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Who Are Melanie Hamilton & Andrew Greenwood Everything To Know About English Footballer Mason Greenwood Parents? Top 81 Best Answers

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Melanie Hamilton Wilkes is a fictional character first appearing in the 1936 novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. In the 1939 film she was portrayed by Olivia de Havilland. Melanie is Scarlett O’Hara’s sister-in-law and eventually her best friend.She is “a very great lady” (63.9), as Rhett says after she dies; he also says she is “‘the only completely kind person I ever knew'” (63.7).Melanie completely trusted her husband and, if she did know, would not have been worried in the least. I believe that Melanie knew of Scarlett’s “love” for him and that’s why she asked her to look after him. There was an physical attraction and Melanie was wise enough to know it would never go further.

Ashley Wilkes
Gender Male
Occupation Aristocrat
Spouse Melanie Wilkes née Hamilton (deceased)
Children Beau Wilkes (son, with Melanie) Unborn child (second child with Melanie; deceased)

Mason Greenwood has hit the media headlines after his girlfriend shared hurt pictures of herself. The football star is accused of domestic violence. Let’s explore the private life of the British soccer player.

Mason Greenwood is a talented soccer player who has already shown great promise. But more often than not, it gets trended for the wrong reasons. During his stint with the England national team, he was criticized for breaching COVID-19 protocol.

Greenwood’s girlfriend has shared images and audio of the footballer physically abusing her in a shocking story. English giants Manchester United have released a statement saying they will not condone violence of any kind. They are waiting for the allegations to be proven correct to take action.

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Who Are Melanie Hamilton & Andrew Greenwood?

Melaine Hamilton and Andrew Greenwood are the parents of young British soccer player Mason Greenwood. The Greenwood family has been facing media reports lately when a shocking revelation is made.

His parents are resents of Wibsey, Bradford, United Kingdom. Greenwood was born and raised there. Greenwood joined Manchester United’s first team at a young age. He was consered the future of the club.

Manchester United statement: “We are aware of the images and allegations circulating on social media. We will not comment further until the matter is established. Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind.” #MUFC

— Laurie Whitwell (@lauriewhitwell) January 30, 2022

But early in his career he had to face many setbacks. He is always surrounded by one controversy or another. And if his guilt is proven this time, his career could be over now.

Mason Greenwood Parents Age Gap 

Mason Greenwood is one of the two children born to his parents, Melaine Hamilton and Andrew Greenwood. He grew up with his sister Ashton, who also pursued her career in athletics.

There have been many questions about the age difference between Mason Greenwood’s parents. But there is no information about the age of either of them. We will prove you with final information as soon as it is available.

The Greenwood family faces backlash over Mason’s actions. The images shared by his girlfriends are disturbing and if their allegations are true, he deserves punishment.

Mason Greenwood is the product of a privileged life where you are told you are untouchable, flawless, mixed with an incredible ego, no morals and a sick, sick soul.

You can see on the tapes that he also consers himself untouchable.

Thoughts and prayers for the brave woman.

— M. (@MikhaeIII) January 30, 2022

No one in the Greenwood family has commented on these allegations. So far they’ve been pretty quiet. We’ll have to wait and see how this case develops.

Melanie Hamilton & Andrew Greenwood Family Details

Melaine and Andrew are part of a family of four. The couple has been married for a long time. They are parents to two athletes, Mason and Ashton.

The family first attracted media attention when Mason broke into the Manchester United first team. Among the star-studded team, Mason showed promising signs. Red Devils fans were counting on Mason as their club’s future.

But lately, the family’s name has been dragged through the mud. Due to the footballer’s activities, they face a lot of backlash.

How does Rhett describe Melanie?

She is “a very great lady” (63.9), as Rhett says after she dies; he also says she is “‘the only completely kind person I ever knew'” (63.7).

Did Melanie know about Ashley and Scarlett?

Melanie completely trusted her husband and, if she did know, would not have been worried in the least. I believe that Melanie knew of Scarlett’s “love” for him and that’s why she asked her to look after him. There was an physical attraction and Melanie was wise enough to know it would never go further.

