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Who Is Paulina Cruz Personal Details On Nicky Jam Partner? The 47 Top Answers

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Paulina Cruz is sa to be the girlfriend of Nicky Jam, a popular American singer and songwriter. Continue reading this article to the end to learn personal information about Nicky Jam’s partner.

Nicky Jam is a well known and respected singer, songwriter and performer. He has worked with the likes of Daddy Yankee, Plan B and J Balvin.

Also, like his parents, Nicky was a drug addict.

He tried cocaine for the first time when he was 15. His musical partner has expressed concern for his health due to his alcohol and drug abuse.

Nicky’s parents’ drug addiction inspired him to become a drug addict, according to Disractify.

Nicky Jam’s real name is Nick Rivera Caminero.

Who Is Nicky Jam Partner Paulina Cruz?

Paulina Cruz is also a well-known Latina model and influencer.

Paulina, Nicky Jam’s alleged ex-girlfriend, has become a media personality.

Paulina Cruz rose to prominence after being photographed with Nicky Jam.

Nick has never publicly announced his relationship. However, fans cast doubt on Nicky and Paulina’s relationship after seeing their pictures together. They were reportedly spotted together in 2018.

Paulina Cruz was unknown before being linked to the Latin American celebrity musician.

Nicky Jam’s divorce was still being finalized am rumors of their romance.

Paulina Cruz Age: How Old Is She?

Paulina Cruz is 21 years old.

Cruz was born in 1999 in Viterbo, Caldas, Colombia.

On the other hand, Paulina d not reveal her exact date of birth to the media. Her nationality is Colombian.

Paulina Cruz Bio & Career

Paulina is a well-known Latina influencer and model.

There is very little information about Paulina on social media. Cruz was best known for his ex-boyfriend, Nicky Jam.

The background information of her parents and upbringing is unclear. She has a degree in aesthetics.

Paulina has never confirmed or denied being in a relationship with Nicky Jam.

There is no information about what Paulina is doing. Perhaps she has kept her professional life hden from the public eye. When the time comes, she may reveal more about her professional life.

Paulina’s social media presence shows that she is committed to the gym. She has a divine appearance and displays both strength and beauty.

Paulina Cruz Children

Paulina Cruz is single. She has no children.

She was recently linked to his ex-boyfriend Nicky Jam, and there’s no news the couple had any children.

Paulina is now unmarried and living her own life.

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There is no information as to who Cruz is dating now. Paulina comes across as very private as no information is proved about his boyfriend. On the other hand, his ex-boyfriend Nicky Jam is a father of four.

Yarimar Rivera, Alyssa Rivera and Luciana are three daughters while Joe Martin is one of his sons.

Meet Paulina Cruz On Instagram

Paulina Cruz can be found on Instagram under the handle @paulinacruzx.

She has 37.9k followers and follows 453 people on Instagram.

She has 246 Instagram posts so far.

Paulina only shared a photo of herself. Judging by her picture, she has kept her figure in shape by going to the gym. Cruz doesn’t appear to be open about her personal life as she hasn’t posted any pictures of his family or friends.

Where is Paulina Cruz from?

Biography. I am originally from Mexico City and got my MD from the UANL in Monterrey, Mexico. Prior to residency, I earned a Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science at the Mayo Clinic and completed a research fellowship in the Cardiovascular Diseases Division.

How much does Nicky Jam make?

Nicky Jam Net Worth: Nicky Jam is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and actor from Boston, Massachusetts who has a net worth of $6 million as of 2022.

Net Worth 2022:
Name Nicky Jam
Age 41
Annual Salary $1 Million
Profession Singer-Songwriter
Gender Male
1 thg 6, 2022

Who did Nicky Jam have kids with?

Nicky Jam/Con

Who is Nicky Jam father?

How did Nicky Jam and Cydney Moreau meet?

According to Billboard, the adorable couple met in 2019 on the set of his music video “Atrevete.” As a bit of foreshadowing for their future, the Louisiana-native played Nicky’s love interest in the video. In December 2019, the two finally went Instagram official and Nicky popped the question just a few months later.

