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The Evergrande Crisis | Stocks & Crypto Sell Off. financial girl

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The Evergrande Crisis | Stocks & Crypto Sell Off.

The Evergrande Crisis | Stocks & Crypto Sell Off.

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The Evergrande Crisis | Stocks & Crypto Sell Off.
financial girl
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36 thoughts on “The Evergrande Crisis | Stocks & Crypto Sell Off. financial girl”

  1. Alot of red-faced youtubers now. Hex is the only crypto staying the course during crash. Towards RH, envy is one of the most powerful resentments that few are fully immune to. Some just become puppets of their own resentment. Hex is now 11% of entire marketcap and has decoupled from Btc.

  2. I am from Spain, my friend in Texas referred me to this channel you make a lot of sense but I do not understand anything until she referred me to a financial counselor in USA that help me to craft my portfolio and over a year we have been working together making consistent profit enough to get me a new apartment and care for parents.

  3. You sound so soft. China rules this world smh….they dont care if their in debt life will go on. The U.S is in debt too and look at us, we booming baby!!!

  4. Evergrande is typical of the entire real estate market in China. It is and has been a house of cards for years and is destined to fall and take much of China with it. The impact on China and the rest of the world will be immense.

  5. Do you credit merchanting in runescape as your first idea of how to make (gp) that surely you feel helped train your self for your future goals and aspirations W1 varrock

  6. China will probably move Leftward as a result of Evergrande debacle presenting a huge opportunity for USA to further distance us from China! Problem is, idiot in the Whitehouse agrees w/moving Leftward, as does DNC! Opportunity lost!

  7. I have been investing in stock since 2013, but I must confess that since I started trading and buying crypto I have made more, this is the FOMO September for incoming dip in October. It is manipulated but that can be a good thing if you understand it. We should all know that when these reports are bullish take some off to the side lines, when news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple simple" that bear/ correction was the best thing that happened me. but all thanks to Kevin Kuria John for his amazing skills for help me to earn 17 BTC through trading chart. I believe we are in the spring phase

  8. After all the pros and cons, I have come to a conclusion that the stock/crypto markets are not a reliable place and their income is not stable. It's always drama after drama

  9. Isnt it fair though, to let these awful companies crash and burn? Wasnt it actually unfair to bail out all companies in 2008 and did it not just lead to more corruption and terrible practices.

  10. Imagine that, China buys/builds thousands of expensive properties world wide with non-existent money just because? They are building their world empire on nothingness, driving property prices higher worldwide and we're expected to accept this? Wow.

  11. After studying the trajectory of great assets like real estate, dividend paying stocks of blue chip companies, gold, oil etc ,my conclusion is that most great assets never come down to the price that you want them to so you can buy. just buy the ones you can afford today.

  12. You may be a bit off on China property scene. Chinese consumers usually bought properties before it's being built. It's a common practice, but tends to make bubble worse, as a community may have half the properties sold and thus run out of money to finish the community. Since you can't really dump an unfinished property cheap, and construction companies tend to just abandon the entire construction project all together…making more consumers stop buying new, unfinished properties…starting a vicious cycle. This vicious cycle has been growing for a a while starting with smaller builders for a couple years now.

  13. People here in China buy long before the property is finished. House payments start long before the transfer of keys. Many properties come unfinished and the new owners do all the sub-contracting to finish the space the way they choose. I see an Evergrande in the distance but I also see another 1000 developments going on all around. I would love to talk with you about the mindset here and how people view real estate.

  14. where does this issue fit on the FUD scale 1-10? The market has been pushing ATH for months. It was just looking for a reason to sell. IMO this will unlikely be a sustained sell off.

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