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Lakeyria Doughty? The 42 Latest Answer

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Lakeyria Doughty is an actress best known for her role as Queen in the movie Charm City Kings which was released in 2020. She has 2 credits according to IMDB.

She is an urban dirt biker known for her driving skills. Here are 10 facts about Lakeyria Doughty you’ll want to know.


Lakeyria Doughty











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Lakeyria Doughty

10 Facts About Lakeyria Doughty

Lakeyria Doughty is an actress who played the role of Queen in the 2020 movie Charm City Kings. She filmed another film “Lost King”, in which she played the role of “Max”.

“How old is Lakeyria Doughty?” This question comes up a lot on the internet. She is a 22-year-old dirt biker who was born in 1998 in Baltimore, Maryland. She currently reses in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite her age, she is a very talented dirt biker who has yet to reveal her birthday details.

She’s a tomboy who dn’t mention her height and weight. However, she appears to be a perfect height with an average weight.

She is an acclaimed social media personality famous for her driving skills. On Instagram, she has 37,000 followers who really support her talent and encourage her to be even better.

She recently got into the film industry through her cycling skills and was also featured in Wheelie Queen, a short film by Refinery 29, a women-focused media and entertainment company.

She lost her father at a young age, who gave her her first bike when she was 13. She also told the media that her father is always there to encourage and support her.

She has not revealed her relationship status and dating history and she appears to be single.

She is of American nationality and likely Black ethnicity. She was the influencer and encourager for the youth who want to follow their dreams.

She is a very passionate dirt bike rer who is famous in her field. With the same dedication and hardworking attitude, she will be one of the most renowned dirt bike rers and actresses.

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LOST KINGS – Episode 1 of 3 \”Too Much Reminiscing\”

LOST KINGS – Episode 1 of 3 \”Too Much Reminiscing\”
LOST KINGS – Episode 1 of 3 \”Too Much Reminiscing\”

Images related to the topicLOST KINGS – Episode 1 of 3 \”Too Much Reminiscing\”

Lost Kings - Episode 1 Of 3 \
Lost Kings – Episode 1 Of 3 \”Too Much Reminiscing\”

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Queen (@wheeliequeen) • Instagram photos and videos

Signed to SYNDICATE Marketing & Sports ➖For Business inquires ➖ Manager @wgmanagement Charm City Kings NOW STREAMING ON HBOMAX.

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Source: www.instagram.com

Date Published: 1/2/2022

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Khám phá video phổ biến của Lakeyria Doughty | TikTok

Khám phá các veo ngắn liên quan đến Lakeyria Doughty trên TikTok. … Malorie Daugherty(@maloriedaugherty), kyra doughty(@kyra_doughty), …

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Date Published: 1/26/2021

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“Wheelie Queen” Lakeyria Doughty Charged with Murdering …

Lakeyria Doughty, 26, is known for ring dirt bikes around the streets of Baltimore and was recently featured in the Charm City Kings movie …

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Source: taggmagazine.com

Date Published: 5/3/2021

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lakeyria-doughty Profiles | Facebook

People named Lakeyria Doughty. Lakeyria Dougthy (Wheelie Queen). Lives in Paris, New York. Lakare Diatta · Lakoriya Titu.

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Source: www.facebook.com

Date Published: 8/8/2021

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Khám phá video phổ biến của Lakeyria Doughty

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A frantic 911 call and a lie Did Baltimore’s ‘Wheelie Queen’ stab her girlfriend, or was the fatal wound self-inflicted

Between 3 and 4 a.m. on New Year’s Day 2021, operators of the 911 emergency number in Baltimore received a frantic call requesting that an ambulance be dispatched to the 1200 block of North Stricker Street.

“Come on, stay with me Tiff,” Lakeyria Doughty told her friend Tiffany Wilson. Doughty informed the operator that she was performing CPR. “She has a stab wound.”


The 911 operator explained that chest compressions would do little for someone who was still breathing. He told Doughty to remain calm and pressed for more information. He asked which part of Wilson’s body had been stabbed, according to a recording of the call played during Doughty’s murder trial on Wednesday.

Doughty said she didn’t know and that she got to the West Baltimore apartment and found Wilson on the floor with a knife in his hand. The operator asked if Wilson had stabbed himself, and Doughty responded with more information.


“I don’t know. She was drunk. We had a fight,” she said, becoming hysterical.

Assistant prosecutor Shaundria Hanna said that explanation was not entirely accurate, and highlighted it in the opening arguments for the state’s case against Doughty, better known as the “Wheelie Queen.”