Who is Rosa from El ganador?

Nicky Jam: El Ganador (TV Series 2018– ) – Ana Lucía Domínguez as Rosa – IMDb.

What is Ivy Queen net worth?

Ivy Queen is one of the wealthiest reggaeton artists and had a net worth of $10 million in 2017.
Ivy Queen
Other names The Queen of Reggaeton La Diva La Caballota La Potra La Cocorota La Mama de los Pollitos
Occupation Singer rapper songwriter actress

Who is the richest reggaeton artist?

Bottom Line: Daddy Yankee

That Daddy Yankee is the richest reggaeton artist in the world should come as a surprise to no one. If you haven’t already guessed from the number of times he’s been mentioned here, he is one of the most iconic and famous artists of the genre, as well as one of its pioneers.

What is Karol G net worth 2020?

What is Karol G’s Net Worth? Karol G is a Colombian reggaeton singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $8 million.

How many baby mothers does Nick Cannon have?

How many baby mamas does he have? Nick has five baby mamas. He tied the knot with Mariah in 2008 but filed for divorce in 2014. They briefly reunited in 2015 but followed through with their separation and were formally divorced a year later.

Who is aleysha in El ganador?

Nicky Jam: El Ganador (TV Series 2018– ) – Essined Aponte as Aleysha – IMDb.

How much money does Daddy Yankee have?

As of 2022, Daddy Yankee Net Worth is roughly $40 million. He is one of the highest-paid Puerto Rican rappers and songwriters in the music industry and has released multiple hit singles as well as albums. Yankee is one of the most influential people in the world according to a report in Time Magazine.

Who is Alejo Nicky Jam?

Nicky Jam: El Ganador (TV Series 2018– ) – Miky Woodz as Alejo – IMDb.

What is Ozuna ethnicity?

Ozuna was born Jan Carlos Ozuna Rosado in San Juan in 1992 to a Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father. His father, who was shot and killed when Ozuna was 3, was a dancer for three years with the Puerto Rican reggaeton pioneer Vico C.

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Where is Daddy Yankee from?

Ep Paulina cruz

Ep Paulina cruz
Ep Paulina cruz

Images related to the topicEp Paulina cruz

Ep Paulina Cruz
Ep Paulina Cruz

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Paulina Cruz is rumored to be the girlfriend of Nicky Jam, a well-known American singer and songwriter. Continue reading this article to the end to learn.

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Beses her alleged relationship with hip-hop star, Nicky Jam, Paulina Cruz has cut her own game as a model and fitness enthusiast.

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Who is Nicky Jam girlfriend, Paulina Cruz? Bio and facts

Who is Paulina Cruz? She came into the limelight after reports that she and famous Latin musician Nicky Jam were in a relationship.

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Who is Nicky Jam girlfriend, Paulina Cruz Bio and facts

Who is Paulina Cruz? She stepped into the limelight after she and famed Latin musician Nicky Jam were reportedly in a relationship. Although unconfirmed by the two, intimate photos made their way to social media. The picture showed them looking cozy together. Find out more about her and her alleged relationship with the musician here.

The young beautician is rumored to have been in a relationship with Nicky Jam. Photo: @paulinacruzpel

Source: Instagram

Paulina Cruz wasn’t famous before but became so after allegedly hooking up with the famous Latin musician. Their relationship rumors came at a time when Nicky Jam was still in the process of finalizing his divorce. Read more here.

Paulina Cruz biography

Full Name: Paulina Cruz

: Paulina Cruz Paulina Cruz Age : 21 years old

: 21 years old Paulina Cruz Place of Birth : Viterbo, Caldas, Colombia

Country: Viterbo, Caldas, Colombia Nationality: Colombian

background information

She was born in Viterbo, a town in Caldas, Colombia. Her background information on her parents and upbringing is unknown. How old is Paulina Cruz? The lady is young, 21 years old, and she studied aesthetics.

