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Levi Fiehler Wikipedia, Age, Date Of Birth, Movies And Tv Shows, And Height Of The Resident Alien Cast? The 195 New Answer

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Levi Fiehler is an American actor who rose to fame after it was announced he would star in the sci-fi comedy-drama television series Resent Alien. Levi Fiehler plays Mayor Ben Hawthrone in the series, which premiered on January 27, 2021.

Levi Fiehler Wikipedia

Does Levi Fiehler have an official Wikipedia page? Levi Fiehler does not have an official Wikipedia page. The editors of Wikipedia have not yet discovered Levi Fiehler.

Levi Fiehler age

How old is Levi Fiehler? Levi Fiehler’s age is not yet known. However, it is believed that he is around 30 years old.

Levi Fiehler date of birth

When was Levi Fiehler born? What is Levi Fiehler’s date of birth? Levi Fiehler’s date of birth is not yet known.

Levi Fiehler movies and tv show

What are some of Levi Fiehler’s most popular movies and TV shows? Levi Fiehler has acted in many films and television shows. Some of them include;

Wolf Town (2011).


Resent foreigner (since 2021).

ETXR (2014).

Glitch (2015).

Wyatt Earp’s Revenge (2012).

Check out the Resent Alien trailer below:

Levi Fiehler height

How tall is Levi Fiehler? Levi Fiehler is 1.85 meters tall.

Livi Birch Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parent’s, Net Worth \u0026 More

Livi Birch Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parent’s, Net Worth \u0026 More
Livi Birch Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parent’s, Net Worth \u0026 More

Images related to the topicLivi Birch Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parent’s, Net Worth \u0026 More

Livi Birch Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parent’S, Net Worth \U0026 More
Livi Birch Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Parent’S, Net Worth \U0026 More

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Levi Fiehler – IMDb

Levi Fiehler is an actor, known for The Fosters (2013), Mars (2016) and Resent Alien (2021). … Resent Alien Mayor Ben Hawthorne (2021-2022). Known For.

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Levi Fiehler

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Resident Alien (TV series)


total no. in

Season Title Director: Written By [18] Original Air Date [19] US Viewers


Part 1

Harry wakes up in a hospital after being found naked on the street with a head injury. Harry can’t remember actual details but recalls that he is an alien sent to earth to wipe out all human life, leading the hospital staff to believe he is insane. Asta visits Ben at home, not knowing what has become of Max and Harry. Max shows Asta the invisible ship that crashed on the baseball field. Asta finds Harry, who now mistakes himself for Law & Order’s Lennie Briscoe, and takes him back to the sushi restaurant to refresh his memory. 42, the living squid, who can also communicate telepathically with Asta, restores Harry’s memory, and Harry takes 42 home since squid are closely related to his alien species. In the cabin, Max confronts Harry about how the alien shielded him during the crash when he returned to Earth. Max says this proves Harry loves him like a father would. Harry angrily throws Max out, claiming he is responsible for being stuck on Earth, though secretly concerned he is becoming more human. The next morning, Max finds that chest hair has grown overnight. Meanwhile, Mike and Liv follow up on the severed foot at Harry’s house and conclude that his front door was replaced after a fight. The sheriff is also privately observing an anniversary of a dead ex-partner.

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12 2 “The Wire” Robert Duncan McNeill Sarah Beckett February 2, 2022 ( ) 1.04[21]

Max took a piece from Harry’s “Survival Kit” which causes Max’s hair growth including beard. The neighboring town of Jessup advertises its tourism as better than Patience as there are no ‘severed feet’ in Jessup. Severed foot vandals appear on place-name signs, and “murder tours” begin. Aware that his planet may be sending more of his species to wipe out Earth, Harry begins having nightmares and turns a piece of survival gear into an underground bunker. Asta invites Harry to the sheriff’s poker game to make more friends, hoping Harry will find other reasons to save humanity alongside her. During the game, Harry learns that the real Harry almost sold his cabin 6 years ago, but changed his mind. The sheriff and deputy continue to monitor Harry and see him removing large amounts of dirt from his home. Through their investigation, they find the realtor who listed the cabin, who informs them that the original Harry sold the cabin to settle a $500,000 debt he suddenly paid in cash. They also learn that Harry was disciplined at work for being in areas storing the same poison that killed the Patience Doctor. Harry shows Asta the bunker and she is horrified to learn that more aliens are coming to destroy Earth. She tricks Harry into agreeing to contact his planet just before the sheriff arrives to question Harry. He avoids detection by disguising himself as Asta using some of his survival gear.

