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Hot Job # 50 – Personal Financial Advisor financial advisor

Average Salary: $74,610
Education and Training: Bachelor’s Degree
Major Industry: Finance
More information at www.HoosierHot50.com .

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Hot Job # 50 – Personal Financial Advisor

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Hot Job # 50 – Personal Financial Advisor
financial advisor
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22 thoughts on “Hot Job # 50 – Personal Financial Advisor financial advisor”

  1. So pretty much he went to college to work for somebody else to become self-employed? Hopefully, he isn't being crippled by student debt too. Don't get me wrong, I went to college for finance too. You gotta have a passion for what u do. But if I gotta bring in my own clients…wtf is this company doing for me??

  2. I was under the impression that Personal Financial Planners were paid on salary, but this sounds like you only make as much as you charge your clients… can anyone out there verify?

  3. Most financial advisor positions do not require a bachelor's and definitely doesn't require a degree in finance. It only requires sales experience. For example, cold calling, door knocking, gathering leads/referrals, and prospecting. No financial analysis. Really sleazy job much like an insurance salesman. Sales, sales, sales, and no true financial knowledge involved. Sad!

  4. I got denied for the job because I wanted to help people. The lady (phone interviewer) said this is a sales job. :'( I wanted the job to help and teach people to be financially free and learn to invest/budget. You have to make sales not help people. For Fidelity, from what I read from forums and reviews is 2 million per quarter…

  5. You forgot to explain that 99.9% of the job involves selling, scamming, selling, lying, selling, cheating, selling, bull shitting, selling , ripping people off, selling, and selling. Oh, did I mention selling? And, as eventually 99% of the public will, sooner or later, figure out they should buy an 0.005% fee index fund, as opposed to the 6% crapp you sell, there is not a lot of long term potential – unless of course you target purely the 1% dumbass segment of the market. ,

  6. Hi, i am Mehedi Hasan fro Bangladesh. i am pursuing BBA but i lke html and css language fir web development. i have already gained general course on it through online. i need your suggestion to become a intermediate level developer. Waiting for your reply.

  7. I've been in the business for 22 years. The business can destroy you mentally and physically IF you're not prepared! It looks so glamorous and easy on the surface; the fact is that you will work a crazy amount of hours each week, you have to be "thick-skinned" (you'll be told "no" a lot), you'll starve to death your first 5 years, and you have to have a tremendous amount of self-discipline! To be 100% honest, the most successful advisers that I've been around in our industry tend to be "workaholics"…they live, breathe and eat the business at all times! I don't mean to be all negative…just giving you the facts! It's an awesome business/career if you can survive…unfortunately, most don't.

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