Did Ashley Wilkes marry his cousin?

The family of Ashley Wilkes, the man Scarlett O’Hara was always after, married their cousins in “Gone With the Wind,” with no social stigma at all.

Who did Ashley marry in Gone With the Wind?

Ashley Wilkes
Gender Male
Occupation Aristocrat
Spouse Melanie Wilkes née Hamilton (deceased)
Children Beau Wilkes (son, with Melanie) Unborn child (second child with Melanie; deceased)

Who was Melanie to Scarlett?

The delivery is very difficult due to Melanie’s health and small build. After her son is born, Melanie and Scarlett make a difficult, dangerous journey to Scarlett’s home Tara. There, Melanie, her son Beau, Scarlett, and Wade live with Scarlet’s father, two sisters, and few remaining house servants.

What does Melanie suffer from?

Melanie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patton, and the sister of Rod. Struggling with bulimia and anorexia that go unnoticed by her parents, Melanie is frequently bitter, angry, and difficult to talk to.

Why did Ashley not marry Scarlett?

Lis wrote: “Ashley was fundamentally selfish, in love with a romantic idea of himself, far more than either Melanie or Scarlet. He wasn’t worthy of either of them. Rhett was a much better match for Scarlet, b…” Exactly!

What were Melanie’s last words to Scarlett?

Melanie’s eyes opened a slit and then, as if having satisfied herself that it was really Scarlett, she closed them again. After a pause she drew a breath and whispered: “Promise me?” “Oh, anything!”

Who was Melanie Wilkes baby in Gone With the Wind?

The role was Beau Wilkes, the son of Ashley Wilkes and Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, played by Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland. Kuhn was six years old. “There were four of us,” he said. An infant, a baby, a toddler and himself as Beau.

What was wrong with Melanie in Gone with the Wind?

Because she was already pregnant with Ashley’s child, this whole scene and Melanie sitting with Bonnie Blue, took its toll on Melanie and she suffered a miscarriage, which ultimately killed her.

Where did Aunt Pitty Pat live?

She is most often referred to as ‘Aunt Pitty’ or ‘Miss Pitty’.

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop.
Aunt Pittypat
Homeland Atlanta, Georgia

What happened to Ashley and Melanie in Gone with the Wind?

Ashley stays away from Scarlett as much as possible after that. Melanie becomes pregnant again, but she dies in childbirth. Ashley realizes he always really loved Melanie and not Scarlett. Scarlett realizes Ashley stinks.

What was Scarlett O Hara’s full name?

Born Vivian Mary Hartley (she changed the A to E in the first name “because it sounded more feminine”), she used her first husband’s middle name for her career. But it will be as Scarlett O’Hara that she will be remembered.

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How many husbands did Scarlett have in Gone with the Wind?

Scarlett O’Hara married three times in Gone with the Wind. Her first marriage was to Charles Hamilton which she did to spite Ashley Wilkes.

How many times does Scarlett get married?

At one point she vainly uses Rhett’s own language of seduction on Ashley, absurdly begging him to flee with her to Mexico. Ashley is the constant in her life, her fixed star. Scarlett is always married twice simultaneously: to innocence and Ashley; to money and Ashley; to power and Ashley.

Femininity, Melanie and Scarlet from Gone with the wind.

Femininity, Melanie and Scarlet from Gone with the wind.
Femininity, Melanie and Scarlet from Gone with the wind.

Images related to the topicFemininity, Melanie and Scarlet from Gone with the wind.

Femininity, Melanie And Scarlet From Gone With The Wind.
Femininity, Melanie And Scarlet From Gone With The Wind.