13 3 “Girls Night Out” Shannon Kohli Jenna Lamia February 9, 2022 ( ) 1.09[22]

24 years ago at a summer camp, young Liv witnesses a flash of light in the sky that is said to be an alien spaceship. In the present, Mike and Liv confront Harry, who uses superhuman athleticism to avoid arrest, erasing her memories of the encounter and leading her to believe the FBI took over the Sam Hodges murder investigation. To compete with the mayor of Jessup, Ben directs a commercial that portrays Patience’s tourism as pleasant. Max and Sahar confront Harry about the premature aging effects of one of Harry’s pieces of survival gear on Max. Asta, D’Arcy, Kate and several friends go to a girls’ night out, accompanied by Kate’s cousin Carlyn, a laser physicist who is intrigued by Harry’s partially constructed homeworld contact device , but is unaware of his extraterrestrial origins. At the bar, Harry and Carlyn become romantically involved, though Harry plans to steal her ID to get into her lab and steal a key component to complete the device. Asta reprimands him and he leaves the bar humiliated. The ladies sneak into Ben’s office and learn that women in solitaire are underpaid compared to men, so they threaten to kidnap Ben if he doesn’t solve this. The next day, Asta finds that Harry has taken control of Carlyn’s body by morphing into her form, leaving her real, unconscious body on the bed. Harry enters the laser lab, steals the needed component and repeatedly throws Carlyn’s boss across the room for an unwelcome advance. D’Arcy drops signs demanding equal pay from a helicopter, much to the delight of the ladies. Ben, feeling guilty about the night he and D’Arcy kissed, almost tells Kate the truth, but instead tells her that he is bringing the issue of the gender pay gap to the attention of the city council.

14 4 “Radio Harry” Shannon Kohli Tommy Pico February 16, 2022 ( ) 1.02[23]

As Harry prepares to take his completed communications device to the top of a mountain for optimal communication, Max and Sahar tell Asta that they suspect the device is another explosive. Asta and Dan accompany Harry on his trek to make sure he isn’t lying, only to be joined by two of Asta’s cousins, Kayla and Drew. With Dan entertaining them, Harry and Asta reach their destination, and Harry activates his device, stating that he intends to keep his people from invading Earth for 50 years, as he is only interested in saving Asta from the mass extinction . Despite being angry, Asta receives an urgent call from Big Leroy, another member of her tribe. After Harry helps Leroy’s wife Sunny give birth to their son, he reconciles with Asta and realizes how much people value each other’s lives. Asta, feeling that Jay will never be her daughter, visits Jimmy and they hug. Meanwhile, Liv talks to D’Arcy about her recently lost memory and arranges a date between Mike and a woman named Judy, but Mike is reluctant to talk to Judy about the mistake that made him pursue his career as a police officer in Washington, D.C.D. “Arcy’s parents visit her and ask her about her life, which he is not happy with. Ben and Kate confront Jessup Mayor Mitch Green about his smear campaign against solitaire at a restaurant. Two men capture a psychiatrist and take him to a secret facility full of people suspected of being aliens, run by General McCallister, who discovers that Dr. Ethan Stone isn’t an alien like she assumed. Back in the cabin, Harry receives a mysterious phone number from New York City, which Lisa intercepts and reports to General McCallister.

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15 5 “Family Day” Lea Thompson Biniam Bizuneh February 23, 2022 ( ) 0.90[24]

Harry discovers via Mike that the original Harry with his first wife before Isabelle had a degenerate daughter named Liza, who ran away from a camp for troubled teenagers to visit her father in solitaire. He kidnaps Murphy, one of the dogs Sahar walks for her neighbors, and demands that she and Max return the survival kit piece, unaware that it is now in the hands of David, who learns of its effects that defy gravity. As Harry struggles to bond with Liza, D’Arcy confronts Asta about her night at Jimmy’s house. At a family gathering in a park, Harry finally bonds with Liza and places a positive memory in Mike’s mind to replace the blanked-out memory of his attempt to arrest him. Asta enters a chili-eating contest with D’Arcy to impress Jay; and Max and his schoolmates perform a grotesque play about the town’s famous 59 miners who died to save one. The next day, as Liza says a heartfelt goodbye, Harry realizes how much he misses his own family and feels ready to go to New York. Liv confides in Mike her belief that an alien erased her memories.

16 6 “An Alien in New York” Lea Thompson Elias Benavidez March 2, 2022 ( ) 0.96[25]

Flashback reveals that the original Harry and Dr. Hodges were involved in stealing money from a charity event in New York. In the present, Sahar tells Harry that his survival kit piece was taken from David, so Harry tries to bring Murphy the dog back to her, only to find that Murphy mortally wounded the octopus. After sadly cooking and eating 42, Harry travels with Asta to the New York City pizzeria that provided the mysterious phone number. Across the street they find a mural with the word “Goliath” written in Harry’s language. This leads Harry to find other murals around town and locate the art gallery of Goliath, a member of his kind. During a gala at the gallery, he and Asta talk to Violinda Darvell, the Brazilian-born telephone operator who knows who Harry is, and asks Asta how long she’s known his secret. One of the partygoers gives Harry an LSD pill, which he takes, causing him to hallucinate and lose control of his human form as he wanders into the streets. Liv talks to Mike about her alien theories, which he denies, although he later tells her that he met Jesse, his partner, in Washington, D.C. has lost. With Kate and Max out of town, D’Arcy confidently helps Ben make his own decisions and spends the night in Max’s bedroom.

