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The Great Debate on Digital Technology | Promise Or Peril? technology debate topics

The pace of development in artificial intelligence and its integration into digital technology has been rapidly accelerating. All signs seem to indicate we are only a few years away from mass adoption and AI hitting scale. But as all this new development takes shape, few of us truly understand the implications.

Opening ideacity 2018’s conference, two thought-leaders went head to head on the future of digital technology. What lies ahead? Promise or peril? Peter Diamandis and Diane Francis debate the future of digital technology.

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After the main debate, we brought in critics, challengers, and cross-examiners to grill the constituents and present their point of view on the resolution. The panel consisted of Salim Ismail, Rob Nail, Matthew Fisher, Ramona Pringle, Sasha Grujicic, and Jim Harris. .

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The Great Debate on Digital Technology | Promise Or Peril?

The Great Debate on Digital Technology | Promise Or Peril?

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The Great Debate on Digital Technology | Promise Or Peril?
technology debate topics
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23 thoughts on “The Great Debate on Digital Technology | Promise Or Peril? technology debate topics”

  1. People Made the Big Huge Mistake 16 Years Ago by Adapting a Smartphone that Spys on them , Gave up all of their Privacy for a Mobile Computer

    Liberty and a Private Life without carrying a Spy Device ! crypto Risks, an EMP or loss of electrical power, 2) a disruption of the internet, 3) a computer virus or cyber theft that we now think can’t happen, 4) a governmental ban on a certain cryptos in favor of required use of CBDCs, 5) a stock market-like crash in the crypto due to fears of 1 – 4 Your Paying to Have the NSA on you

    These are the same people that think that paper currency is still the same as money. Language is important and ignorance is dangerous.5G Inflammation and Irritation that take your breath away . They can track every breath or movement you Make and Shut youe device down . "When you die you're dead. You don't know it cause you're dead. It only hurts those around you……The same can be said for stupidity".

    I am 53 and never had a Smart Phone for the Tracking Reasons , I use an older 2G Phone without Apple or Google , No Texts , Camera or Apps , Just a Phone , I still use Checks and Cash Only , If everything is Digital we might as well be in Prison , Most People I know shop at Yard Sales , Goodwill and Dollar Stores , Church thrift Shops , We already have ways of Securing our Money for Travel . People want Freedom .Crypto is a speculative financial instrument : QC

  2. There is not a single instance of scarcity on this planet that we do not already have the science, technology, resources and expertise to overcome today. The only reason our species is not solving our issues is this centuries old delusion that man must pay to live on this rock in space. And that without monetary incentives that the human species would languish. Yet science has shown us time and again that the true human motivations are autonomy, mastery and purpose. And that monetary incentives actually have an adverse outcome on any task that requires anything above rudimentary repetitive labor. The human species is a part of nature, not separate from it. What is not part of nature is this archaic tool that man invented in antiquity, to solve the issue of scarcity. That is what money is. A tool to solve the issue of scarcity by allowing the flow of goods and services. It is a technology. One that is not only at the root of all the social inequality in the world, but one that we surpassed the need of decades ago. There is not a single issue on this planet today that we could not solve in the next decade if we could just get past this archaic belief in a tool that enslaves us.

  3. Lets not forget how we had to pay or long distance calls on our landline,, by the MINUTE. When I was younger, back in the mid 1980's, we had NO cell phones yet. I married a Canadian and moved to Canada from NY. I would call my Mom every week who was in Albany, NY. I was right over the BORDER near Niagara Falls, NY, but I was on the Canadian side. I had an extra FEE per minute for calling my Mom, because my call was not ONLY "long distance", it was also considered "international calling". MY short phone calls to my Mom once a week cost about $500 per month. And, God forbid I called my best friends, sister, or brother, or grandparent's, then it was $700-800 per month just for my landline. My monthly phone bill cost more than our monthly mortgage pymt. I was in Canada for 5 yrs, and THIS phone bill played a HUGE roll in my divorce. I kid you NOT. I had to sleep in my car many nights to avoid the fighting. If I had the hindsight to know this was going to happen, I never would've moved over the border and married this man. HOW SAD IS THAT? Today, we have cell phones and we can call anywhere in the US, MX, and Canada and text. If this was available back in the 1980's, I might not have gotten divorced. I'm very serious. Today, too many folks take things for granted and forget how things use to be. We can't even imagine what A.I. will do for us,,, and for the world. Are we venturing into uncharted waters? Yes, but if we do NOT move forward, we will be stuck where we are today, with the problems we have today. The only way is to move forward, because it's destructive to remain idle. It always has been.

  4. @1'54" "privatize the profits, socialize the cost". E X A C T L Y! Huge businesses, massive oligarchy paying Z E R O taxes to repay the infrastructure that allowed them their profits.

  5. @1'40"47'" he's just talked about 'Toyota's Lexus 2% of unit volume, 50% of its profit', then says immediately, 'can you hear the huge sucking sound as Tesla strips profitability' , , , ,I don't get it, is he talking about Toyota or Tesla?

  6. People were complaining about digital technologies just a year ago. Today, amidst the coronavirus crisis across the world, and coming massive recession, well, these same digital techs are keeping us sane, entertained, connected, and productive. Lesson: everything has two sides. Don't throw the baby with the bathwater.

  7. I see a cold sterile future ahead.People live for twice as long,the world becomes overpopulated,closely regulated to the point of zero privacy and zero choice as how you live your life.

  8. A lot of great points. Didn't really hear the word freedom mentioned or health or sustainability. Are we really going to create more junk with plastic or other materials that just pollute and destroy our environment? As far as us adjusting to the end of the farmer era, it's really us dealing with the take over of the food supply. We are seeing the result of that as everything is being polluted by pesticides. There are great things happening like people using other peoples land to grow food then giving them a portion and taking the rest to sell or people growing crops in the winter is amazing greenhouses. These are the sorts of advancements that we as a collective would be best to support. Let's not allow the Big Corporations to steer the direction of our society. Lets be more pro active in the kind of world we want to see.

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