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I Want To Quit "Make Money Online" YouTube i want make money online

I want to quit “make money online” YouTube and in this video I explain why.

*Note: While I was editing this, I realized I may come off as really out of touch and even ungrateful since I know, as a “full time YouTuber”, a lot of people would gladly trade places with me. I recorded this really spontaneously but I wanna say I really am thankful for all the support on the channel this past year and I’m aware of how privileged I am to even be stressed out about something like this. I hope you guys continue to follow along on my journey but I understand if you were only interested in the business content. Either way, thanks again for being here. I don’t know exactly where we’re going from here, but that’s okay. We’re only getting started. .

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I Want To Quit "Make Money Online" YouTube

I Want To Quit "Make Money Online" YouTube

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I Want To Quit "Make Money Online" YouTube
i want make money online
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34 thoughts on “I Want To Quit "Make Money Online" YouTube i want make money online”

  1. There is nothing privileged or dramatic about prioritizing your well-being. It is brave that you decided to explore ideas and be willing to move away from what is not authentic to you and whichever path you choose, you'll be alright as long as you prioritize yourself. As for me, your vlogs were truly missed and I am glad that they could be coming back.

  2. don't over analyse, don't over think. we all do that. Just go ASAP where you'll be happy. Go in that new zone ASAP. I will follow you no matter what!

  3. Hi Meg I came across your channel several or more months ago and subscribed. I have found your content to be genuine which is what I really liked. You might find not too many people unsubscribe if you change direction as they have grown to like you as a person not just the business side of things. So I'll be remaining a subscriber. Making money online is not easy. I started stock photography / stock videography (among a couple of other things) a couple of years ago and have made several thousand dollars over that time. The great thing is, this is now providing me some passive income of a couple hundred dollars each month for no work at all, and continues to do so during this period where I haven't had a chance to create more content for the time being. I don't really 'need' it as I work in a full-time government / public service job. But having something on the side that you enjoy doing is part of the purpose and fun with it all as you spoke about – and a therapeutic distraction from the mundanity of life. Most of my saleable content is drone photography and video, which I also really love doing as a hobby. So I can combine this with money-making online licensing it on stock photography sites. I've really liked a number of videos you posted as they are coming from someone who is genuine, transparent and experimenting with these different pursuits. Anyway I'm an almost 51 year old dude from Australia so I'm no spring chicken anymore 😀 You have plenty more good years ahead of you to find what you love and excel in it, even as you have already achieved on YouTube. Cheers, Steve.

  4. It’s like a full-time job staying at home mom or dad and most of the time this is difficult. So, mom or dad you are have the responsibly to look after your kids, but also provide for your family from the convenience of your own home. Well, this method of making money online is like what everybody wants and is seriously no dream but a dream come through. It’s possible, and you can do it without spending hours a day away from your kids. In this post, you’ll learn multiple ways how to make money as a stay at home mom or dad while still having a life.

  5. If anything this just made us feel more connected to you. And I guess like me, many of us found some similarities to the situation you are in, this definitely help me and probably countless others.

  6. This is absolutely fine if you don't want to do the hassles you are presenting, you are honestly trying them and showing them to your subscribers and this is all we need. The reason I subscribed to your channels is because in one of your print on demand video your hassle completely failed and it was so interesting to me because I was only watching success stories where everything looked so easy. There are successful people, but life is not all about going from one success to another. It was actually very encouraging to see someone that failed and is not ashamed of it. I think you should continue to test various hassles because of your honesty about them and because you actually helping people to see the "whole picture" not only the good side. And if you want to do something else, then start a new channel and see how it works. You don't need to everything for yourself, you can do some things for other people and even make some money with it. This is what most people do in their jobs.

  7. I'm sure a lot of us will still be here because we like you as a person! No matter what content you put out, it should be authentic to who you are as a person. You should enjoy what you're doing. You got this!

  8. Your old intros indicated that your passion was documenting your adventures.

    While it was online business interest that led me to your channel, it was the authenticity of your experiences that caused me to subscribe. The fact that you didn't like most of what you did was obvious, but you were honest about (most of) your experiences. That you wanted to be a YouTube star was obvious. You've said it, many times. You made some compromises to achieve your goal of building a successful channel. Your passion became a "job." You mentioned that your Door dash was your most successful video. I noticed that the last few videos were focussed on that. Delivering food gets old, fast. Been there.

    Your goal was freedom. Feeding a YouTube channel is a full-time job, if it's your full-time income. That's gotta suck. It ain't freedom. I imagine the burnout is real.

