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How will I educate my children | Joshua Steimle | TEDxHongKongED h educate make money

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Joshua Steimle gave an incredibly interesting talk on home schooling and his thoughts on why he believes it is better than sending your children to school.

Joshua Steimle
Digital Marketing Guru, Forbes Contributor

Joshua Steimle is a self-taught entrepreneur, with a day job as the founder and CEO of MWI, an online marketing firm with offices in the US and Hong Kong. He is a contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, as well as other publications. Steimle was raised by a mother and father who both had college degrees in education and taught within the US public education system, and Steimle, acting as his mother’s de facto teacher’s assistant, saw firsthand the hard work teachers perform, as well as the limitations of the system. Steimle holds a Masters of Information Systems Management from Brigham Young University. His wife, also a BYU graduate, holds a Masters of Science in Marriage, Family, and Human Development, and they have two young children. Steimle has always been passionate about learning, but not necessarily within the bounds of traditional systems. Since having children, he has turned his pursuits in self-education to focus on various methods and philosophies of education including public education, private education, homeschooling, and unschooling.

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Connect with Steimle @donloper

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How will I educate my children | Joshua Steimle | TEDxHongKongED

How will I educate my children | Joshua Steimle | TEDxHongKongED

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How will I educate my children | Joshua Steimle | TEDxHongKongED
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40 thoughts on “How will I educate my children | Joshua Steimle | TEDxHongKongED h educate make money”

  1. This man is saying the truth.

    I purchased a tablet for my 2 years kid, with an open internet connection, and I opened Youtube for her.
    When she became 5 years old, she was speaking English fluently with American accent, and know a lot about science and world nations.

    Now she can not join the regular school in Somalia, because she has upper knowledge from the teachers.!
    What to do ?.

  2. We homeschool using a Montessori/Reggio based philosophy along with outdoor learning/forest school. We mainly learn outside but also learn inside. And even though both of my sons have a disability, my 5 year old is also nearly fluent n ASL and is able to communicate most of his needs in Spanish as well. We study geography and culture, sciences, music, history, language, sewing, things that for some reason are not introduced at this age where it can be absorbed and manifested into part of their understanding of the world. 
    we attend forest school , meetings with kids ages 3-12 with no toys; just play and imagination.

    We only started homeschooling because because my son was not able to attend public school safely and efficiently due to his needs. But when providing him extensive information and concepts in fun play experiment based ways, letting him pick his activities or topics of interest, letting him and inspiring him to inquire and document his experiences using art and manipulatives, while allowing frequent sensory breaks for his SPD, he is thriving. The same child that I was told needed medication if he was ever going to do ok in school.
    (He still may need medication one day, but it will not be for the comfort of a school system. It will be for HIS benefit)

  3. i’m studying at school but i really want to be homeschooled. I live in Vietnam and our education system is obessed with academic achievement. We are cheating and do whatever we can to gain high scores, even our teachers help us ( they benefit from it, too). I feel like i’m going to a race but not school. I’m sick of that but still have to go to school because i want to enrich my knowledge and if i drop out of school, there’s no way for me to gain certificate for my knowledge

  4. Stop defending Homeschooling! It should be banned.
    My mother is extremely toxic and abusive. She ruined my education and kept me from knowing about the world. She never actually taught me anything and I didn't get a High school diploma because of her(she pulled me out of school at ninth grade and I never went back. She did this before when I was in third grade up till sixth.) So now I have to get my GED to work or go to college which I can't do because of Covid-19 out break. She also did the same for my half brothers. They left at third and fifth grade. I don't know how I'm going to survive the world when I was hardly allowed to leave my house and was never taught finance.

  5. Agree but also time to acknowledge and make that privilege check – parents who take up two jobs or more do not have the luxury of time or resources to homeschool. Many countries offer free education which is why people send children to school, in some of the third world countries children go to school so that they get a midday meal.

    Homeschoolers can go to top universities – yes and its okay to graduate in an okay/good school or okay/good university, not necessarily top and actually learn things from your syllabus, and from in and around your world – be it traditional school or homeschooling.

  6. As wonderful as it sounds, home schooling is not for everyone. Some proponents seem to have forgotten to put one factor into consideration which is whether a home has the right emotional environment for children to live or learn. For many years, school had been an indispensable sanctuary for me for support, camaraderie, trust, social skills, learning, survival, and thrive. Home was a place where I dreaded going back to on a daily basis. As a teacher, I know some students cannot get the kind of support and opportunity at home and I try to help them excel. I respect and admire all those great parents (and siblings) who create the best learning environment for their kids, but for me it's Go School!

  7. Well i am taking my degree in Pedagogy as for primary school teaching but homeschooling my own chlildren seems a very interesting idea to me.
    I would really love to do that and believe it has immense benefits , however you have to always personalize it to your child cause there are maybe children that would be better learning in a school environment.

