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Earn extra money living in Japan make money online in japan

My personal experience living here in japan. Finding ways to earn extra cash, without knowing the language.

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Welcome to my channel! In my channel I share helpful tips for families moving overseas due to the military. I also like to share my travel adventures and places to visit. One of my passions is fitness, I love to share my own journey and some helpful tips to get your fitness journey started. Subscribe to my channel to follow our journey as a young married couple traveling the world with our daughter, though our struggles and accomplishments.

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Earn extra money living in Japan

Earn extra money living in Japan

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Earn extra money living in Japan
make money online in japan
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15 thoughts on “Earn extra money living in Japan make money online in japan”

  1. Do you know how I can find how to do homestays? I know you mentioned in this video you were connected by a friend and wondering if you have more insight? Also how can I figure out how to teach english?

  2. Hello! We are currently stationed in England, been here almost 4 years, we are due to pcs in September. Recently my husband was offered the possibility of going to yokota air base. We really would love to go and experience it, we have 3 kids 7,5, and 2. The problem is we have 2 dogs (cockapoos). There are many things that worry me with having them with us. One is how hard is it to get your dog into Japan? Not worried about the cost, but I'm concerned about them being quarantined. Number 2, do any of the houses have actual fenced in yards? Number 3, how strict are they about barking? Like I was looking up the pet policy for base housing and it was saying "no barking or running along a fence while people are near" and "no unprovoked barking aloud"? My older dog, he isn't aggressive but he does bark a lot, and most of them time he just likes to hear his self lol which can be annoying but he has always been a barker. He also will bark when someone comes near our fence and will run back and forth barking along the fence. Idk I'm just worried that we would get there and he would "A" possibly get quarantined, "B" there would be no fenced in yard or room for him to run around and potty, or "C" the base wouldn't allow us to have him due to his barking. Any insight or advice into this would be greatly appreciated. We would love to take up the offer to experience Japan for a few years before going back state side, but I can not leave my dogs, they are our babies too. Hope to hear back from you thanks! P.s. I love all of your videos and your daughter is adorable!! ❤️

  3. Great video and I completely agree that there are so many different ways of how you can work and earn income in Japan. All the ways you have listed are based on active income. Meaning you exchange your time for pay; however, what if you could come to Japan and get paid while you explore this unique country. This opportunity is possible thanks to passive income. So if you don't want the traditional 9-5 job and you want to be your own boss this way would be great. That is what I am doing right now and am quite happy setting my own hours and my level of income. If you are interested in this opportunity then learn more at http://wealthydegree.com/hello-world

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  6. Wow that's great that you hosted the 6 year olds. A great experience for both your family and the children. Yes, you're right the Japanese need to brush up on conversational speaking skills. Like my wife who is Japanese, they know how to read and write English but can use extra help in the conversational part. Well I'm helping her on that part 🙂 I'm catching up on your videos. Lots more to go!

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  8. https://www.wowapp.com/w/sdangra こんにちは。「利用者にも広告料が入る」新しい発想のライン的なアプリを6月から日本で広め始めています 自分が紹介した先の8段目の人までがアプリを利用した広告料金がCM料として自分に入るシステムで、資産収入を得ることができます。 友人、知人と対話すればするほど広告料金が自分に入ります。 リスクゼロで誰でも気軽に始められます。 今、みんながフェイスブック、ライン、ツイッターを使ってるのが当たり前のように、このアプリは既に世界の140ヶ国で利用されています。日本ではこれから雑誌やメディアに露出していきます。 利用方法はmixi同様に紹介制です。 運営会社が利用者、紹介者に利益を還元するかしないかの違いの他、機能面もLINEより長い動画撮影が可能で充実しています。 ちなみに、利用者、紹介者が得たお金を寄付できるシステムも組み込まれています。 皆さんの得る収入の8%が寄付されたら世界がよりよくなるものと考えて作られています。 テロも飢餓もお金に対する苦労が原因の1つになっているのではないでしょうか。 「チャット→mixi→フェイスブック、ライン、ツイッター」 次は「Wow App」です(^^) 無料で利用できます!! 【新しい稼げるSNS】 ⇒https://www.wowapp.com/w/sdangra

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