Hitler’s adjutant Fritz Darges. Hitler’s secretary Traudl Junge has pointed out in Until the Last Hour: Hitler’s Last Secretary (2002): “Gretl Braun was also in love with Fritz Darges, but a love affair with her was a bit too dangerous and not private enough for the youth Fritz, so he couldn’t make up his mind.” Darges was eventually sent away to fight the Red Army in the Soviet Union.

Hitler also tried to persuade Walter Hewell, a member of his intimate circle, to marry Gretl. Hewell was responsible for the liaison between Joachim von Ribbentrop, head of the Foreign Office, and Hitler. On one occasion Hitler described Hewell as “an excellent diplomat… one has to be to become an intermediary between Hitler and Ribbentrop”. Traudl Junge has argued: “For a while those around him (Hitler) thought he wanted Hewel to marry Eva’s sister Gretl Braun. But Hewel himself wasn’t keen on the idea.” According to Nerin E. Gun, the author of Eva Braun: Hitler’s Mistress (1969): “Hitler promised Hewell that after marrying Gretl he would appoint him ambassador to Rome. Hitler was so angry when Hewell married someone else that he banned him from his presence. However, he eventually forgave him and he returned to his inner circle.”

Ilse, Gretl and Eva Braun

Gretl then became involved with Hermann Fegelein, who was SS liaison officer to Hitler. Traudl Junge, Hitler’s secretary, later remarked that Fegelein was very popular with the women at headquarters. “Hermann Fegelein was the daring cavalry type. He had a very large nose and wore the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords. No wonder he was used to women crowding around him. In addition, he had a refreshing, sometimes very dry wit, and never minced his words. They found him to be a naturally open and honest person. This helped him quickly and unexpectedly make a remarkable career. As soon as he appeared, he sat down with us at the Berghof. He went to Bormann’s nocturnal parties, drank to the health of all important men there, and all women lay at his feet. Those who weren’t his friends were his enemies until he was firmly in the saddle. He was smart but ruthless, and had some very attractive qualities, such as the honesty with which he admitted he was a terrible coward at heart, earned his awards through heroic deeds out of sheer fear, and openly admitted that he had nothing is as important as his career and a good life.”

Christa Schroeder was another of Hitler’s secretaries who found Hermann Fegelein attractive, admitting that “he was an acknowledged heroic figure for women”. According to Schröder also Eva Braun. To a mutual friend, Marion Schönmann, she said: “A few years ago the boss [Hitler] said if one day I fell in love with another man I should tell him and he would set me free … If I did.” would have known as Fegelein ten years ago I would have asked the boss to let me go!” Eventually, Fegelein married Gretl. Schroeder claims that the marriage on June 3, 1944 was arranged by Eva: “Greta Braun was, as one would say today , sexy, and Fegelein perhaps thought of the advantages of being Hitler’s brother-in-law one day. The wedding took place on the Obersalzberg and in the Teehaus am Kehlstein and was celebrated in style.”

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Gretl Braun and Hermann Fegelein in June 1944

Traudl Junge complained that Fegelein continued to try to seduce the secretaries even after the marriage. According to Christa Schroeder, he had a very close relationship with Eva Braun. “Hermann Fegelein was often among those who danced with Eva Braun. Today I can clearly remember the unforgettable scene. After a dance, Fegelein lifted Eva onto her chest. They looked at each other at eye level, full of tenderness and love: Eva was obviously strongly attracted to Fegelein. I’m sure her feelings for him went well beyond feelings for a brother-in-law, but I don’t think anything happened between them.”

Albert Speer called him “one of the most disgusting people in Hitler’s circle”. He was also unpopular with Heinz Linge: “With charm and gifts he wormed his way into everyone’s good books and gave the impression of a special position with Hitler, which was not the case because Hitler … treated him formally and retained him emphatically Arm’s length….Fegelein…who saw his duties as a paid pastime and too often let it be known he thought he was too good for the job.

Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler

In early 1945, Soviet troops invaded Nazi Germany. On January 16, Hitler moved into the Führerbunker in Berlin. He was joined by Eva Braun, Gretl Braun, Joseph Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, Hermann Fegelein, Rochus Misch, Martin Bormann, Walter Hewell, Julius Schaub, Erich Kempka, Heinz Linge, Julius Schreck, Ernst-Gunther Schenck, Otto Günsche, and Traudl Junge , Christa Schroeder and Johanna Wolf.

Hitler was now almost fifty-five years old but looked much older. His hair had turned gray, his body was bent, and he had difficulty walking. His voice had become weak and his eyesight so bad that he needed special lenses even to read documents from his “Fuehrer typewriter”. Hitler also developed tremors in his left arm and leg. He had originally suffered from this during the First World War and also after the failure of the Munich putsch in 1923. It was a nervous disorder that always surfaced when Hitler felt in danger.

The situation became so desperate that on April 22, Hitler sent away his two secretaries, Christa Schroeder and Johanna Wolf. Schröder later recalled: “He received us in his room tired, pale and listless.” In the last four days the situation has changed so much that I feel compelled to disperse my baton. Since you’re serving the longest, you’ll go first. There’s a car going to Munich in an hour.”

When Soviet troops first entered Berlin, it was suggested that Hitler should try to escape. Hitler rejected the idea, fearing the possibility of capture. He had heard stories of how the Soviet troops wanted to parade him through the streets of Germany in a cage. To prevent this humiliation, Hitler decided to commit suicide. At the end of April, Red Army soldiers were only 300 meters away from Hitler’s underground bunker. Although defeat was inevitable, Hitler insisted his troops fight to the death. Orders were constantly being sent out giving orders for the execution of military commanders who were retreating. Hitler made a will that left his entire fortune to the NSDAP.

