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Has Ikittyyyy Done A Face Reveal Learn Everything About The Twitch Streamer? Trust The Answer

She Thought Her Stream Was Off...

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Popular Twitch personality Ikittyyyy, aka Addy, has not revealed her face. Learn more about her real name and age in this article.

Ikittyyyy is a popular Twitch streamer and internet personality.

She is best known for playing video games and interacting with her fans online.

Kitty is a nurse by trade and is employed at a local hospital.

Playing online games is her hobby, so she doesn’t have a fixed schedule for streaming.

Ikittyyyy aka Addy Twitch Face Reveal And Real Name

Ikittyyyy has remained silent and has not revealed her face until now.

Ikittyyyy’s real name is Addy, but she is best known for her online username, Kitty.

Although Kitty hasn’t revealed her appearance, we know from her voice that she’s a woman.

She has a high pitched voice and speaks sweetly in live streams.

Ikittyyyy Age And Wiki: How Old Is She?

Ikittyyyy seems to be in the 20-30 age bracket.

She has not revealed her exact date of birth yet. But her birthday is July 4th and her sun sign is Cancer.

Since Kitty is a rising Twitch star, she is not listed on the wiki page.

There aren’t many details about her academics and training. However, she is a registered nurse and works full time. It is certain that she loves taking care of people.

Addy started Twitch just because she loves playing video games. She has now amassed 51.6k followers on Twitch.

Apart from that, Kitty has 207 fans on Instagram, 6.2K followers on Twitter and 1.63K subscribers on YouTube.

Ikittyyyy Boyfriend: Is She Dating?

Ikittyyyy appears to have a boyfriend, but she hasn’t officially announced it.

In their live streams, we hear a man’s voice in the background.

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Because of this, some of her fans have also believed that she is in a relationship.

What Is Ikittyyyy Net Worth?

Twitch streamer Ikittyyyy’s asset details are currently under review.

There is no evence of her finances. She is a full-time nurse and part-time streamer.

She earns a decent sum to live a comfortable life.

she thought her stream was off…

she thought her stream was off…
she thought her stream was off…

Images related to the topicshe thought her stream was off…

She Thought Her Stream Was Off...
She Thought Her Stream Was Off…

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5 streamers who accidentally did a face reveal

There are many streamers on the internet who don’t like to show their face. For example, streamers like Corpse Husband and Dream are very popular despite not showing their faces on camera.

Being faceless on the internet lends an aura of mystery to the entire personality. However, streamers need to be careful while maintaining a faceless persona online, as much of the interaction relies on technology.

Sometimes glitches or glitches occur that can inadvertently reveal a streamer’s identity. This list looks at the five instances where streamers accidentally revealed their faces on a live stream.

5 Streamers Who Accidentally Showed Their Faces On Stream

Aries “GradeAUnderA” Karavadra

This incident dates back to 2017. GradeAUnderA was streaming live on Twitch, but his entire fan base didn’t really know what he looked like. When trying to show his room, he accidentally activated the webcam showing his face instead of activating the webcam showing his room.

Saqib “Lirik” Ali Zahid

Lirik is a very popular live streamer. He has 2.7 million subscribers on Twitch and streams a variety of games on the platform. When he tried to display the image of a cat in his stray cat’s picture in 2018, he accidentally revealed his face. Although he immediately turned off his webcam, viewers of his stream knew what he looked like.

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Theonemanny is a popular streamer who usually plays games like Minecraft and SoulCalibur. When this incident happened in 2017, it was very popular. He used an application that replaced his image with that of a dog. This application mimicked his actions and made the dog do what he did. However, during a stream, the application would fail to load, revealing his face to all of his viewers.


This streamer was live on a hiking trip a few years ago. At this point, people were mostly streaming from their desktops. IRL streams weren’t that popular. During a trip, Celeste attempted to show the scenery to her viewers, but eventually clicked the wrong button and revealed her face instead. The faux pas can be seen at 3:53 in the video above.

Herschel Beahm IV “Dr Disrespect”

DrDisrespect is one of the most popular streamers today. Despite being banned from Twitch, he still streams on YouTube. However, that incident dates back to 2016, when he accidentally knocked off his glasses during a live stream, exposing his face. Tyler “Ninja” Belvins also reacts to DrDisrespect’s accidental face revealed on the livestream in the video above.

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Who Is Crumb & How Old Is She Fans Curious About Twitch Streamer

New age celebrities like Twitch streamers and TikTok stars are very popular these days. Many gaming twitch streamers like Ninja, Tfue, Shroud and Pokimane have become particularly famous in recent years thanks to the popularity of games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Recently, a relatively new streamer has caught the attention of many viewers on the platform. The Twitch streamer called CupToast, also popularly known as Crumb, has been entertaining many fans lately. Find out who Crumb is?

Who is Crumb?

Crumb is a streamer and social media influencer who usually plays games live on her channel. She shows off her gaming skills in games like Minecraft & Among Us. However, what makes her stand out the most from the crowd of creators is the fact that she is an anonymous girl who covers her face. None of her Twitch viewers have any idea what Crumb looks like, as she often covers her head with a square box that has a scrawled image of a cat on it. You’d think her Instagram page might give her viewers a clue as to what she looks like. But Crumb has been very adept at keeping her identity a secret from her 30,000+ Instagram followers. You’ll only find a few snaps with her on her Insta page, and they all show her adorning the quirky cat-scribbled face box.

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How old is Crumb Twitch Streamer?

A report in Celebpie has revealed that Crumb is 15 as of 2021. However, she has not revealed her age on any of her social media platforms. Many Crumb viewers have been desperately awaiting the unveiling of a Crumb face. Though the Twitch streamer has yet to show her face, the report has revealed that she is an American of mixed race, primarily American-Vietnamese. However, these reports can only be confirmed if fans are able to see a Crumb facial reveal.

Source: Crumb (Instagram)

Crumb is also interested in animation. On her Instagram profile, she has posted a few animated films that she has created. The Twitch streamer has over 200,000 viewers on Twitch and has also amassed almost 150,000 loyal viewers on TikTok. Her voice in Twitch sounds very high-pitched, which raises doubts as to whether she is using a voice changer.

Image Source: Crumb (Instagram)

The Real Reason These Streamers Won’t Show Their Faces

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The real reason why these streamers don’t show their faces

Over the past year, streaming platforms have risen to the forefront of the gaming industry by providing a platform for all types of people to reach wide audiences. Even some politicians have jumped on board. While Twitch and YouTube allow people to broadcast every thought and feeling, some streamers want to maintain a touch of privacy while sharing their gaming experiences with others. That’s where faceless streamers come in.

A new group of streamers rose to fame by refusing to be in front of the camera. Whether they agree with her reasoning or not, these streamers agree on one important point: they don’t want to show their face. Although some streaming fans believe that a content creator must at least use a microphone to speak to viewers, the following streamers prove that the key to success doesn’t have to be a pretty face or a quirky personality.

Each of these streamers has a reason to hide their face. Regardless of their motivation, these streamers have proven their skills online and found fame despite — or because of — their refusal to share their identities.

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