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Espn No, Maria Taylor Is Not Transgender – Everything About Her Sexuality Disclosed? All Answers

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Is Maria Taylor transgender? Rumors about the former ESPN sports commentator’s sexuality have been circulating the internet.

All of a sudden rumors have surfaced on the internet that Maria Taylor is transgender and with that people seem to be curious about her sexuality.

Before we delve into the rumours, let’s first find out about the former ESPN sportscaster.

Maria is a well-known figure in the American sports industry and is currently one of the best sports broadcasters out there.

Since July, Taylor has been working for NBC Sports, where she made her on-air debut and covered the 2020 Summer Olympics on July 23. Before that, she was associated with ESPN and subsequently left the network on July 20, the day after the 2021 NBA Finals.

Her departure from ESPN was, many argued, due to a leaked conference call between Rachel Nichols and Adam Mendelsohn, in which Rachel made a comment claiming that ESPN’s decision to select Tylor to host the NBA Finals was more due to race rather than talent.

ESPN: No, Maria Taylor Is Not Transgender

No, former ESPN sports reporter Maria Taylor is not a transgender woman.

There is no evence that the 34-year-old is transgender. We do not know how the rumors of this magnitude came about via an established sports broadcaster.

The beautiful and stunning looking Maria has never spoken out about such claims before. Being transgender is not a bad thing, but calling someone transgender hurts the indivual emotionally.

Therefore, rumors about a person’s sexuality in particular should be treated with caution.

What Is The Sexuality Of Maria Taylor, The Former ESPN Sportscaster?

Former ESPN broadcaster Maria Taylor hasn’t made any official announcement about her sexuality.

However, we assume that Maria is a straight woman since she is a married woman with a husband.

As already mentioned above, there is not a single message on the Internet about their sexual orientation.

Consering her married life, rumors about her sexuality other than being straight are completely unfounded.

Likewise, Taylor’s pronouns are she/her/hers.

Maria Taylor Is Married To Husband Jon

Maria Taylor and her husband Jon in February 2021.

Maria’s wedding pictures are available on her Instagram account. She was previously married to a man named Rodney Blackstock. However, their relationship lasted less than two years after they married in 2019 and divorced in 2021.

Taylor married Jon after separating from her ex-husband Rodney for less than a year.

She and her ex-husband have known each other for a long time, and their relationship has been back and forth from time to time.

According to her current spouse, little information about him can be found on the internet at the moment.

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The problem with sex testing in sports

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All of a sudden, rumors of Maria Taylor being transgender have emerged on the web, and with that, people seem curious to know her sexuality.

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All of a sudden, rumors of Maria Taylor being transgender have emerged on the web, and with that, people seem curious to know her sexuality.

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ESPN’s Maria Taylor Shares Uplifting Note Amid Rachel …

ESPN host Maria Taylor recently wrote on Twitter that she’s “still in the fight” as her colleague Rachel Nichols made headlines this week …

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ESPN’s Maria Taylor Shares Uplifting Note Amid Rachel Nichols’s Hot Mic Scandal

ESPN host Maria Taylor recently wrote on Twitter that she was “still in the fight” as her teammate Rachel Nichols made headlines this week due to a hot mic scandal, which further fueled the long -standing network race issue.

Nichols, who is white, became embroiled in controversy this week after The New York Times published a damaging report on Sunday revealing comments he made about Taylor, who is a Black, when he inadvertently recorded himself in a phone conversation in July 2020 with Adam Mendelsohn, a longtime adviser to Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.


In that conversation, Nichols suggested that ESPN choose Taylor to host the 2020 NBA Finals pregame and postgame shows-a job he sought out himself-because of his race. The footage went to a server at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, where it was recorded and passed on by ESPN employees.

“In the dark I always remember that I was in this position to open doors and illuminate the path that others are going through,” Taylor tweeted on Wednesday. “I’ve taken some punches but that just means I’m still in the fight. Remember to get up as you climb and always CONTINUE TO RISE. ”

In the dark I always remember that I was in this position to open doors and illuminate the path that others are treading. I’ve taken some punches but that just means I’m still in the fight. Remember to get up as you climb and always HELP ❤️ pic.twitter.com/ztSIx9CLpO – Maria Taylor (@MariaTaylor) July 7, 2021

Taylor, who hosts “NBA Countdown,” forced the network into its handling of race issues back then. He received widespread support on social media this week after Nichols ’recording was announced, in which many people criticized the conversation as delivering a typically racist troop that Black professionals don’t get their position in the workplace.