17 7 “Escape from New York” Claudia Yarmy Emily Eslami & Jeffrey Nieves March 9, 2022 ( ) 0.98[26]

Violinda takes Asta to a secret room in Goliath’s gallery where she keeps Goliath’s petrified corpse. Asta then catches up with Harry, who is still on an acid trip, and restores his senses with ice. Harry is heartbroken to learn of Goliath’s death, but when Asta tells him she saw Goliath’s body, he rushes her back to the gallery and smashes the body, revealing an alien egg inside. Violinda confesses that Goliath used her DNA to impregnate himself, causing him to become petrified; and Harry promises to take care of the half-alien, half-human baby. In Patience, Kate confronts Ben about putting up a sign in her house that she dislikes, unaware that D’Arcy encouraged him to do so; D’Arcy and Kate discuss whether the latter may be pregnant again. Ben dismisses the older Dr. Smallwood from her position as Patience’s new town doctor after she misdiagnosed him as having cancer at his annual check-up, with Sister Ellen recommending that he reinstate Harry. Liv posts a UFO video online, only to be taunted by online trolls. Lisa, who followed Harry to New York, bolts from the gallery and kills two men who recognize Harry, one of whom has a name tag identifying him as Alex Ogilvie of the Galvan/Powell Group. On a train out of town, Lisa corners Harry after following a trail of liquid leaked through the egg and they fight until Harry dangles her out of a broken window. An oncoming train from the opposite track decapitates Lisa. At the diner, Dan talks to Mike about losing a friend named Joe during an ambush mission in the Vietnam War and has named the diner in his honor. After suspecting that Abigail Hodges didn’t murder her husband and is unable to sell his belongings at a flea market for sentimental reasons, Mike and Liv search Sam’s office for clues as to the motive behind his murder. Inspired by Sam’s crime novel collection Abigail left him, Mike and Liv discover a list of names (including Galvan/Powell) hidden behind a picture frame. Back at the cabin, Asta tells Dan about Goliath and the Egg. Harry plans to keep the egg in his bunker, but he and the Twelvetrees are greeted by several friends who throw him a surprise birthday party while the egg begins to hatch.

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18 8 “Alien Dinner Party” Claudia Yarmy Chris Sheridan March 16, 2022 ( ) 1.10[27]

General McCallister confronts David in a forest with his piece of alien survival gear, but flees when a sniper blinking in an alien manner kills David. Shortly after coming home to a surprise party, Harry places the bag of alien eggs in his bunker. Harry explains to Asta that once an alien baby is hatched, it will eat any high-calorie food it can find, including humans; Asta tries to get rid of the houseguests, but Harry keeps the party going because of the cake promise. Harry goes down to the basement to check on the egg and discovers that it has already hatched and the alien baby is missing. D’Arcy helps Kate with a pregnancy test in the bathroom. Later, D’Arcy mentions that she went rock climbing with Ben; After Ben admits he secretly plans to open a ski resort in Patience to boost tourism, Mike reveals that she kissed Ben. Kate gets angry with Ben for not telling her he spent time with D’Arcy while she was away and tells him she is pregnant. Jay asks Asta to spend her upcoming 18th birthday with her. Asta goes to the cabin’s bathroom and spots the alien baby in the toilet, and it runs out the window. Meanwhile, Max and Sahar escape from sister Ellen, who is doing a poor job babysitting, to warn Harry that the government is looking for him. When they arrive at Harry’s house, they watch the alien baby eat a raccoon. After informing Harry that the baby alien ran out the window, Asta goes outside to look for it. After hearing the baby chirp, Liv’s memories return. The baby forms a telepathic link with Harry, giving him a vision of Goliath telling him that their species is not trying to kill humanity, but wants to stop another alien species planning to conquer Earth. A mysterious man who ordered the original Harry to see Dr. Killing Hodges arrives and shoots the current Harry, ending the telepathic link while the alien baby jumps into the lake. Asta shoots the man with one of Harry’s guns.

Part 2

Levi Fiehler Age And Wikipedia 10 Facts On Resident Alien Actor

Levi Fiehler is a handsome and popular actor known for The Fosters (2016-2017), Mars (2018), Resident Alien (2021), Ray Donovan (2014) and many more. His latest sci-fi drama Resident Alien is out on January 27th, 2021. Just looking at the trailer has a simmering rumor going around in the media about the TV series.

Also, in 2008, Levi Fiehler made his first regular appearance on the TV series In the Moment as Adam. In the same year he landed the role of Cal in the movie Moonshine Inc. His versatility and handsome personality became an asset for him to get a chance in film and TV shows. Nevertheless, he is a trained actor.

Quick Facts: Levi Fiehler Age and Wikipedia: 10 Facts About Resident Alien Actor

Name Levi Fiehler Gender Male Height 6’1″ Nationality American Occupation Actor Married/Single Single Education The Sanford Meisner Studio

10 facts about Levi Fiehler

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