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How Far Is Weston Ct From Nyc
How Far Is Weston Ct From Nyc

Is Weston CT a good place to live?

Weston is in Fairfield County and is one of the best places to live in Connecticut. Living in Weston offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. In Weston there are a lot of parks. Residents of Weston tend to be liberal.

What is Weston CT known for?

An affluent residential town, Weston is home to a large portion of the Lucius Pond Ordway/Devil’s Den Preserve, Fairfield County’s largest tract of protected land. The area retains signs of human use dating back some 5,000 years. Originally part of Fairfield, Weston incorporated in 1787.

Drive from Weston, CT to NYC Time Lapse.

Drive from Weston, CT to NYC Time Lapse.
Drive from Weston, CT to NYC Time Lapse.

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Drive From Weston, Ct To Nyc Time Lapse.
Drive From Weston, Ct To Nyc Time Lapse.

What kind of town is Weston CT?

In 2017, SafeWise ranked Weston the safest town in Connecticut and the 6th safest town in the country. Weston is the closest Connecticut town to New York City without a train station.

Weston, Connecticut.
Weston, Connecticut Town of Weston
County Fairfield
Metropolitan area Bridgeport-Stamford
Incorporated 1787

Is Weston CT rural?

Weston’s unique rural, yet sophisticated, environment boasts an absence of heavily trafficked commercial roads. Weston’s Town Center is the primary commercial destination and meet-up spot.

Is Weston CT rich?

Weston is one of several wealthy towns in southwestern Connecticut, each known for affluence, low crime, great schools, big properties, and lots of open space. The smallest of the 10 wealthiest zip codes, 06883 is home to 10,203 residents, just large enough to earn a spot in this study.

Is Weston CT snobby?

Weston Ranked in Top 10 ‘Snobbiest’ Place to Live in Connecticut: Report.

What celebrities live in Weston CT?

In addition to the famous Rolling Stone and the infamous actor, Weston’s celebrity residents include – and have included – Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford, Tom Cruise, Jose Feliciano, Eartha Kitt, Donna Summers and James Naughton.

What is the average income in Westport CT?

Households in Westport, CT have a median annual income of $206,466, which is more than the median annual income of $65,712 across the entire United States.

What town is Weston in?

Weston is a city in Broward County, Florida, United States. It is considered to be part of the Miami metropolitan area, which is anchored by Miami. The population was 68,107 at the 2020 census.
Weston, Florida
• City Clerk Patricia A. Bates
• City 26.10 sq mi (67.60 km2)
• Land 24.59 sq mi (63.70 km2)

Is Weston CT Safe?

Weston’s overall rate of crime is sufficiently low that NeighborhoodScout’s analysis shows the town to be one of the safest in both Connecticut and the nation. Weston’s crime rate is just 3 per 1,000 people, which means that a person’s chance of becoming a victim in Weston is one in 383.

How diverse is Weston?

With a diversity score of 74 out of 100, Weston is more diverse than other US cities. The most diverse area within Weston’s proper boundaries is to the west of the city.



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Weekending In Weston, Ct
Weekending In Weston, Ct

How big is Weston Connecticut?

How many houses are in Weston CT?

There are a total of 3,447 households in Weston, each made up of around 3 members.

What towns border Weston CT?

Cities near Weston, Connecticut:
  • Westport, CT.
  • Norwalk, CT.
  • Fairfield, CT.
  • Darien, CT.
  • Trumbull, CT.
  • Bridgeport, CT.
  • Stratford, CT.
  • Stamford, CT.

Where do millionaires live in Connecticut?

Most of Connecticut’s wealth is concentrated in Fairfield County, which contains many affluent suburbs in Connecticut. Fairfield County is very close to New York City. Other areas of wealth in the state include suburbs surrounding New Haven and Hartford, as well as pockets of Litchfield County.

Is Westport CT affluent?

Westport is the nation’s ninth wealthiest community, with a median household income of $166,307, and a median home value of $1,087,700. Another Connecticut town, Darien, not only also made the list, it topped it as the Nation’s wealthiest community ($208,125 and $1,248,200).

Is Fairfield Connecticut wealthy?

6. Fairfield County, Conn. The coastal county of Fairfield is the most affluent county in one of the country’s most affluent states. It contains the state’s most populous city, Bridgeport, and wealthy towns like Darien, Greenwich, Westport and New Canaan.

What is the nicest town in CT?

The Most Beautiful Towns in Connecticut
  • Cornwall. Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark. …
  • Chester. Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark. …
  • Essex. Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark. …
  • Greenwich. Architectural Landmark, Historical Landmark. …
  • Kent. …
  • Milford. …
  • Old Saybrook. …
  • Mystic.
17 thg 8, 2021

What is the cheapest city to live in Connecticut?

Here are the top nine most affordable Connecticut cities to live in!
  • Bristol.
  • Groton.
  • Hartford.
  • Meriden.
  • Middletown.
  • New Britain.
  • Torrington.
  • Waterbury.

Where do hipsters live in Connecticut?

Connecticut: East Rock, New Haven

New Haven’s East Rock neighborhood is a popular place for Yale students and young professionals, giving rise to a very hipster-friendly scene.

Weston, CT Village District

Weston, CT Village District
Weston, CT Village District

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Images related to the topicWeston, CT Village District

Weston, Ct Village District
Weston, Ct Village District

Do any celebrities live in Connecticut?

A numerous amount of celebrities live throughout Connecticut. Popular destination spots are Greenwich, Stamford, Westport, and Norwalk, and Limo CT covers it all. Connecticut is filled with beauty, art, and history, which is why CT is a well sought out location for celebrities.

What celebrities live in Litchfield?

In Neighboring CT, Litchfield County Is Home Base To Some Famous Folks
  • MERYL STREEP: Getty Images. …
  • KEVIN BACON: Getty Images. …
  • JANE CURTIN: Getty Images for the 2019 Nantuc. …

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