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Melanie Hamilton

Fictional character from Gone with the Wind

Fictional Character

Melanie Hamilton Melanie Hamilton, portrayed in the film by Olivia de Havilland First Appearance Gone With the Wind Created by Margaret Mitchell Portrayed by Olivia de Havilland (Gone With the Wind)

Natalie Portman (Gone with the Wind remake) Info from Universe Nickname Miss Melly Spouse Ashley Wilkes (widower) Children Beau Wilkes (son, with Ashley)

Unborn child (second child with Ashley; deceased) Relatives John Wilkes (father-in-law; deceased)

Mrs. Wilkes (mother-in-law and aunt; deceased)

India Wilkes (sister-in-law)

Honey née Wilkes (sister-in-law; not in film)

Brother-in-law (Honey’s husband; not in the film)

Henry Hamilton (uncle; not in the film)

Sarah Jane “Pittypat” Hamilton (aunt)

William R. Hamilton (father; deceased)

Mrs Hamilton (mother; deceased)

Charles Hamilton (brother; deceased)

Scarlett Hamilton née O’Hara (sister-in-law; wife of the late Charles)

Wade Hampton Hamilton (nephew; via Scarlett and Charles)

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes is a fictional character who first appears in the 1936 novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. In the 1939 film, she was portrayed by Olivia de Havilland. Melanie is Scarlett O’Hara’s sister-in-law and eventually her best friend. Mitchell likely based the character on her cousin sister, Mary Melanie Holliday.


Melanie was born in 1843 or 1844. She and her brother Charles are among the last remaining members of the wealthy Hamilton family. The family has always valued education and tried to provide the best for its members. As a result, they have earned a reputation for producing a sizable body of intellectuals and several well-known lawyers. They have been married to the like-minded Wilkes family for several generations. Unfortunately, this practice of apparent inbreeding eventually led to the birth of increasingly ill children.

Melanie and Charles’ parents die when their children are young. Her father, Col. William R. Hamilton, was described as a hot-tempered, fiery soldier “with a ramrod for a backbone”. The two siblings are under the joint guardianship of Henry Hamilton and Sarah Jane “Pittypat” Hamilton, their father’s brother and sister. Neither Henry nor Pittypat are married and consider their nephew and niece their children. Henry is an attorney and resides in Atlanta and the family fortune has been placed under his administration. Pittypat is described as having the maturity of a child herself. The actual person responsible for the upbringing of the two children is Uncle Peter, an African-American slave. Peter is fiercely loyal to the Hamiltons and served the orphans’ father during his military service in the Mexican-American War.

Although the Hamiltons are nominally his masters, Peter tends to regard them as his charges and acts as lifelong protectors of Pittypat, her niece and nephew. He is described as a courageous and intelligent man who, serving the interests of the Hamiltons, often advises his charges and, on several occasions, makes decisions for them. Thanks to their loyal uncles and aunts, the siblings grow up to be educated and well-read young people, who are rather worldly naïve due to their somewhat sheltered surroundings.

1861 [edit]

In keeping with family tradition, Melanie became engaged to her first cousin, Ashley Wilkes, in April 1861. Melanie doesn’t know that Scarlett O’Hara planned to marry Ashley. For Scarlett, the news is shocking. Despite this, she is present at the engagement party along with her family and most of the other plantation owners in the county. According to her description, Melanie is a rather petite and delicate young woman with the height and weight of a child. Her most notable feature is two large brown eyes. She comes across as quite shy and sweet to Scarlett, but not particularly beautiful. However, beyond her years, her style of movement is described as graceful. To Scarlett, she seems more interested in discussing books than flirting with men. While most of the young girls present at the celebration try to impress the young men with their dress sense, Melanie is dressed simply and talks about the works of William Makepeace Thackeray and Charles Dickens.

Scarlett is sure Ashley will choose her over Melanie. She confronts him privately and confesses her love for him. Ashley admits he’s attracted to her, but he’s determined to marry Melanie. His main reason is that he thinks he has more in common with Melanie than Scarlett. Scarlett is disappointed and hurt. In her confusion, she decides to hurt Ashley in return by accepting a marriage proposal from Melanie’s brother Charles. Scarlett also thinks she will get revenge on Melanie by marrying her brother.

The wedding takes place two weeks later on April 30, 1861, but Melanie is actually happy about the wedding as she sees her new sister-in-law as a real sister. Melanie seems to take an immediate liking to Scarlett and welcomes her into her family. On May 1, 1861, Melanie herself married Ashley. Meanwhile, the American Civil War broke out and Georgia is now part of the Confederate States of America. Charles is forced to leave two weeks after his marriage to join Wade Hampton’s forces, known as “Hampton’s Legion”. A week later, Ashley follows him. In his absence, Melanie accepts Aunt Pittypat’s invitation to stay with her in Atlanta. The fortunes of the two women are still managed by Uncle Henry.