Nichols, host of ESPN’s “The Jump,” suggested in a 2020 call that Taylor was chosen to host NBA finals coverage last year because ESPN felt pressure to address its diversity problems.

“I wish Maria Taylor all the success in the world – she covers football, she covers basketball,” Nichols said, according to a recording obtained by the Times. “If you have to give her more things to do because you’re feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity – which, by the way, I know personally from the female side of it – like, go for it. Just look elsewhere. You won’t find me or take away my belongings. ”

Nichols was removed from sideline coverage of the NBA Finals amid controversy, ESPN announced Tuesday before the finals between the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks began. The network added that he will remain the host of “The Jump.”

The host of “The Jump” issued an apology to the episode on Monday. ESPN did not air an episode of the show on Tuesday, but Nichols returned to the air on Wednesday.

Taylor, meanwhile, is reportedly in the middle of negotiating his contract, which will expire with ESPN later this month.

ESPN Boots Rachel Nichols From NBA Programming, Cancels ‘The Jump’

ESPN removed Rachel Nichols from its NBA programming, which included the cancellation of her daytime show “The Jump.”

“We are united in agreeing that this approach regarding our coverage in the NBA is best for everyone involved. Rachel is a great reporter, host and journalist, and we thank her for her many contributions to our NBA content, ”David Roberts, senior vice president of production, said in a statement.

Nichols, who is still under contract with ESPN for another year, has been embroiled in controversy since his comments in 2020 about former ESPN colleague Maria Taylor reappeared in a story in New York Times in July. In a leaked phone conversation last year, Nichols suggested Taylor take him to cover the NBA Finals that year because of his race.

The Sports Business Journal first reported on Nichols and “The Jump.” No decision has been made on Nichols ’future or other work on ESPN, an individual knowledgeable about the decision told TheWrap.

“The Jump” will be replaced by a new studio show in the afternoon.

Need to do an entire show and spend five years hanging out with some of my favorite people ❤️ talking about one of my favorite things? A lasting thank you to our wonderful producers and crew-The Jump wasn’t made to last forever but it was definitely fun. ?

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More to come… pic.twitter.com/FPMFRlfJin – Rachel Nichols (@Rachel__Nichols) Aug 25, 2021

Speaking to LeBron James mentor Adam Mendelsohn-who was inadvertently recorded and uploaded to ESPN servers because Nichols forgot to turn off his video camera-Nichols expressed frustration that Taylor was chosen rather than him to host last year’s “NBA Countdown” of the NBA Finals, suggesting the network made the decision because it “feels pressure” on diversity.

The New York Times reported last month that some of the company’s top NBA analysts were considering boycotting this year’s playoffs as ESPN handled the situation.

Rachel Nichols was later removed from the network’s NBA Finals coverage. Taylor has left ESPN for a gig with NBC Sports.

“The Jump” has aired every weekday on ESPN since 2016.

How ESPN and Grantland desperately failed the trans community

Whenever I write about trans people, I follow my own Christine Daniels rules.

We first met Christine in 2007 when she wrote a column, “Old Mike, New Christine,” documenting her very public transition from LA Times sports writer Mike Penner to LA Times sports writer. and Christine Daniels.

When Christine moved, she became a new person in so many ways, not least of which was her new found happiness. For the first time in his life, he felt he was the real person he was born with. He is free.

Less than two years after Christine committed suicide, she could not keep the past – in her body and mind – from her new identity. This is another sad chapter on an all-too-common theme for our culture’s checkered history on trans issues, which includes the highest suicide rate of any demographic in the country. In case you didn’t know, 41% of trans people attempt suicide; That’s 25 times higher than the general population.

All of this is lost on the writers and editors of a poorly conceived posthumous hit piece chosen by ESPN’s Grantland to run last week about trans golf-club inventor Essay Anne Vanderbilt (called Dr. V throughout the article). The long article used his trans identity so as not to make the story a sensation. Due to the untimely suicide of Dr. V in October – amid research into the story and the subject’s pleas to renounce it – it’s fun to hypothesize whether their pursuit of this story led to his death.

We cover sports. This is not the White House, where the national interest of the public is at stake. It is not the Pentagon that makes plans for war. It is not an investment bank that is plunging the economy into a recession. This particular story is not even a collegiate athletic program that uses paid players to cheat the way to a national title. This story is sports entertainment-A person’s desire to help people tap a small white ball into a hole in the ground.

As sports writers, we sometimes forget that, which involves our own self -esteem. Of course, there are big implications for much of what we do. Steroids are harmful to humans; There are public policy and youth health issues involved there. I spend a lot of time writing about combating homophobia and transphobia in sports, marks of an emerging society.