On April 27, 1945, Hermann Fegelein, who was married to Eva’s sister Gretl Braun, was arrested in his apartment with his mistress. SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Peter Högl spotted him with lots of money and discovered he was about to leave the country. Högl also found a briefcase containing documents with evidence of attempted peace negotiations with the Allies. The following day the negotiations that took place between Himmler and Count Folke Bernadotte were leaked to the press. Hanna Reitsch was with Hitler when he heard the news: “His color rose to a heated red and his face was unrecognizable… After the long outburst, Hitler sank into a daze, and the entire bunker was silent for a time.”

Heinz Linge: “Fegelein was brought back under armed guard, he made a bad impression: with gloves, leather coat and sporty hat, he looked like a Kurfürstendamm dandy brother-in-law, although Hitler had indicated that he would change the verdict against the highly decorated SS-Obergruppenfuhrer to “Sühne am Ende Front”. Around midnight, an SS detachment awaited Fegelein in the Reich Chancellery Ehrenhof. He remained unmoved as the verdict of the court-martial was read.”

Traudl Junge hat argumentiert, dass Eva Braun Hitler gebeten hatte, Hermann Fegelein zu verschonen, da seine Frau und ihre Schwester Gretl Braun hochschwanger waren: „Ich weiß nicht, wo ich war, als die Nachricht Hitler erreichte. Vielleicht hat er geschimpft und gewütet ein letztes Mal, aber als ich ihn wiedersah, war er so ruhig wie zuvor, nur Eva Brauns Augen waren rot vom Weinen, weil ihr Schwager zum Tode verurteilt war … Sie hatte versucht, Hitler das zu erklären Es war für Fegelein nur menschliche Natur, an seine Frau und ihr gemeinsames Kind zu denken und zu versuchen, ihnen zu einem neuen Leben zu verhelfen. Aber Hitler war unerbittlich. Alles, was er sah, war Betrug und Verrat.“ Hermann Fegelein wurde am 28. April 1945 hingerichtet.

Am 28. April heiratete Adolf Hitler Eva. Hitler testete eine Zyanidpille an seinem elsässischen Haustier Blondi. Braun stimmte zu, mit ihm Selbstmord zu begehen. Sie hätte reich werden können, indem sie ihre Memoiren schrieb, aber sie zog es vor, nicht ohne Hitler zu leben. Braun erzählte Hitlers Sekretärin Traudl Junge. „Versuchen Sie bitte, herauszukommen. Sie können sich noch durchschlagen. Junge kommentierte, dass sie dies “lächelnd, aber mit einem Schluchzen in der Stimme” sagte.

Heinz Linge erinnerte sich: „Nach dem Essen kam Eva Hitler zu mir, um sich zu verabschieden. Blass, die ganze Nacht wach geblieben, aber darauf bedacht, ihre Fassung zu wahren, dankte sie mir für ‚alles, was Sie für den Führer getan haben‘. Mit traurigem Blick bat sie mich im Ziel: ‚Sollten Sie meiner Schwester Gretl begegnen, erzählen Sie ihr nicht, wie ihr Mann, Hermann Fegelein, zu Tode kam.’ Gretl Fegelein habe ich nie wieder gesehen.” Linge berichtete auch, dass Joseph Goebbels versuchte, Hitler davon abzuhalten, Selbstmord zu begehen. Hitler sagte zu Goebbels: “Doktor, Sie kennen meine Entscheidung. Es gibt keine Änderung! Sie können Berlin mit Ihrer Familie natürlich verlassen.” Goebbels antwortete, er werde in Berlin bleiben und mit Hitler sterben.

Hitler verlangte daraufhin, Linge zu sehen: „Er stand gebeugt, die Haarsträhne wie immer über der blassen Stirn. Er war grau geworden. Er sah mich mit müden Augen an und sagte, er würde sich jetzt zurückziehen fragte zum letzten Mal nach seinen Befehlen. Äußerlich ruhig und mit leiser Stimme, als wollte er mich in den Garten schicken, um etwas zu holen, sagte er: „Linge, ich werde mich jetzt erschießen. Du weißt, was du tun musst Ich habe den Befehl zum Ausbruch gegeben. Schließen Sie sich einer der Gruppen an und versuchen Sie, nach Westen durchzukommen.“ Auf meine Frage, wofür wir jetzt kämpfen sollten, antwortete er: „Für den kommenden Mann.“ Ich salutierte, Hitler machte zwei, drei müde Schritte auf mich zu und reichte mir die Hand, dann hob er zum letzten Mal in seinem Leben den rechten Arm in the Hitler salute. A ghostly scene. I turned on my heel, closed the door and went to the bunker exit where the SS bodyguard was sitting around.”

Traudl Junge later recalled how, on 30th April, 1945, Hitler locked himself in his room with Eva Braun: “Suddenly… there is the sound of a shot, so loud, so close, that we all fall silent. It echoes on through all the rooms.” Hitler’s bodyguard, Rochus Misch commented: “Everyone was waiting for the shot. We were expecting it…. Then came the shot. Heinz Linge took me to one side and we went in. I saw Hitler slumped by the table. I didn’t see any blood on his head. And I saw Eva with her knees drawn up lying next to him on the sofa – wearing a white and blue blouse, with a little collar: just a little thing.” Albert Speer commented: “Eva’s love for him, her loyalty, were absolute – as she proved unmistakably at the end.”

Between European Past and Canadian Present Lesbian Mennonite Writing and Collective Memory.

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