In Atlanta, Melanie receives two important pieces of news. Her brother died less than two months after he was drafted after contracting and recovering from measles but then succumbing to pneumonia. His share of the family fortune is inherited by Scarlett, his widow. This sad news is followed by the news of Scarlett’s pregnancy. Melanie’s nephew will be born later this year and will be named Wade Hampton Hamilton.

Throughout the year, both Melanie and her Aunt Scarlett send several invitations to join them. Melanie expresses interest in getting to know her “sister” better and later seeing her nephew. On the other hand, Scarlett is going through a state of depression. Her mother worries about her and eventually persuades her to accept the invitations. After a brief visit to relatives on her mother’s side in Savannah, followed by Charleston, South Carolina, Scarlett and her son, accompanied by their maid Prissy, arrive in Atlanta in the early months of 1862. She is greeted by Uncle Peter, who is aging but still determined to take care of his new charges. He takes her to her aunt and sister-in-law’s house.

Scarlett is initially uneasy about living under the same roof as Ashley’s wife and gradually regains her interest in life. Part of the reason for this is Melanie’s interest and affection for her, although Scarlett has a hard time adjusting to her occasional, unnerving hugs. Melanie serves as a volunteer nurse at the local hospital. Scarlett soon joins her. Scarlett is somewhat impressed by Melanie’s ability to keep a straight face and a smile in the presence of the wounded and her willingness to help and comfort them. Even though some of the worst wounds make her pale and secretly make her vomit, Melanie avoids letting others know about them. Scarlett begins to think that her sister-in-law is braver than she seems. At the same time, Melanie maintains correspondence with Ashley, and Scarlett is still interested in hearing about his activities.

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Scarlett has come to Atlanta with the intention of staying for a short time and as a visitor, but she soon finds herself more permanent and one of Atlanta’s socialites. Melanie seems content with the new situation as Scarlett proves to be a better companion than her elderly aunt. At this time Atlanta appears to be populated mostly by women, men too old or too young to fight, and wounded returning from the front lines. However, a number of able-bodied men remain in town as part of the local militia. Melanie sharply criticizes her presence in the city, while more forces are needed at the front. Scarlett soon finds that, passive as she usually is, Melanie can become surprisingly passionate and even aggressive in support of her ideals.

1862 [edit]

In the summer of 1862, Melanie and Scarlett reacquainted themselves with a man they had met at Melanie’s engagement party: Captain Rhett Butler, then about 35 years old. Born into a distinguished Charleston family, Rhett was disinherited by his father when he refused to marry as his father wished. He worked his way up and made his own fortune during the 1849 California Gold Rush. He has achieved wealth and success as a trader, but he has a bad reputation. At the time, he and his sailing ship were smuggling supplies into the Confederacy from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, France and even New York Harbor.

Known for his cynicism, Rhett notes that this practice has brought him both wealth and recognition. He seems immediately interested in befriending both young women and soon begins flirting with Scarlett. Although this is a topic of gossip for local society, Melanie seems to approve of her two friends and verbally defends her reputation.

1863 [edit]

By early 1863, Rhett had established himself as a friend of both women and a frequent visitor to their home. To Melanie, he seems to be a bitter man who needs a woman to comfort him. On the other hand, Scarlett shares much of his cynical view of people and their ideas. Both women find some of his ideas disturbing, yet thought-provoking. In discussions with patriots and idealists who believe this is a just war, Rhett tends to point out that all wars seem just to the soldiers who fight them, but that the leaders and orators who lead them to war tend to get behind the lines and be more interested in monetary gain than ideals. Rhett also points out that these ideals are little more than a cover for the actual financial motivations behind wars. Rhett’s oft-voiced beliefs have earned him a slew of enemies, but Melanie and Scarlett are not among them, as they also tend to question the motivations behind the war.

