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Scotty Cunha And Jahil Fisher - Virtual Speaker Series

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Jahil Fisher is the partner of the famous American film and television author Lee Daniels. Lee is best known for his work in films and TV shows such as; Empire, Precious, Star, The Butler, The Paper Boy, Shadowboxer, Monster’s Ball, The Woods Man and Concrete CowBoy.

Additionally, Jahil is quite active on the popular social media site; Twitter under the name @Feeshlite. However, his tweets are protected and only followers can see them.

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Jail Fischer


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Married single



@ Feeshlite

10 Facts on Jahil Fisher

Jahil Fisher is the partner of the famous American film and television author Lee Daniels.

Lee is best known for his work in films and TV shows such as; Empire, Precious, Star, The Butler, The Paper Boy, Shadowboxer, Monster’s Ball, The Woods Man and Concrete CowBoy.

Jahil is quite active on the popular social media site; Twitter under the name @Feeshlite. However, his tweets are protected and only followers can see them.

Unfortunately, he does not yet have an official Wikipedia page dedicated to him. So his date of birth remains a mystery.

Although his exact age is unavailable in the media, his social media profiles indicate that he is in his m-50s.

The details of his educational background are still in the dark. However, it will be updated soon.

Jahil and Lee have been in a romantic relationship for quite some time. However, not much is known to the public about her private life.

Prior to this relationship, Lee Daniels was in a relationship with Billy Hopkins, who is a casting director by trade. They had adopted two children together.

The details of his body measurements are not yet available in the media.

Speaking of net worth, it’s still under review.

Scotty Cunha and Jahil Fisher – Virtual Speaker Series

Scotty Cunha and Jahil Fisher – Virtual Speaker Series
Scotty Cunha and Jahil Fisher – Virtual Speaker Series

Images related to the topicScotty Cunha and Jahil Fisher – Virtual Speaker Series

Scotty Cunha And Jahil Fisher - Virtual Speaker Series
Scotty Cunha And Jahil Fisher – Virtual Speaker Series

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Who is Jahil Fisher? Age, Net worth, Relationship, Height, Affair

Discover Jahil Fisher Bio, Age, Salary, Networth in 2022. Also, find Jahil Fisher Wiki, Height, Weight, Affair, Relationship, Ethnicity.

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Is Jahil Fisher Still With Lee Daniels What There Is to Know About Him

Jahil Fisher began dating Empire co-creator Lee Daniels after they met at a birthday party in 2010.

Despite the 12-year gap between the stylist and his partner, the lovebirds have put aside the generational differences between them and collaborated on a few projects.

For someone who was allegedly bullied growing up, Fisher, 50, had his parents’ support to continue his career in the fashion industry while embracing his sexuality.

Freelance stylist Jahil Fisher has worked with American producer and director Lee Daniels for 12 years. Despite the 12-year age difference between the couple, the two have continued to grow in their relationship and have excelled in their respective careers.

The freelance stylist used to work at a Maxfield in Los Angeles before his partner asked him to quit. However, the stylist currently works at Lanvin while building his career as a producer.

Fisher and Lee Daniels aren’t shy about showing their affection for one another in public, as they’ve been spotted wearing tights on numerous occasions at various red carpet events.

What do you know about the freelance stylist?

Jahil Fisher was with his parents on October 20, 1971. Although he hasn’t revealed many details about his family, his Instagram account shows that he may have a sibling, a sister named Mable (Alexander) on Instagram. Fisher grew up with his family in Tuscon Arizona before later moving to Chicago to pursue his career.

The stylist reportedly graduated from Amphitheater High School in Tucson, Arizona in 2000. However, his partner, born on December 24, 1959, is the eldest son of Clara May and William Louis Daniels. He has four younger siblings.

Fisher was allegedly bullied in middle school

The stylist revealed he was bullied in middle school because he was different. Despite this, he had the support of his parents and only a few friends. Fisher reportedly didn’t know what the word gay meant at the time.

However, his parents knew and so he didn’t have to come out. Fisher’s partner revealed that he still gets bullied on the street, which is why he’s very protective of him.

Apparently it wasn’t the same with his partner Daniels. The latter revealed that he did it when he was revealed to be gay because he didn’t like his father. While he was still struggling with his sexuality, his father hit him with an extension cord.

The Empire co-creator revealed his dad William threw him in a bin after catching him wearing his mum’s red heels. Lee’s father later died when he was 15.

Regarding his sexuality, Fisher’s lover has made it clear that while he is gay, he is sexually fluid.

Jahil Fisher has acted in a number of films and television productions

As a stylist, Fisher revealed in a YouTube interview that he’s had the opportunity to work as a stylist and also as a creative designer on television shows like Fox’s Empire and The United States vs. Billie Holliday on Hulu.

He has also worked as a producer on the following TV series:

The Miracle Years (2021-2022)

Our Kind of People (2021-2022)

The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)

The creative designer has worked on a number of projects with his partner Daniels. The latter has enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry since beginning his career as a casting director and talent manager.

Lee later started his own production company, which broke the brig after The Movie Monster’s Ball was a box office success. Some of the TV series and films that Fisher’s partner has worked on are:

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The Lumberjack (2004)

Shadow Boxer (2006)

Tennessee (2008)

Precious (2009)

Grace Hightower De Niro (2010)

The Newsboy (2012)

The Butler (2013)

How did Jahil Fisher and Lee Daniels meet?

The couple reportedly first met at Chateau Marmont. The stylist was there for his best friend’s birthday. Lee, who was sitting near the stylist, and his friends sent his assistant to ask for Fisher’s number. The latter refused to give the assistant his number, insisting that the Empire director collect it himself.