  8. I'm homeschooled and hate it. If you get injured let your kids go to school. If they are isolated let them go to school. If they want to go to school, let them go to school.
    You aren't a teacher and public school isn't a threat.

  9. My child was placed under a delayed category because she couldn't speak like other 4 year olds in her class. She is 5 now and she's been homeschooled since her progress is off the charts and she gets to enjoy her days with family and active play without the stress of nightly homework. I work from home and I am blessed to have the opportunity to support her I'm this way.

  10. we are going to homeschool our 9 year old daughter. the principal got furious and told us she would become very unsocial and it would be very very bad. why are people in teacher positions and can be so uneducated.

  11. What people call socialization I call conformity. As Christians we are called not to conform to the world anyway. To me, public school is The way to conform society to think a certain way.

  12. I usually don't comment on videos but could not resist this time. I have to say, this is the most unreasonable TED talk I have ever watched.

  13. I grew up in Soviet Union and it was illegal too to be homeschooled, still is in present Russia, the state thinks children are government property and people who work for the state are soul dead robots.

  14. Wife and I plan to leave the USA and move to my village in Moldova. We plan to home school and live on the farm. Too expensive to live in the USA with only one working parent

  15. My toddler is going to start kindergarten soon, definitely I going to homeschool her, we did pre k at home & she is very creative, I think public school takes away their creativity, imagination, they dont let them Express themselves, our childrens have follow the school system and that doesn't always work. I see kids stressing about going to school because they don't understand our children's. Every opportunity is a learning lesson, at home, at the park, at the store, etc.

  16. Mr Steimle, I have no doubt that homeschooling is a good decision for your own children, but what about loving families where both parents are working flat out to make ends meet, or caring families where one or both parents have a chronic illness and struggle to meet their children's basic needs, or families where there is discord and school provides a welcome escape from the stifling atmosphere at home, or single working parent families, or any other family which doesn't have at least two adults on form and in harmony? And isn't that the vast majority of families? What about society as a whole when some children are home schooled and others aren't? Aren't you proposing, in effect, a two-tier education system, where children of successful, intelligent, coping parents are able to enjoy a superior education right from the start and thus be better placed to receive a higher education and pass their skills on to their own children and feel no responsibility towards anybody else's children? Isn't that kind of education exactly what the Western world has poured the last hundred years of time, effort and finance into overcoming? If we are capable people then don't we have a responsibility towards children that extends beyond our own front door? These are the questions I hoped to find answers to in your talk, but you didn't even address them. I would be very grateful if you or anybody else with a constructive suggestion would answer my comment and take it seriously. Thank you in advance.

  17. When my son turned 2 I sat down with him and begin to go through flashcards and kid books..I saw that in just 3 days he was picking up on everything I was teaching him. That was the moment I thought about homeschooling. I homeschooled him through preschool and decided to let him try kindergarten…..he HATED IT… was ahead in his class but HATED IT and he was bored and had already learned everything. So I pulled him out and homeschooled him. Then we tried a different school..it was supposed to be the best in our area…HE HATED IT. STAYED ON THE HONOR ROLL the entire school year, his teacher told me to stop teaching him because he was too far ahead…also the kids were terrible and the teacher herself admitted that she was overwhelmed. So I made him finish but promised that I would never make him go through that again. What he learned in 180 days I taught him in 30….its crazy. So I got to try both and I can truly say I see a major difference. He was so anxious and irritable when he went to public school..there was no room for creativity…it was nuts. My daughter just turned 5 and will be starting 1st-grade work this August because I started her in kindergarten at 3.5…I refuse to put her through the same issue. I love teachers..what they do is AMAZING…however the school system is jacked up and I am blessed that I don't have I to allow my kids to be a part of it. Also, both of my kids are in sports..my son plays soccer, basketball, football and karate and my daughter does gymnastics and soccer…so they are around kids 24/7…, not to mention church activities and meeting up with other kids.. so socialization is not even an argument anymore. we all know public school kids who feel alone all the time. I think that homeschooling is NOT for everyone but has a lot of benefits; it is spreading like wildfire! ps. the amount of hw kids get now days is CRAZY.

  18. I graduated at 13 from high school because I was home schooled. As in an actual high school diploma. My SAT score was 2300.
    Secret? Khan Academy. And only 4 hours of home school a day. 5 days a week.

  19. I didn’t know that about Ben Swan!

    I worked in the public schools for 10 years and I’m now homeschooling my own children. I recognized that the system was so messed up and not ideal for children and I wanted more for them! I taught children with learning disabilities & the biggest irony was that they had (by law) an “Individualized Education Plan” but were expected to pass the same standardized tests. It broke my heart to see them struggle to learn unnecessary things & memorize facts they had no meaning. My younger ones were so eager to learn to read then by 4th grade their desire to learn dwindles & it turns into trying to motivate them.

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