Generally less judgmental than most members of her social circle, Melanie is surprised when approached by Belle Watling, a wealthy prostitute and owner of a local brothel. Belle has become well known in local society and respected members frequent her brothel, but she usually finds herself isolated in public. Belle intends to contribute part of her weekly income as a charity for the local hospital and her offer was turned down. The idea is that money from such a source would be an insult to the heroic and wounded soldiers. Instead, Melanie accepts the offer. Melanie privately explains to Scarlett, who by this point has become her closest confidante, that she is risking her own reputation in doing so, but she argues that the hospital needs all the help it can get and that Belle’s intentions in this case are noble .

Since then, Ashley has served in the Army of Northern Virginia and has been promoted to the rank of major. This army, which has taken part in a number of victorious battles, is steadily advancing towards the northern states under the command of General Robert Edward Lee. On July 1, 1863, the Army fought the Federals near the village of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Battle of Gettysburg lasted until July 3, ending in Confederate defeat and retreat. News of the battle reached Atlanta early, but both the outcome and the fate of many soldiers remained uncertain for some time afterwards. Many are waiting to hear news from their relatives and friends. Melanie and Scarlett have a vested interest in the fate of Ashley, whom they both love. When the first lists of victims reach Atlanta, both are relieved not to find Ashley among them. But their relief is soon followed by sadness as Melanie, Scarlett and all Atlantans, unsurprisingly, find many of their acquaintances adding to the lists. There are also several additions to the lists. The battle was the first major Confederate defeat and is considered the turning point of the war.

On December 20, 1863, Ashley returns home. He’s been given a week’s vacation and it’s the first time Melanie and Scarlett have seen him in about two years. The tired soldier is greeted with joy and affection by both women and seems to return it. Before rejoining his unit, Ashley explains to Scarlett his concerns about his wife’s current health and her fate if he falls in battle. Ashley meets Scarlett with a specific request to look after and look after Melanie in his absence. Scarlett is surprised at first, but agrees. Scarlett accepts Melanie as her new archer and for the first time feels responsible for the health and care of her sister-in-law and love rival. Melanie is completely unaware of the feelings her husband and her “sister” have for each other and the latter’s new responsibility for herself.

1864 [edit]

Ashley’s brief visit was apparently sufficient to get Melanie three months pregnant in March 1864. Melanie has wanted a child for some time and is already acting as a second mother to her nephew Wade. She is excited about the chance to have a child of her own. Melanie breaks the news to Scarlett as soon as she is sure. She expects her boyfriend to share her joy. Having lost her mother years ago, Melanie also seems expecting Scarlett to take on the role of the experienced woman advising her on her pregnancy. Instead, Scarlett reacts in surprise, confusion, and even anger when Melanie is pregnant with Ashley’s child. Melanie cannot understand the reasons for this reaction, but fears that she has somehow hurt her friend. Melanie also encounters the fear of the doctor examining her. According to his examination, Melanie’s hip bones appear to be too narrow to allow for a safe birth. In any case, Melanie receives a telegram from Ashley’s manager explaining that her husband has been reported missing for three days. Melanie is believed to be widowed.

Melanie and Scarlett turn to each other for comfort and reconcile. They spend that night crying in each other’s arms. But the news of Ashley’s death proves to be premature. Another report informs the two women that efforts to recover his body have failed and that he was probably captured by enemy forces. Concerned about the uncertain fate of her husband, Melanie becomes restless for a while. Even late at night, Scarlett can hear Melanie pacing her bedroom, apparently suffering from insomnia. This practice gradually depletes her health and at one point she even faints in public, an unusual occurrence for her. Luckily for Melanie, Rhett happens to be nearby and brings her home safely. Rhett worries about her, and after investigating the reasons for her current condition, he promises to heal his connections in Washington, D.C. to use to find out whether Major Wilkes has been captured or not. In return, Rhett asks Melanie to promise him that she will try to rest.