    Hang in there. I look forward to your next adventure.

  9. I'm new to your channel, but i was pretty grateful that you have showed the very realsitic part of the online busienss bubble(unlike the others who just over simplify the entire process) . I think it'd be nice if you just develope a long-term online business (like the amazon fba you were starting) to fund your life, and stop trying all other short term side husstles that you dislike, also allow yourself to film whatever content you like. In the end you are responsible for your life, really shouldn't force yourself for anyone else 🙂 All the best!

  10. You definitely want to do what makes you happy in life. You are just as much a real person as the next and you will struggle at times as everyone does. Keep your head up and always remember, tomorrow is a new day.

  11. I subscribed to you when you were in college making photography related and other random vlogs Because you're fun to watch. I haven't been into the online business/side hustle experimentation videos, but kept watching anyway. Whichever direction you choose to go there will be plenty of subscribers willing to stay with you if you make your videos interesting and keep the fun personality.

  12. To be honest, i found your channel from DD content lol. The business stuff is cool and i thought about trying it sometimes. But i also like to watch other people make mistakes so i dont have too 🙂 You said you're still interested in making DD so im all for it. I was actually kinda happy to see you making DD content again. Since that's what i started watching and the fact that i do it too. I like you for you. So as long as the videos are entertaining i'll stick around. Unless you solely start doing beauty content. Then im out 😀

  13. You’re a great channel. And as someone who has only recently subscribed, I’d love to see how your personality would shine through creating content you genuinely love and developed new passion for. & as a small motivational tip, never forget plenty of YouTubers have changed their niche, some subscribed from this may go, but subscribers from your new niche will come! For instance, Graham Stephan a popular finance niche creator, first started off making his real estate videos. There’s always room for growth and trial and error. Stick to your passion and the rest will follow.

  14. Meg do not feel bad about your choice. You said it perfectly, you have to love what you do. I originally watched your videos because you were one of the very few make money online YouTube people that didn’t try to shove a course down my throat or hide behind misleading video titles. You didn’t hide stuff behind paywalls. You showed honest results, which is more than most of the make money community has ever done. I think you’ve thought this out awhile and you should go for it. The goal should be to do what you love and live within your means while being independent. You’ll get there

  15. Being an entrepreneur can be more than just Youtube or e-commerce. Your purpose is going to change a lot during your life. Creator burn-out is a real thing and it's important to acknowledge a need for change. Don't stress if you take a hit in subs. Just be authentic and genuine with what you create and we'll be here for it. Good luck!

  16. Hi Meg,
    Whatever you decide to do l will continue to support YOU always no matter whatever the direction you decide to take I will continue to support YOU, you must go where your Big Heart tells you to go don't continue doing something if you no longer enjoy it, because in the long term you will be unhappy with your decision, I thank you so much for sharing your life journey with us so far and I'm Truly looking forward to watching you on the next stage of your life journey, Please keep me informed on all your updates and decisions, till then bye for now Meg, and Stay Safe Always, We love You for You, We want to be able to see that Incredibly Famous, Meg, Smile again

  17. You always said the point of your videos was to "try out various side-hustles." It's experimentation. Not every experiment succeeds, but that's okay. Scientists learn more from their failures than from their successes. Or as Master Yoda put it in the last Star Wars film, "The greatest teacher, failure is." Why shouldn't that be true for you, too? The trick is to keep trying until you find something that DOES work out for you and makes you happy. In my 40 years since graduating from college, I've held 11 different jobs. It was by the grace of God that I stumbled upon teaching 6 years ago. If I can find my way, you certainly can. And your real friends will stick by you, no matter what you do. Good luck!

  18. Hey Meg 🙂 I've been watching your videos for about a year or so and I have loved all of them. I started watching you while I was at my lowest and I have always looked forward to watching them. I literally get so happy and excited when I see a new video from you. Regardless of what content you choose to post, I will still watch your videos. Please do what makes you happy, those who love you will still watch you and support you no matter what. Take care and stay safe.

  19. We would love to see some daily vlogs or other creative ways that you can choose to show us. One thing please don’t stop making content you are amazing!

  20. Also just had another thought. Maybe you do a vlog and business video together. You title it the same and put timestamps to show where the vlog ends and continues and when the business part starts

  21. Listen to your gut! You got this! You are a creative person and you’ll be successful no matter what you your mind into

    Thanks for this honest discussion! Very helpful for me as a creator

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