Eventually, the two exchanged numbers and started chatting. After a month, the lovers went on a date and the rest was history, although there is a 12-year age difference between the two, with Daniels being the elder. While Fisher is currently 50 years old, his lover is currently 62 years old.

His partner has children

Lee Daniels has dated casting director Billy Hopkins in the past. While they were together, the two adopted Daniel’s biological nieces and nephews, Clara and Liam.

At the time of the adoption, Lee Daniels and Billy Hopkins became the first same-sex couple to legally adopt a child in Pennsylvania.

Was the stylist involved in any controversy?

Jahil Fisher was reportedly not involved in any controversy. However, Daniels was sued by Roc-A-Fella Records founder Damon Dash in 2018 for $5 million for owing producer credits and ownership rights to Daniels’ projects. The Roc-A-Fella founder added that he previously loaned Fisher’s partner $2 million, including his accumulated interest.

What is Jahil Fisher Net Worth?

The 50-year-old creative designer is still building his career behind the camera in Hollywood and has yet to announce his income.

Regardless, his partner reportedly has an estimated net worth of around $20 million. The Lindonwood University graduate has had some accomplishments in his career in the entertainment industry.

As part of his achievements, the director has received more than 30 awards and 30 nominations to date. Aside from his Oscar nomination for Best Director, here are some of his awards and nominations:

2005 Black Reel – Best Independent Film for The Woodsman (2004)

2010 Black Reel – Best Picture for Precious (2009)

2002 MECCA Film Awards

2016 Star on the Walk of Fame

BAFTA Awards – 2010 Nomination for Best Picture (Precious, 2009)

AARP Movies for Grownups Awards 2021 – Best Director Nomination (The United States vs. Billie Holiday, 2021)

Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Dead, Partner, Education

In today’s coverage, we’re going to talk about another famous gay couple in America. Jahil Fisher is a popular freelance stylist known across America for being the romantic interest of Lee Daniels. The couple recently revealed their relationship to the media when Lee Daniels won an award. However, unlike Jahil Fisher, Lee Daniels is a popular American director and producer who has released famous movies like Star in Others.

As we have said several times, until both partners are famous, most of the time the details about a partner are hard to find. Likewise, the details about Jahil Fisher are almost non-existent on the internet. Because the popular freelance styler has not revealed anything about himself to the media. At the moment it is difficult to locate any information. Therefore, we searched the entire internet to find various information about his life. So, without waiting for another letter, scroll down as we get to know all about him as his biography.

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Fast Facts Full Name Jahil Fisher Date of Birth October 20, 1971 Place of Birth Tuscon, Arizona, USA Nationality American Ethnicity Caucasian Relationship Lee Daniels (Boyfriend) Net Worth $2 million Height 5 feet 7 inches Weight 78 kg Zodiac Sign Libra Siblings 2 Brothers Children No hair Color Black Eye color black

What is the Jahil Fisher Age?

As of 2022, his age is around 50 years old. Jahil Fisher was born on October 20, 1971 in the United States of America. As he was born in America, his nationality is American and his ethnicity is Caucasian.

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He celebrates his birthday every year with his father and mother and siblings, details of which are not mentioned anywhere on the internet. We also found out that his hometown is Tuscon, Arizona, where he grew up and played with his siblings and his friends.

Where did Jahil get his education?

He primarily studied his elementary and secondary education at his nearby schools in Arizona. Growing up we always had a passion for fashion and other activities. At that time he had big problems in his school because of his sexual orientation.

However, he took great care of his sanity and did not allow himself to be broken. As we searched the various websites, we found that his high school was called Amphitheater High School.

How did Jahil Fisher become popular?

We know this is a bit ironic, but he was made popular by his partner Lee Daniels. In an interview, he revealed that he was first appointed as a designer for popular television stations. Since he was a freelance stylist, he didn’t have as much popularity. However, his amazing skills have enabled him to work with popular channels like Fox and Hulu. However, it was in 2010 that he first met and fell in love with Lee Daniels.

Who is Jahil Fisher’s current partner?

Before Lee Daniel, there were various rumors that he was in a relationship with another man. Although the rumor hasn’t been denied or confirmed, Jahil Fisher’s current boyfriend is just Lee Daniel. Their love story is quite strange. When Jahil first went to his friend’s party, Lee noticed Jahil. After that, he sent his assistant to get his number, which eventually led to their connection. As of now, The Star Lee Daniel seems to be enjoying the company and looking forward to her wedding.

Is Jahil Fisher active on social media?

After being linked to popular director Lee Daniels, the number of flowers on his Instagram profile grew. As of now, he has around 14.9K followers with over 288 people he follows. If you go through his Instagram feed, you can learn about his daily lifestyle. He posts his everyday pictures with his lover Daniels and travels the world with him. If you want to know more about his life, please follow him on the username @feeshlite.

What is Jahil Fisher Net Worth?

Before he met Lee, he was already working as a freelance stylist. Although it wasn’t a permanent job, he still earned a decent income. He traveled to different places with the Channel production team and was popular with different people. However, did you know that his income increased after meeting Lee? In addition, the connection with Lee allowed me to get in touch with many people who later got more clients. After all, his net worth is around $2 million as of 2022.

Is Jahil Fisher alive?

Yes, Jahil Fisher is not dead and living his best life. Physically he is very fit and loves to exercise. His current height is approximately 5 feet 7 inches and weighs 78 kg. He resembles a typical Caucasian face with black hair and black eyes. As of April 2022, he has no health complications and lives a healthy life. After all, his zodiac sign is Libra.

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