A month later, Rhett informs Melanie and Scarlett what happened to Ashley: he was wounded in a conflict, captured, and is being held at a prison camp in Rock Island, Illinois. The women took the news with mixed feelings. Your loved one is still alive, but for how long is questionable. Rock Island’s reputation among the Confederates was no better than that of Andersonville under the Federals; only a quarter of the prisoners held there have ever returned home. The rest die of smallpox, pneumonia and typhoid, among other things.

Melanie’s pregnancy continues despite her poor health. She will be placed on bed rest for most of the third trimester of her pregnancy. General William Tecumseh Sherman’s troops approach Atlanta. Because of this, Aunt Pittypat and Uncle Peter flee to relatives in Macon, Georgia, and Melanie remains in Scarlett’s care. A short time later Melanie went into labor. At this point, however, General Sherman begins to engage in combat with the Home Guard. Scarlett sends her servant Prissy to seek help, but for various reasons cannot find any. Scarlett and Prissy are left with no choice but to give birth to Melanie’s baby themselves. The delivery is very difficult due to Melanie’s health and small stature.

After the birth of their son, Melanie and Scarlett make a difficult and dangerous journey to Scarlett’s homeland of Tara. Melanie, her son Beau, Scarlett and Wade live there with Scarlet’s father, two sisters and a few remaining domestics. They face many hardships and live in near-constant starvation.

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1865 and later[edit]

After a few months, the war finally comes to an end. Eventually, Ashley returns to Tara and Melanie is overjoyed.

Scarlett soon marries her sister’s fiancé, Frank Kennedy, and moves to Atlanta. The Wilkeses also move there with their young boy after Melanie convinces Ashley to help Scarlett start a lumber business. After Frank’s accidental death (attributed to Scarlett’s controversial business practices), Scarlett marries Rhett Butler.

Melanie becomes a social pillar of Atlanta, known for her charity and kindness. She even takes in an old convict, Archie. One day, along with India Wilkes, he witnesses Scarlett hugging Ashley at the mill. Melanie refuses to believe the rumors that something is wrong between her husband and her “sister” and saves Scarlett’s reputation by graciously asking her to co-host Ashley’s birthday party that night.

Melanie and Rhett continue to have a good relationship even as his and Scarlett’s marriage falls apart. Rhett says Melanie is one of the few real women he’s ever known. After Scarlett falls down the stairs and suffers a miscarriage, Melanie comforts Rhett, who is drunk crying on her lap, lamenting that his wife never loved him. He almost reveals that Scarlett has been in love with Ashley for a long time before he realizes who he’s talking to. He subsequently gives up his feelings for Scarlett and focuses his attention on their daughter Bonnie, who later dies in a horseback riding accident. It is Melanie who convinces the grieving Rhett to allow them to bury Bonnie after her death.

In 1873 Melanie became pregnant again, although Dr. Meade had specifically warned her against it. Initially overjoyed, she soon weakened considerably after a miscarriage and called Scarlett to her side. Melanie tells her how much she loved her, asks her to take care of Beau and Ashley, and speaks her last words regarding Rhett Butler and his intense love for Scarlett. Melanie’s death serves as a catalyst for the final phase of Scarlett’s character development in the book. Scarlett mourns Melanie’s death and selflessly thanks God for not allowing the dead woman to find out about Ashley’s emotional struggle with herself.

Portrayal and relationship with Scarlett[edit]

Melanie is the stereotypical Southern belle who embodies the femininity and grace idealized by pre-war American Southern culture. During the post-war period, society rewarded her for her feminine virtues by making her an unassailable pillar of society and praising her as a “true lady”. She is universally admired by all characters for her unselfish kindness, although Scarlett occasionally taunts her naivety.

Melanie’s character is a direct contrast to Scarlett’s, and her deep “sisterhood” seems strange to outsiders, who often assume it is Melanie’s grace that allows her to live long beyond the confines of Scarlett’s first marriage to the aggressive Scarlett being friends with Melanie’s brother ended. But Melanie has always greatly admired Scarlett’s spirit and strength, and her courage in rescuing her and the newborn beau has left Melanie with eternal and unwavering gratitude for Scarlett.