Time for a stylish appearance. Photo: @paulinacruzpel

Source: Instagram

relationship status

She was rumored to be in a relationship with Latin singer Nicky Jam, but neither have ever cleared the air. It is reported that the two were first friends long before he was even married. It seems like their friendship has reached a new level.

The relationship rumors started when two pictures of the two looking happy together made their way to social media. The Spanish edition of People magazine published the photos. One of the photos shows two smiling on a yacht. The second photo shows the two dressed casually, with Nicky behind. Their relationship rumors surfaced just as musician Nicky Jam was in the process of getting a divorce.

Sporty but sexy! Photo: @paulinacruzpel

Source: Instagram

Paulina latest news

After rumors linking her to Nicky Jam went viral, she decided to get rid of all her social media accounts. The move may be to cover up or contain further information that is leaking to the general public. There was no denial or confirmation from the two as to whether they were dating.

health and fitness

From her pictures on the internet, she seems interested in training and fitness. She has posted numerous photos of herself at the gym. She also posted a few photos showing off her toned physique.

Pictures by Paulina Cruz

The beautician never misses an opportunity to pose, and she’s good at it. Check out some of their photos.

1. Cool and casual

Rock this cool casual look. Photo: @paulinacruzpel

Source: Instagram

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If you’re rocking a casual outfit, consider jeans because you can never go wrong with the right pair. She looks stunning posing for a photo in her relaxed casual attire. These white platform shoes are impressive.

2. Glamour

A little glamor for the gram. Photo: @paulinacruzpel

Source: Instagram

When you are looking for glamor in an outfit, a stylish outfit comes to mind. She looks glamorous in this amazing black dress. You can never go wrong with an LBD.

3. Eligibility

Fitness time can still be picture time. Photo: @paulinacruzpel

Source: Instagram

Who said going to the gym means looking too tired to even look cute? The gym queen looks cute while still trying to get in a workout. Your body is definitely your target.

4. Power!

Time to train those muscles! Photo: @paulinacruzpel

Source: Instagram

If you put your energy into exercising, the results will be worth it. She looks divine and shows both strength and beauty. Clearly, that is a woman’s strength!

social media

She can be reached on her Instagram account @paulinacruzpel, where she has a fairly large following of 26.9k followers.

Is Paulina related to Angelica Cruz? Although many have wondered if the two are related due to some resemblance, it is not. Angelica Cruz is Nicky Jam’s ex-wife. Although the surnames are similar and both come from Colombia, they are not related.

That’s all you need to know about Paulina Cruz, the young lady who seemed to have knocked Latin singer Nicky Jam off his feet.

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Who Is Paulina Cruz Nicky Jam New Girlfriend, Who Is He Dating in 2021

Nicky Jam, born Nick Rivera Caminero, is a top-rated American singer-songwriter. His alleged girlfriend Paulina Cruz has raised concerns today.

Paulina Cruz Bravo, MD


I am originally from Mexico City and received my MD from UANL in Monterrey, Mexico. Prior to my residency, I earned a Certificate in Clinical and Translational Science from the Mayo Clinic and completed a research fellowship in the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases. I then moved to Chicago to begin my residency at UIC/Advocate Christ Medical Center, then moved to Saint Louis to complete my residency in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, and subsequently joined the faculty. Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling abroad.

clinical interests

My main interest is diabetes, in particular systematic approaches to inpatient diabetes care and patient-centred diabetes care. I provide outpatient diabetes management at the largest community health center (Affinia Healthcare) in the St. Louis area. I see patients with complex comorbidities and as a native Spanish speaker; I provide primary care to many Hispanic/Latino patients with diabetes or endocrine disorders. I am also co-leader of the Inpatient Diabetes Management Team Initiative and a member of the BJC Glucose Management Team and the BJH Diabetes Subcommittee.

research interests

I have a longstanding interest in conducting clinical research on diabetes in underserved populations. I am currently at Affinia Healthcare, with support from the Center for Diabetes and Translational Research, using quantitative and qualitative methods to assess barriers to diabetes care in Latinos.

My bibliography is available at the following link:


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