Lakeyria “Wheelie Queen” Doughty from “Charm City Kings” is pictured at the IMDb Studio in the Acura Festival Village on location at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2020 in Park City, Utah. (Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

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The 28-year-old actress and dirt biker earned the nickname as a pioneer on Baltimore’s male-dominated 12 O’Clock Boys crew. Her motorcycling skills led to her starring in the HBO film Charm City Kings. She is charged with first-degree murder and carrying a deadly weapon with intent to hurt the death of Wilson, a 33-year-old chef.

A jury was selected late Tuesday afternoon to decide her case. Her attorney and the prosecutor made opening statements Wednesday morning before several state witnesses testified, including the police officer who was first to the scene, a medical examiner and Wilson’s mother, who was with her the morning of her death.

Defense attorney Andrea Jaskulsky acknowledged that her client lied to police, but she said police and prosecutors were determined to blame Doughty for Wilson’s murder and failed to see another possibility: Wilson attacked Doughty during a heated argument about hers relationship and accidentally stabbed himself during a violent scuffle.

Wilson had been to a New Year’s Eve party at her mother’s house and Tonya Douglass testified that her daughter seemed happy but spoke a lot on the phone and got angry as the night wore on. Wilson left around 3am. Douglass said she sent a nephew to follow her daughter because she was drunk.

Text messages between Wilson and Doughty are expected to be presented through the testimony of Baltimore homicide detective Frank Miller.

Jaskulsky said in her opening statement that Doughty Silvester was out with friends, including an ex-girlfriend, which infuriated Wilson. She said the jury’s text messages would show that Wilson reclaimed Doughty’s key to her apartment, and that Doughty went to Wilson’s apartment to collect her belongings, unaware that Wilson was there.


“MS. Wilson was so upset — she got angry,” Jaskulsky told the jury. “You’ll see how Ms. Wilson attacked Lakeyria.”

Lakeyria Doughty, better known as the “Wheelie Queen,” is seen in this 2014 file photo. (Kenneth K. Lam, Baltimore Sun)

Police and prosecutors previously said Wilson broke up with Doughty and that Doughty stabbed her during an argument.

In her opening statement, Hanna urged the judges to focus on Doughty’s changing story. She watched an interaction that would be played on the first responding officer’s body-worn camera, where Doughty told the officer she found Wilson on the kitchen floor with a butcher knife.

“She just found Tiffany lying on the kitchen floor, blood all over, with a knife in her hand,” Hanna said, urging jurors to be skeptical of the emotions Doughty was showing. “Is that really an emotional reaction, or is she acting out or making up a story for detectives?”

dr Richard Morris of the Baltimore Office of the Chief Medical Examiner performed an autopsy. He found out that Wilson died from a stab wound on the left side of her chest and that her death was a homicide. Morris testified that Wilson died quickly from the stab wound, more than 4 inches deep, which damaged her heart and left lung and filled her chest cavity with blood.

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He noted a wound on Wilson’s left hand and a blunt trauma injury to her mouth. In addition, tissues on their face showed signs of being deprived of oxygen.


During questioning of Hanna and Jaskulsky, Morris said the hand injury could have been a defensive wound or accidentally cut himself. He said the injury to her lip could have been caused by a punch in the face or by planting her face on the ground. The deoxygenated tissue could have been a sign of strangulation, he said, or possibly the result of CPR.

Morris said he reached his conclusions based on his autopsy, photos of the crime scene and information he received from police.

Detective Avraham Shugarman, then a patrolman for the department’s Western District, was the first officer to arrive at the scene. His body camera captured a chaotic scene at the Sandtown-Winchester apartment.

Doughty let Shugarman in when he knocked, then ran up the stairs. Wilson’s body lay on the kitchen floor, covered by a blanket. Shugarman testified that much blood was shed and furniture was moved around. In indictment documents, detectives cited the furniture as evidence of a struggle.

Shugarman ran to his medical kit.

“No! No! Noooooo,” Doughty yelled. “Tiffany’s gone.”

Jury unable to reach verdict in murder trial of woman accused of killing girlfriend

Jury fails to reach verdict in murder trial of woman accused of killing friend

A mistrial was declared in the trial of the Baltimore woman accused of fatally stabbing her friend in January 2021. Prosecutors said they got into an argument just hours after midnight that turned violent and then fatal. The jury could not reach a decision. The Baltimore Attorney’s Office said it will continue to seek justice in the case.

A mistrial in the trial of the Baltimore woman accused of fatally stabbing her friend in January 2021.

Lakeyria Doughty, also known as the “Wheelie Queen”, was charged with the stabbing death of her friend Tiffany Wilson on New Year’s Day 2021.


Prosecutors said they got into an argument just hours after midnight that turned violent and then fatal.

The jury could not make a decision.

The Baltimore City Attorney’s Office said it will continue to fight for justice in the case.

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