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Alina Becker? 32 Most Correct Answers

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Alina Becker is a Russian cosplayer and model. She is also an Instagram celebrity and Patreon partner. Her photoshoots mainly consist of various cosplays based on the characters from video games and animated series.

So far in her career, she has competed in global cosplay events including Comicon, K/DA cosplays and Miss Fortune.


Alina Becker


20 – 25




5 feet 7 inches




Instagram star





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10 Facts on Alina Becke

Alina Becker is a model and internet personality currently resing in Moscow, Russia.

Some of her most notable cosplays are characters from TV series such as Sailormoon, Black Lagoon and Lara Croft from a very popular Tomb Raer games franchise.

Your relationship status is private. There is no evence that she has a boyfriend. She might be single.

She has not yet revealed any information about her birthday and origin. However, in terms of her looks, our guess is that she looks like she’s between 20 and 25 years old.

You can contact them on their Patreon page. And she even has an Onlyfans account dedicated to her well-wishers around the world.

Moving on to her physical attributes, she appears to stand at a decent height of 5ft 7in, which is a great addition to her already stunning looks.

Alina also has a really alluring physique as seen on her social media pictures. We don’t have the exact dates, but she seems to have a body with almost perfect measurements.

So far it is not clear what their main source of income is. Therefore, her net worth is not yet known.

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You can also follow her on her Instagram account @japp_leack. Here are some of her cute and healthy photos. .

She also has a substantial following on her Twitter @abecker_cos. She currently has over 73,000 followers on her Twitter, which is still comparatively fewer than her Instagram.

Alina Becker

Alina Becker
Alina Becker

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Alina Becker
Alina Becker

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