But for the most part, we sportswriters create an entertaining sports sideshow. Jim Harbaugh’s pants. Whether the Browns will use 3-4 or 4-3. Tiger Woods’s accidental trip. It’s all in the public interest – but it’s not in the public interest.

The gender of a golf-club inventor is of careful interest and nothing else.

Is this story worth driving someone known to be mentally unstable – with a history of suicide attempts – to take his own life? The pursuit of the story – especially its publication – shows a deliberate disregard for humanity and the struggles that many misunderstood minorities face in public – and in the mirror – on a daily basis.

My three Christine Daniels rules are pretty basic and easy to follow. Grantland and the writer broke them all.

Rule #1: Don’t “release” trans people. The same publication that surpassed Drs. V would never dream of getting out as a gay NFL player. Why? Because the people involved do not see the need to identify certain trans people by their transferred gender and not “transgender.” Daniels committed suicide because he could never shake his former gender.

Fallon Fox lived as a woman until she felt compelled to go out in public; And once he came out, he faced a mountain of discrimination from people in mixed martial arts. Fallon was alive when she was born – just a girl. Now he is “trans” in everyone he meets. There is never a need to force someone into this identity.It is always up to the person whether they publicly disclose their gender or sexual orientation.

It’s never up to you.

Rule #2: Always refer to a trans person as their own name and gender. Every hour. Without exception.

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Rule #3: Don’t discuss their life before moving without their explicit consent. Do not display pre-transition photos and DO NOT mention their former name without express approval.

Certainly there are pieces of history that need discussion in this story. Dr. clearly has no professional history. V that he claims to the writer and potential customers. That is important for the writer to pursue, and he or she is right to share the information with the public. But if a trans asks you not to talk about their very private personal life, do what they ask. Don’t share that information with company investors and certainly don’t share it publicly.

They live it, not you.

It is difficult enough for trans people to identify their true identity; They don’t need you making it harder.One of the many struggles transs endure is putting their past behind them. When I started writing about trans athletes, I couldn’t understand why a trans woman wouldn’t show me pre-trans photos or talk about her days as a cornerback in college.

Christine’s suicide hit the message. Whatever Christine did physically and mentally, she would always see herself as a former man. It was after a photo shoot for a magazine that he came to the sad conclusion: Because of his physical stature and professional identity, many people have always seen him the same way.

Sure, there’s a difference between putting your past behind you and claiming to work at Stealth bomber, graduate from Harvard and be a Vanderbilt. The need to distance himself from his past is not the reason for Dr. V for the blatant lies and deception he committed to the writer and to other people in the golf industry.

But the deception of Dr. V does not allow the writer and editors for misconduct in the research, writing and execution of a story that they should have buried several months earlier.

And Dr. V was born of the opposite sex with a different name unrelated to the story. His education, his work background – They are relevant because Dr. made them. V related. The article may have focused on those matters without disclosing that he was transgender.

Instead, the writer and editors knew it was an incredible story and drew page views, so they accompanied it.

Grantland’s article served no one but themselves. Trans people aren’t helped by seeing another of them described as a crazy cheater (hell, we’ll give Jared Leto an Oscar for doing the same thing). Golfers are not served by learning that the woman behind an effective tool in their sport was formerly a man.

But in reckless abandonment, Grantland and the writer chose to reverse a woman’s life so they could get some page views and to get some pub the writer’s name (which I will continue to avoid here).

It shouldn’t be like this. The writer may handle this in a different way. He may have stopped sharing with the world the former name of Dr. V. There have been articles I have written about trans people where I have shared their birth names, the most recent being the story of high school coach Stephen Alexander in rural Rhode Island. I did this with Stephen’s blessing after many long conversations on the subject. It was important to him and me to educate people using the article, and we felt in this particular case the use of his former name was important (and, because of the camera interviews with family members and citizens, unavoidable).

The article may also have addressed the issues faced by trans people. It may have mentioned Christine Daniels.It may shed light on the struggles some trans pro golfers – like Lana Lawless – have endured for the right to simply participate in the sport. At the very least, they can run the story of ESPN baseball editor Christina Kahrl. They didn’t do any of these things.

Most importantly, they can refuse to release Dr. V. That he was born the opposite sex is completely irrelevant to the story about a golf club. We hear all the time that sports journalists need to steer clear of the personal lives of sports people; But when it comes to a trans man, any respect for his private life is ignored for sensationalism.

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