Melanie is a well-mannered member of the southern aristocracy from a well-known and established family. She is known for her selfless charity, unending kindness and tenderness. Melanie’s physical weakness, likely caused by generations of inbreeding between like-minded cousins, is her downfall as she is frequently ill and sickly. Her husband Ashley is her twin, representing the ideal southern gentleman, reflecting her background and constitution.

In contrast, Scarlett is a “mutt” of French and Irish descent and only a second-generation member of the plantation owners. During this time, the Irish enjoyed almost the same social status as black Americans, and Scarlett’s Irish father won Tara in a poker game. Physically, Scarlett is fierce in survival, caustic in her relationships, and has a sturdy physical physique that allows her to endure most hardships, as she is rarely ill.

While Melanie is hailed as the embodiment of the ideal Southern woman, Melanie’s literal survival during and after the war depends on the “mutt” Scarlett and Scarlett’s breaking of society’s rules. During the war, Scarlett is the one who gives them the strength they need to survive hunger and violence, while the delicate Melanie must rely on her. Scarlett’s willingness to behave outside of the bounds imposed on women, such as killing soldiers, eating leftovers, and seducing her sister’s suitor for money, ensures the continued survival of Melanie and Scarlett’s family.

Even after the war, Melanie’s survival and position as a southern matron depends on Scarlett’s disregard for social niceties, as it is Scarlett’s profitable lumber mill and businesses that provide Melanie’s husband Ashley with an income and position. Without the job Scarlett offers, Ashley, and with it Melanie, would not be able to stay down south and continue their culture. Since Scarlett is protective of Melanie during the trials, Melanie admires and protects Scarlett as much as she can in social situations.

That Melanie is placed on a pillar by Southern society can be seen as her reverence for the times and standards of the past, with Scarlett’s rejection being a rejection of the need for practical survival of the Southern post-war reality. Melanie’s fading and eventual death reflect the permanent loss of pre-war fame, and Scarlett’s ultimate rejection of Melanie’s husband shows that the South is ready to move on from the past.

Melanie (Hamilton) Wilkes in Gone With the Wind

Melanie (Hamilton) Wilkes

Melanie = Good

Melanie is the moral center of Gone with the Wind. She is filled with love and loyalty and determination; she always does the right thing. She is “a very great lady” (63:9), as Rhett says after her death; he also says she is “‘the only perfectly kind person I have ever known'” (63.7). However, Scarlett finds Melanie unbearable for most of the book.

Scarlett doesn’t like Melanie for all the right reasons. She is a “little mouse” (2:3) who always wants the best for others and thinks the best of everyone, which is depressing and annoying. She is such a do-gooder, always does the right thing and never feels hate, jealousy or envy. She’s like the anti-Scarlett, but she still loves Scarlett and never leaves her side because she’s so good.

And then she dies beautifully while trying to have Ashley’s second child because she just loves him so much, even though we know he’s a pathetic specimen. Melanie embodies true femininity in this book, which unfortunately for her means self-sacrifice piles on more self-sacrifice until you gracefully pass on. Too bad.

Melanie = Bad

However, the problem isn’t just that Melanie is so pure and sweet and good; it’s that in the context of the novel, her purity and sweetness and goodness isn’t really that pure and sweet and good. The novel clearly wants us to see her as a moral role model… but she’s a moral role model who says things like this:

Oh, Scarlett, it was the same people who robbed us and tortured us and starved us that you invited to your party! The same people who got the blacks to rule us, who rob us and keep our men from voting! (49.83)

A great woman and a selfless beacon of kindness, Melanie uses the racist term “Darkies” and laments the fact that black people have managed to gain a voice in their own government. Friendliness here means racism; To be a great woman means to be firmly, deeply, and utterly devoted to the submission of black people.

So the characterization of Melanie is an extreme example of the problem with all the characterizations in the novel. The book is committed to racism. Therefore all his heroes are racist. His whole morale – for example the bravery of the KKK – is evil. Melanie is meant to be the epitome of goodness and virtue, but goodness and virtue in the novel are actually injustice and cruelty. The novel goes to great lengths to make you admire Melanie. A lot of people could clearly figure it out – the book is really damn popular – but we just can’t.

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Does Melanie know about Ashley and Scarlett?

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